To think that every partner is a "soul mate" is totally wrong - there is but one for eternity. however many feel instantly attracted to those souls they have spent partnership or enjoyable time together in earlier incarnation. A soul mate never is exchangeable like a car tire !! A soul mate is a divine gift from God - lost while we are on earth - to be attracted by your divine truly spiritual love and for most to be found when back in God !


Soulmates and Karmic Threads

Dear Great Soul Hans:

My situation is somewhat similar to that of Grace, except that the context is a little different. I had a very rough childhood which was devoid of real love that I had hoped for. And when I became a teenager, I started having hopes about finding what I have wanted, but things didn't really work out. And my parents only told me in a certain sense that I had been just getting infatuated with "unrealistic" expectations, which are not practicable in this world. However, I could never really accept such advice because deep inside, I was always dissatisfied with whatever I was experiencing....and I just KNEW through some inner evaluator that there IS something that's attainable. And I finally got a glimpse of that "something" at the age of 22, when I met my soulmate. This was an experience that transcended absolutely everything that I hoped to attain in the realm of love, and SHOWED me what REAL LOVE is all about.... Firstly, it does not need any sex to sustain it, and secondly, it transcends absolutely ALL barriers and rules and limits. However, there has also been a lot of "black negativity" around us, which was trying to destroy not only me but also the people who really love me and care about me. A materialist might argue that it's just a hallucination, but the numerous coincidences experienced in the life are horrifying, and enough to speak for themselves and validate the existence of the "black negativity". Because of this negativity, I was somehow made to lose my first soulmate. The negativity manifested itself by exaggerating the fears of everyone involved.

The basic fact is that I come from an Indian background in this lifetime and my soulmate comes from a different background, even though I don't believe in any religion or culture, and I can SENSE through my own intuition coupled with experiences that religions and cultures are only limitations imposed upon the human mind, denying the soul the real freedom that it eternally quests for. However, my family "specially my mother" is not well-aware of the truth, and because of the lack of awareness, she became extremely negative about the situation. I KNOW that if her fears were not exaggerated by the black negativity "through the coincidental negative events caused by it", and if she were allowed to be at peace and slowly expand the awareness from a constrained space to an unconstrained space, then there IS a good chance of seeing the truth. But even before that could happen, the negativity only started to put pressure on everyone, and even the doors that were about to open to lead her from a constrained space to an unconstrained space, were closed ruthlessly by the negativity. Because of all this, I started getting more distanced from my soulmate, and instead of showing and feeling love, subconsciously my actions were directed more towards keeping the fears at rest, rather than expanding awareness in love...and that naturally put tremendous pressure on my mind. I finally had to separate from my soulmate because of too much negativity.

But now, I feel God has given me another soulmate, and this relationship is even MORE profound than the previous one. I don't just think or feel, but I KNOW that this is exactly what I have been wanting all my life. This relationship even BEATS what we hear about in fairy tales, and the two of us are willing to make ABSOLUTELY ANY sacrifice we need to, just for the sake of each other. She's also from a different cultural background, but she's free from certain karmic strings that prevent her from expanding her love and awareness, but it seems like I'm still tied to karmic strings created by cultural and religious limitations imposed upon me by society, which doesn't seem to understand the truth.

Right now, because of negative samskaras created in the mind by the negativity, every now and then my mind comes under tremendous pressure on how to cope with the situation if things get negative in this way or that way or that way....etc. However, deep inside of me, I do feel a few rays of hope, but I'm right now not able to connect properly with those rays of hope.

My only issue is this.....How do I overcome my attachment towards getting approval from my mother's side and setting her fears to rest? Sometimes it seems like unless I follow the limiting rules of the society, my mother may not find happiness and peace of mind. I know that this is clearly a karmic thread and I wish to dissolve it in divine love, as you had mentioned. But it seems to me like my mother may not be receptive to love unless I follow rules. And at the same time, I also KNOW that my soulmate is the exact type of person I need to be with and she also needs me in her life. And the relationship I feel has tremendous potential to lead both of us towards the Final Light.

I can understand very well the basic spiritual laws of Yamas and Niyamas, and I do realize the need to follow them, but I don't see any need to follow the superficial social rules imposed by society. One may very well do away with them, as long as Divine Love exists and as long as the Yamas and Niyamas are followed.

I can sense that both me and my soulmate, and also my mother need to be initiated into Kriya Yoga technique in order to dissolve all karmic threads binding us to mental prisons and lead us into the Divine Light of Infinite Freedom. However, then the question would be: Am I qualified and eligible to receive initiation in Kriya Yoga if I have such a karmic situation in my life? And secondly, how to I deal with my mother's negative mind, which might refuse to accept love unless it's coming from within the social boundaries? "Perhaps she would accept it, but right now, I don't exactly know."

I look forward to hearing from you, if you find time.

