Spontaneous kundalini ... psychotic break

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kundalini awakening - guided with love.

On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 - Mischa asked for help about his spontaneous kundalini and psychotic break


My aunt found your website for me after hearing about an experience I had last year. I hope you can/ will have some clues for me. I think it would be too time consuming and unnecessary to describe all the details, but I made many big changes to my life all at once, including giving in to desire that had been building over 4 years (largely unconsciously on my part) for a very strong man that I considered a friend and mentor in some ways. I believe I experienced a kundalini "awakening" or freeing as you probably more accurately called it. I felt ecstatic, and that all my shattered selves were one, whole and alive, and there was a delicious perfume about me, and I felt love for everyone. Then it was like I short circuited, overwhelmed by the energy and not knowing how to handle it (and in a stressful, unsure, and new situation). I ended up out on the road with my bicycle, sitting down to rest. People asked if I was OK and I guess I couldn't answer coherently - still don't know what I said or did. They called 911 and an ambulance came to take me away. A cop later told my friend I had been chanting in the middle of the road - but I don't know any chants. It took 2 or 3 large men to wrestle me into the ambulance, where they gave me an anti-psychotic and a sedative to manage me, and I was held for three days. I was catatonic for a short time - doing the "shuffle", and when I came out of that, swinging hard between emotional states almost instantaneously. Once a nurse weighed me and the scale said 4.6 pounds, and when she reached to check the digital readout, as her hand got near me the monitor flew off the bar and shattered on the ground. I told a friend, and she said, oh, you're a witch, but that doesn't mean anything to me. I felt like I was in my body and out of body at the same time, lucidly observing my actions but not in any control of them. It took me months to recover my "self" so as to function in the world and raise my daughter (trying to not recover some parts of course), and interestingly enough I never have nightmares anymore - no being gripped by fear. I've read and heard before that kundalini awakening in an unprepared person can drive a person mad, or cause a "psychotic break". I'm wondering if you help me understand how that happens, and how one would prepare oneself.

If you have any insights about what I described to you, or clues as to how to proceed (in a more moderate manner maybe?), please share them. I haven't been able to talk to anyone who's been able or willing to make much sense of what happened. Thank you very much.


Spontaneous kundalini is a gift of love and proof of readiness to fully awake

Spontaneous kundalini always occurs at the right time to the right person being ready to fully awake
a psychotic break or psychotic problems occur only if proper preparation has been omitted at the right time before Spontaneous kundalini awakening occurs

Learn how to do the right thing at the right time.

Dear Mischa

on your way of love to God first a few simple but powerful rules just for you and all readers in same or similar situations now or in the future

  1. no effort - no time ever can be too much to succeed - hence if you want to truly succeed then you have to do all and give all that is necessary until you succeeded and beyond success to maintain success as well
  2. when spontaneous kundalini awakening occurs - then a more or less *psychotic break* or a condition that appears to be like a psychotic disorder may appear most likely because a spontaneous kundalini occurs when proper preparation is missing but time to progress is ready and the person is strong enough to handle all missing lessons and preparations safely. Spontaneous kundalini is part of God's divine plan to wake up his sleeping but spiritually mature *adult* children in time to be ready to help OTHERS on their way home.
  3. shattered selves are suppressed or denied true part of self as well as parts of real experiences in past incarnations or past years - as long as they are shattered - FULL flow of kundalini is blocked - if readiness to accept ALL parts of self grows - kundalini flows more and more. it is of spiritually vital importance to fully accept all parts of self to avoid split personality disorders or spiritual blockages of kundalini shakti - even painful parts or painful experiences before all can be healed or dissolved in God's divine fire of love.
  4. ANY imbalance or temporary psychotic disorders can easily be healed and balanced by following a complete set of teachings of life in love with God and ALL as is given online here in the Cyberspace Ashram. temporary psychotic problems occurs as part of one-sided development or missing spiritual knowledge and lack of spiritual skills of eternal divine knowledge and meditation techniques as well as rules of life
  5. symptoms such as the ones described by you above are quite normal - myself I had extensive very comparable experiences in the earliest time of my spiritual awakening - however in my case the spontaneous kundalini awakening came as the result of my own spiritual efforts and beginning strengthening desire to wake up spiritually - very much like a small chicken when hatched long enough has the power and maturity to free itself of the eggshell. in all such situations its time to instantly and fully focus in establishing spiritual knowledge and balance - by removing or dissolving spiritual blockages, fears and rejections by all efforts and all potentially available means. a traditional method might be to search a Guru or spiritual Teacher and stay with him for a spiritual retreat at his place or near his place for a few months.
  6. spontaneous kundalini awakening always occurs at the right time when THAT person who experiences spontaneous kundalini awakening is ready to further and fully progress on his / her spiritual path of love
  7. if you reincarnated in a totally unspiritual society - such as in your place - then you face the common and typical medical society of spiritual ignorance and face at least a temporary visit in hospital or psychiatric clinic and temporary anti-psychotic and a sedative medication forced by medical personal living in total spiritual darkness and lacking any spiritual knowledge or education. Most Medical Doctors in western countries lack any knowledge of the holistic being of a human and facing such situations seek to suppress all instead of being able to assist that awakening saint !! an awakening saint is strong enough to live and cope with such situations - however your very own experience shows / proves the need for more really God realized spiritual teachers on this planet or for more in depth knowledge about all metaphysics of a human being. Basic school education during elementary school years should include such vital knowledge / teachings. the age of computer and learning via Internet makes it possible for all future generations to directly access all needed information to be prepared and ready for a smooth and loving awakening without any side-effects. my own web site - the Cyberspace Ashram - is the gift to all mankind for all future centuries to come.
  8. spontaneous kundalini awakening usually is a gift - the result of positive action from an outside source. such spiritual gifts are made in full harmony with God at the right time to the right person in the right situation. it means - its time to really learn and to what is needed to become ONE with God and help others on this planet. in such situations with all such persons there should be one single priority in life - God and Love - fine-tuning your life with the divine rules of life will help you.

Fully and freely flowing kundalini can heal in minutes what others need years or decades for

Spontaneous kundalini is a blessing from God - accept it with love and use it in love for the benefit of all mankind !!

Take your kundalini awakening serious - it is one of the single most valuable gifts of love you ever can receive here on earth - its the beginning of eternal life on a path of love and while here on earth it might be your chance to spend all remaining years in love with love and God helping all who need spiritual help. from that moment of spontaneous kundalini awakening until full oneness with God it could take as little as a few years full time devotion and efforts while practicing all complete teachings of Kriya Yoga.

spontaneous kundalini awakening - managed  with divine love

With Love and Divine Bliss