Sunil's quest for God

A soul - incarnated in a young male body in India is in the search of LOVE - tender love and on the way to search God. cultural blockages may have to be overcome and dissolved in love on his way to God.

Problems as a result of disturbed emotional life in an entire culture

Sunil from India wrote:

Beloved Father,

I love you, I am grateful for showering so much love and grace on me. read all and am still reading again and again, will do everything the way you said.

there are two problems in which I need your help, I have not be able to solve it on my own.

Alcohol addiction

As I had mentioned earlier, alcohol, I guess I can stop it with will power but I do not want any desire left in me.the time ticks at 21 hours.the whole day their is no feeling or desire what so ever. You had said to leave it to God, so I tried it that way, I ask him everyday to relive me of the karma, I had left it in the middle for some time but again there was a desire I do not wish to fight it I want it to vanish, disintegrate. I would really wish to know as to what I had done to realize this karma. I feel so guilty at times, the most funniest part of the whole thing is that I become more loving after consuming alcohol, I go around hugging people and talking mostly about God. I would not mind if this behavior would be under normal circumstances. I feel guilty that I am spoiling his name. so nowadays I avoid meeting anybody on my way home. Please help me, and would like to know as to what I had done to deserve this.

Kriya pranayama

I would like to increase the pranayama as you have suggested, my legs go numb and my knees pain but mainly it is the legs going numb, please suggest what can I do so I can sit for longer hours.

I made Taruna read the mail, she was red in the face and laughingly said, tell Hansji that our culture does not permit this.

I love you,


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Your readiness to fully love all and focus on love only will dissolve the need for alcohol

- your love needs to be practiced in all situations of your daily life !

beloved Sunil

Your kriya pranayama

if you get numbness in your feet you probably make siddhasana or padmasana - that is very fine if you due this - but you need to learn and practice asanas properly to become efficient and flexible. there is an excellent book for selfstudy of asana "asana is part of Hatha yoga" - Hatha yoga is for physical health and may be helpful, but anyone can reach God without Hatha yoga - provided you care for your health.

if siddhasana or padmasana are causing numbness in your legs, you may just sit upright and comfortably on a chair and do your pranayama and meditation.

if you still like to sit in padmasana - you may learn and practice this for months and years first and separately from your kriya pranayama and use this asana only for your kriya yoga when you really feel comfortable. for kriya yoga and meditation the single most important about any asana (posture of body) is to really be comfortable and in a upright and stable position. you should be so comfortable and stable to withdraw any and all awareness from physical body and shift it to astral body, causal body, atman and God - step by step.

hence real and absolute comfort is the single most important factor !!!! energy most be able to flow freely and you must feel very relaxed and comfortable all the time.

About alcohol AND Taruna's culture ;-))

cultures has never been made or created. Cultures are the result of development of mankind separated from God - this is valid for all cultures - cultures can only exist and develop among mankind separated from God - as God always was and is open for all and loving all - all those becoming one with God are free of any traces or blockages of any culture - purified in the fire of divine love while being one with God in nirbikalpa samadhi or after a loving incarnation. God is beyond any trace of culture as culture know limits God however is infinite and eternal - hence free of any limits.

a culture is an accumulation of a number people having a number of same or similar karma, desires, fears, and spiritual blockages !!!!

a cultural group may be a few thousand or a billion population like India. some cultures are big enough to form their own political country and have borders to exclude anyone else from their heart and life or at least control the access to their heart and living environment.

any culture being very loving - very God oriented - very spiritual in the absolute sense - would automatically lead to its entire membership (entire population of that particular culture) becoming one with God by the end of any given incarnation. for any person really developing divine love within - in all and any situation of life, it needs but ONE single incarnation to free himself and become one with God in love and for eternity. the same is also valid for an accumulation of any number of people having the same goal. such a divine culture however must be free of any limits and all must be ready to learn and improve in the active practice of love in all aspects of life.

most cultures presently on earth are hampering the spiritual progress more than supporting it. hence it is time to dissolve cultures in love - to allow love to flow more freely among all mankind - to open more for all creation - to allow a continuous exchange of love - physical and spiritual - because it all is ONE - physical and spiritual love is ONE and the same - experienced by the same soul - by all souls -it is love coming from God flowing through all souls into all physical bodies and to all our surrounding.

physical love can be felt by all humans in a physical body - hence whatever you can feel - you can adjust and control or modify. spiritual love is beyond the present perception of mankind on earth - hence to cultivate spiritual love - it is best to first learn the basic steps of physical love, because you get instant feedback to improve, adjust, modify, refine and cultivate - in all different situations of life - with all different beings you ever encounter - humans of same or opposite s ex, animals, nature, plants, ... beings beyond physical plane ...

such is the case in India. in India you have the largest number of devotes of God on this planet - at the same time you have a huge number of people forgetting to love each other !!! people love God and forget to love all children of God.

beloved Taruna - it is the mutual blockage of Indian population that prevents the free and divine exchange of love among those needing love or that prevents giving love to those needing, asking or begging for love. there is only one kind of human souls - hence there never can be a Indian soul or a European soul - all souls are equally made by God and all have the same potential and the same divine innermost core of love. but due to the freedom given by God, some souls have evolved or preserved more in the use of love in human relationship while others have spent more efforts in developing high tech or other skills while forgetting more and more there innermost truth of being a soul - made by God - made of Love - made to love. little words and huge effects ;-)) recently you wrote

"i feel like hugging you, feel like laying down with my head in your lap and your hand on my head and stroking me."

now you mentioned that Taruna was red in the face when you offered her to give her a kiss on both cheeks from my part.

first of all - her getting red in face proofs that her soul would have loved and enjoyed the experienced of true and dynamic love from you. In this situation here you have at the same time the solution and root cause of your alcohol problem. it is a typical problem directly related to Indian culture.

beloved Taruna and Sunil Indian culture "does not permit" to love each other in a true and direct sense !! Sunil is starving for Love - and to overcome this starvation and blockage of love he drinks - allow Sunil to Love whoever and however he wants and needs and Sunil will be free of any need to drink. Love is an infinitely better replacement than alcohol. Alcohol sometimes is used to overcome cultural, religious or educational blockages.