God Bless Everyone in the LIGHT!!!

soul mates can be found with love only.

beloved Mukund

You need to become MORE - MUCH more focused on LOVE

first of all

you need to become MORE - MUCH more focused on LOVE - continuously - all day long, this dissolves your extreme intellectuality that disturbs love. there is never any negativity from outside that ever could break apart any relationship - but a missing power of your very own love that lets your love become too weak until a partnership such as with your first soulmate breaks apart.

it always is YOUR missing focus on love that ever could destroy anything. but since this is within you - YOU and only YOU are in direct control - just use mindcontrol and focus more often day after day on divine love - then anything else is melting away in the divine fire of love.

It is NOW time to become adult


it is NOW time to become adult - NOW I mean 1, 2, 3 GO !!

if you ever want to help your mother or father or anyone in society you need to become STRONG !!! STRONG MEANS SELF-dependent. travel away - take your lady of love along with you and go to any place hundreds or thousands of miles away from home to grow up from a child to a MAN - a woman - ANY and EVERY woman needs a man rather than a child.

a child or baby is a good idea to breast feed and carry around for a while and some souls may need this lessons. a women however needs and wants a MAN - a man always is adult, free and strong - ...

on your way to God you need this strength - you may first of all have to quarrel with your childish ego for a short while - I could help you in this work but I would need to have you here or I would need to be with you for a while. because somehow I was a man even as a baby. and I can get you the kick - kick in many different ways soul mates - be strong to be ready for eternal partnership blessed by God - you need to become strong.

to be spiritually successful you may have first of all to immediately drop any other ego and be happy with all the work your very own will give you. that means you may urgently need a separation from your parents family for many years to grow up and become free of rules of home and free of any rules impressed upon your behavior by society.

if you carefully read my pages - ALL my pages - then you see that I have NEVER mentioned to follow rules and laws of this planets society, cultures or religions. particularly if you have studied the chapter about relativity of law.

hence NO reason to talk about things that obviously have caused troubles to all mankind for thousands of years.

instead - FULLY FOCUS ON DIVINE LAWS and on LOVE - and to achieve such a divine state of love - first practice yama and niyama while focusing on God and Love. all other imprints in your aura will dissolve.

you need distance to the physical environment of your home. when Jesus was 14 or so - he started to leave home more and more - because his mother forgot why he was on earth. then later on for many years he spent with a very divine saint and friend to receive all the teaching and spiritual guidance and strength needed to accomplish what he wanted.

if ever you want to become strong - first become physically strong by learning to maintain your own lifestyle, your own household - even if a very small hut - learn to physically survive and succeed in this material world while focusing on developing divine love all the time.

later on you may return to home - later on - but as long as you are a child your mother may never accept any help or advise from you neither anyone else.

decades ago - about 3 weeks before I became legally adult in the native country of my present body - I decided to leave home - no question - just MY decision - I needed the whole world almost to travel, adventure and learn - for 7 years I have been mostly in Asia, middle east, Africa, Caribbean sea before I return home for a first time to visit my parents for a few hours. then another many years and another many countries and jobs before I returned home again.

I needed distance from my parents to find MY way - God's way !!

i needed distance to find MY way - God's way !!

when I became very spiritual no one on this entire planet ever understood what I was doing and why. I knew it was right - because I knew that it was a sincere and true search for the source of Love - for God I was doing it all.

however at the very beginning of this incarnation and for many decades I was made strong physically and in every sense by working physically and in many ways many many hours even as a child.

all this hard work gave me all the strength needed.

this strength is what you need too - NOW - so work hard and become a strong adult man.

before I incarnated it was part of the plan of this incarnation to help mother and father. but to do all this the son of mother and father FIRST needed to die. hence I died several times before both had to accept that their son is different from what they wanted me to be.

Before you can help your parents you need to be an adult

before you can help your parents you need to be an adult and have proven to be an adult in the eyes of your parents.

helping your parents however is something that has time. first help yourself. become strong as a man - then you can become strong as a lover.

then you can achieve some real spiritual work - and one day - may be in decades from now your mother will start to see a man rather than to see her little baby-boy feeding on her breast. because that is finally what she still sees NOW.

your last partnership broke apart BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO WEAK as a man. YOU have to develop all the power of love to overcome ANY and all obstacles - even if the entire world wants to tear you apart - so what ??

let them tear you up and keep loving and smile while loving - love with a mystic smile on your face even when all mankind, all society, all culture wants to tear you apart. if you are sincere and want to achieve Godunion and then start to help all mankind - you need to surely KNOW and be absolutely firm in your attitude toward love and God.

the more your mother misses you the more she will start to love you and the more she will OPEN for all the love you may by then give her.

