Shambhavi mudra

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Can you please give me details on Shambhavi Mudra. When I fix my gaze on the tip of my nose I start seeing my nose in two parts simultaneously. sometimes only left side is visible and sometimes only right side is visible.

These different sights of nose cause distraction. Also I am afraid if this can cause any harm to my eyes.

I request you to send the solution at the earliest as this is keeping me tense.



3-D view to prepare for shambhavi mudra - focus on kutashta - OM mantra in kutashta.

3-D view as preparation to focus on kutashta - also referred to as Shambhavi mudra

Always link to God during all such preparatory exercises as oneness with God is the goal of all such practices !

beloved soul

a different form and easier and more efficient one is the method of practicing "tri-dimensional view" on (specially prepared) 3D images.

the simplest form of that is shown on a easy sample below.

such mudras are safe, but need to be practiced in a relaxed way.

to follow the example below, you need to make sure you have received this email in color as a HTML - eMail !!!

if you look at the two mantram OM below with your vision focusing at infinite distance or any distance far beyond the two OM, ...

then you start to see only 3 OM - focus on the third one in the center of the two on the page. this simply means that your two hemispheres of your brain are synchronizing, balancing and it makes it easier to concentrate on God and calm your mind. calming your mind however FIRST requires being in peace with ALL, to achieve such you need to practice in a advanced stage yama and niyama in ALL aspects of your life. the 3rd OM in the center will have a color different from the two - it will be like water colors mixing - i.e. in this case violet.

if the 3rd OM however is more red or more blue than violet, this simply means that you 2 hemispheres of the brain are slightly out of balance because you may focus more on one eye than focusing to use both at the same time. most people in daily life only use ONE eye to actually see and the second one relaxes and is used for two or three-dimensional perception (distance and shape perception) only when needed.

if you practice this form of mudra successfully for a few days - may be up to 10 minutes at a time / per day - you then may easily return to your traditional form of Shambhavi Mudra. please note and understand that mudras may be helpful on your spiritual path - however only helpful in ADDITION to true spiritual techniques. mudras itself have no power to lead to God-realization. they MAY just be an ADDITIONAL help for beginners.

the 2 OM below should be about 5 cm (2 inches) apart on your screen - and you should be at normal distance away from your screen, or paper if doing it with a drawing. when using a self-made drawing you may use 2 squares or circles with the two colors, but using a holy mantram like OM makes sure you are focusing on the highest spiritual goal and source possible !!!

with love and divine bliss


Synchronizing the 2 brain hemispheres

OM            OM

If you feel pain during this exercise - it means you have extreme ego and the hemispheres of your brain are too different, too much out of synchronization from each other. It also means your Ego has drifted too much away from your true inner divine nature. A warning to get in tune with God and your God like divine self. Ego always causes pain to your body, mind and soul as well as to all others. Hence - if pain occurs - relax more, practice in small intervals of a few minutes at a time - focus on God while doing so and open MORE for God.

Next and final step is now that you do above successfully - your mind is quiet and centered - hence from this above state of focus you are very near to the final step as explained in short kriyas. To focus on kutashta as shown in below animated graphic:

Repeat mantra OM in kutashta - about 1 mantra OM every 5 seconds
later you can remain quite fully focused in kutashta without mantra OM.

Shambhavi mudra - focus on kutashta - OM mantra in kutashta - link to God

If you pray to God for HELP NOW and do it NOW - then you FEEL OM inside kutashta
then you feel God's vibration inside your kutashta !!! Just open for God and let God love you free as explained in the section God Yoga.

Looking at your nose tip never creates or enhances enlightenment ...

beloved soul

please note again that looking at your nose tip never creates or enhances enlightenment. focusing on the development of divine love toward all creation or practicing kriya yoga however does very directly contribute to spiritual enlightenment.

but if it makes you happy to look at your nose tip - here a variation. either way the previous method or to following one - you may need to practice several minutes at a time for several days. then you may continue with Shambhavi Mudra, if this is what you want.

Many exercises are purely preparatory exercises - to prepare you to focus on God and LOVE in all your daily activities !

you need to understand the physiology of such preparatory exercises - or at least understand the basics of it.

such exercise balances the energy flow between left and right, male and female, yin and yang, to love and allow to love you. but it is a very basic exercise. it balances the brain activity to get both brain hemispheres working simultaneously. hence to see the picture of both eyes simultaneously and synchronize them into ONE picture (the third one in center, with mixed colors.). if one color prevails, it means that you shift your activity or attention to one half of your brain/to one eye.

here a variation of the exercise if you want to see your nose tip. it is an unnatural exercise and should only be practiced a few times, then be left. !!!

look again at the two OM previously sent to you. at the distance you can see the center 3rd OM in mixed colors (violet))).

this time you take a pencil and hold it at half distance between the OM and your eyes. you focus now on the tip of the pencil. the view of your eyes is crossing at the tip of the pencil. you continue until you can see again FOUR then THREE mantram OM on your screen - you then focus again on the center 3rd one.

it feels and is different from the first exercise. both are but preparation. the first one is a very natural one - natural to human physiology, and can be practices for years again and again for several minutes each day (5 - 10 minutes). more makes little sense as it may increase the waste of time and hence increase necessary additional incarnations due to really important exercises that you have missed on your path !!

have fun and enjoy

with love and divine bliss