When alcoholism exists in a society - it is a proof that something important within that cultural society is extremely ill !

if in India a young men wants to get in direct contact with another loving soul - he is walking hand in hand with another men !! men hugging men appears the only loving contact that is permitted any time in India - and some other Asian countries as well.

while this may be fine every once in a while among friends - God must really have had a loving and wise plan when he made MALE + FEMALE !! the natural way of exchanging the most direct and most powerful love between souls physically incarnated is between two souls of opposite sex. You find more on that in the chapter about kundalini shakti - hence your desire of direct exchange of loving caress or getting caressed is just the result of Indian culture "not permitting" others to love you to the extent you and all others need it and deserve it. It also is a lesson for you and others around you .

you need mother and father hugging you, even if you are 50 or older - now you also are a grown up men needing even much more love -exchange, hence you may need a partner. whatever Indian culture "permits" or NOT always keep in mind that cultures are limits - limits in the mind of millions or billions of humans. cultures may have served a purpose some time but they also have caused pain and suffering - even illness and fatalities by the billions during the last few thousand years.

cultures are made by mankind - God made love. God made mankind to his image - hence he made mankind to love - since divine love is beyond any limits - such true and Divine love always dissolves any and all limits - love dissolves any cultural limits made by humans.

you Sunil - like all mankind on earth - are searching for love. in India people are not permitted to show and live their love 24 hours a day - they only may love behind closed doors - certain time of the day - if at all. love is dynamic - moving - continuously flowing - if love however is "not permitted" to flow - then love causes emotional stress. Emotional stress is relieved in alcohol or drugs or at least suppressed for a while.

Indian population is great in devotion to God - and with all the prayers they spend hours and hours they all forget that God is IN ALL mankind, God is in their children, mother, father, friends, all are made of love, made with love, made to love - to love like God - anytime anywhere - eternally.

Your neighbors next door also are children of God and love to be loved by you

people pray to God and forget that next door is someone starving to death because he is missing love - next door may be some one getting drunk each day - because he is missing someone who allows him to love or someone who gives him love when he needs love rather then when culture or time schedule "permits" to love.

I remember having been in southern India 1997 and giving medical treatment to many poor in a mountainous region for a while. Many people where starving and asking for food - but all where starving for love. There was an old lady - about 60 to 70 years old and I was holding her in my arms like a small girl - to hold her and to love her - and she was crying - because it was what she needed most and may never have gotten all her life. Old men and old ladies need as much love and affection as small babies - all are souls made of love - made to love. Love is all any soul ever needs to be happy and to live and to survive eternally.

You experience as much love being received as the love you give to others

If you want to receive more love - then you need to GIVE more love

you Sunil would like to always love and hug - like God does - God loves since billions of years and beyond - from eternity to eternity - God has no "culture not permitting" to love, kiss or hug - God is always open to accept any love and to love any time - any God seeker is allowed to love and become one with God any time. Becoming one with God is a very spiritual way of a soul making love - God is love - made to love eternally and infinitely hence God never gets red ;-)). we are made to his image and can do the same - eternally.

Most people are used to static love - a love that is but an idea - only thought of and dreamed of almost daily. But true Divine love is something real it is energy that wants and needs to flow - continuously.

Sunil, you are a men - young enough to experience love - spiritual love as well as love in your physical body - since love has no limits love shall be flowing through all and any part of your body or being - love is free of any limits and while a soul has a physical body this body now is a part of the divine soul made by God and needs to serve as a tool to learn to exchange, refine and cultivate love until you are ready to continue loving in higher spheres or to become one with God.

If you thirst for sweet tender love
- then you have to be strong in life as a man,
as only strong men can give such sweet love they expect in return !

you desire true love - dynamic love - tender love - stroking your head or even more. hence one day God may send you a young and dynamic angel like girl willing to kiss you any time of the day any place, to hug you, to allow you to hug her as much as you need - to caress, dance, ... all manifestation of love your souls enjoys to experience and to learn - love if free of any culture - because cultures have limits. but love is eternal and infinite !!!

if ever you get married - make sure it is but YOU - your soul and heart with God's Divine assistance and bliss - who selects your partner - both partner should love - nothing but love each other and help each other on a mutual path of love to God. pray to God to guide you to a divine source of love on earth and any desire to drink is immediately dissolved. but of course you need to admit yourself your desire for love exchange and you need to learn to love any time - beyond cultural limits - without ever getting red ;-)))

if you learn to let love flow and if you teach your partner to allow such a continuous flow of love in all directions - then all desire for alcohol immediately vanishes in the fire of true, dynamic and Divine love.

I love you


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