How can a blind help another blind ??

how can a blind help another blind - ?? now you still are spiritually blind - such as many teachers on earth. FIRST practice Kriya Yoga, divine love and become a strong man having his only roots in God, then AFTER reaching Godunion - after your first nirbikalpa samadhi - then you may start to help all others in a real and absolute way.

then when you went through the door of death and much further to become one with the divine father - and if ever you decide to return into your physical temple of God on earth - you may teach and help anyone God guides to you - including mother and father if they are open.

It is time to get initiation to Kriya Yoga anytime you want to take yourself FULL responsibility for your life!

it is time to get initiation to Kriya Yoga anytime you want to take yourself FULL responsibility for your life and cut the navel to your mother - while your physical navel of course has been cut - your emotional navel can carry a dozens of elephants soulmates how to cut it ?? how would you cut a rope that pulls your beloved angel lady away from you ?? with scissors! so grasp a pair of scissors - take them to a holy temple and ask for divine bliss for the benefit of all - then sit down and cut the light-navel right next to your physical navel and ask God for healing and help for your mother and yourself. then search a job far away from home and practice Kriya Yoga almost day and night. and beside that work, develop love and allow your soulmate to receive all love from you - ALL and also allow her to give YOU all love - ALL.

leave your mothers negative mind to your mother - your mother is responsible for herself - alone - absolutely alone. her mind belongs to her sole responsibility. always remind others of their own responsibility for their own problems, fears and karma - if they try to give all the burden to you. later - M U C H later you may carry the burden and karma of millions - MUCH later. now it is time to first grow up yourself and carry along with all your small and minor problems. dissolve them in love.

how ??

the more minutes per hours you think, talk, or practice love in any way - the more you talk, think or meditate about God and divine love and divine healing and freeing power of love - the more you will be filled with it.

just remember a dark room. how to get all darkness out ?? by lighting a tiny little candle all darkness is dissolved. the greater or the more candles the more light or the less darkness remains.

such with love - if you - your mind - your emotions - your actions - all part of your daily activities - are somehow occupied with divine love - how could ever anything else find even a tiny little corner within your - within a divine temple of God - made to help and uplift mankind on a path of love.

when you write about getting initiation to Kriya Yoga - you write like something far away - you have - or should at least - read all file - hence somewhere among all these files is the link to the true and final initiation to Kriya Yoga.

when you found it as a result of your thorough studies - then it is time to get initiated and God - and will be present whenever needed.

ANYONE always is ready to receive initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga

ANYONE always is ready to receive initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga - if that particular person really wants from the depth of his heart and soul - because Kriya Yoga is a divine vehicle to God - made by God - offered to ALL by God - because ALL are God's divine and beloved children - ALL always are good enough to receive the key to open any door to God. but every person needs to decide on its very own whether to practice Kriya Yoga or keep on living without plan and system. every person is free! YOU can only decide for yourself and YOU should learn to completely withdraw from pushing others into their happiness !! because what might be best for you today may only become acceptable to some others in years or decades or they even may decide differently for thousands of years - that all is part of God given freedom - your freedom - their freedom. !!

may be one day soon I may travel again - if then probably to Asia again - may be we may see some places in India - but in the mean time you may start practicing Kriya Yoga AFTER studying all chapters very carefully again and again and after practicing. may be some more will meet by then to help each other for the years of love to come. if you have subscribed the spiritual newsletter you will receive any information needed.

with love and divine bliss



Espiritu Divino Hans:

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for the uplifting advice you gave me. It does start to clarify many things for me as I read your message. I remember reading "The Holy Science" by Sri Yukteswar, where he talks about the definition of the Savior or Sat-Guru,.... as someone God-realized who clears the doubts from the mind, helps cool the system and makes us light-hearted and closer to God. And that's starting to make perfect sense when I read your posts and articles.

My experiences in life have taught me a lot of things and when I try to superimpose your teachings and ideologies on my life experiences, it only validates what I've learned and puts me in a better position to trust my own self....specially when a qualified God-Realized person tells me that it's OK for me to follow my feelings.

I'd really LOVE to meet you in person sometime, specially because your teachings resonate VERY STRONGLY with what I've learned from my life. I currently live in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. and I wonder if you have any plans of visiting the United States anytime in the near future. I'd certainly like to meet you if you plan to. Otherwise, I'd also love to take a brief vacation and make a trip to Canary Islands in Spain. I've always felt a strong liking towards Spain and that's one country I'd love to visit in my life soul mates

I hope to be in touch with you more during the future.

Dios Bendiga Todos !!!

- Mukund

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved Mukund

the cyberspace ashram is for the very rich ones in this world - for the 100 million or so of computer owners.

when I travel I do travel to the countries where the other approximately 5'900 millions of this planet's population live. hence you may have to travel to such places to meet me.

you are welcome any time to join to help the poor ones - with your blankets, your food, your healing, your medication, your money - thousand of dollars are needed next year to help the poor one in the world - you are welcome to contribute your share and present it yourself to all the poor in the world. while doing so - we may have sufficient time to talk and take care of your spiritual progress.

with love and bliss


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