What makes love strong ?

God is love - God is the source of all love - YOUR true full faith in God will make your love strong !

heart of love

If you truly can FALL in love then you know that love can heal all, protect all, achieve all - then you experience that love is omnipotent. Love is more durable than all evil forces or destructive ego forces combined because love has one source - God !

Every person experiencing true love FROM God is free of any fear - can never be bribed or tempted even by the devil - hence he is strong because of ever-flowing Love from God flowing through him.

All matter on earth is destined to be dissolved - ALL ! From physics we know that every chemical element has a half time within that period a matter reduces to half is mass. God however lasts eternally - hence Love is stronger than any ego forces of this material world. Love is beyond and above all ego worlds and all evil forces and material worlds or astral spheres ...

Love is the most powerful force because love never damages or hurts - love can but heal and any person ever having achieved oneness with God will be stronger in his love than all others around him because he KNOWS of the true nature of God's divine love and he knows that himself he can be as strong loving as God. How strong must love be if it is eternal if you compare the lifetime of for example steel? After a few dozen years latest a car is just a small bag of rust powder while true love lasts a full lifetime and far beyond a single lifetime - eternally. Hence love from a metaphysical-chemical point of view is of different nature than all matter.

What makes partner love strong ?

The absolute fact that you can and will experience that ALL - absolutely all can be dissolved in true divine love between two partners - between any two persons willing and ready to love - nothing but love. Every quarrel can instantly be dropped and fully dissolved in divine love. If you experience such love with your partner - then you know that your love is stronger than anything else. Your love has then roots in God - an infinite source of all love needed to always heal in full whatever needs healing and rebalancing.

Love survives all matter and material creations.

heart of love

Love and bliss


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