Retain semen

Riccardo and Thessa from USA wrote:

Dear Hans,

your neat answers give us a lot to think and discuss about these days, an our meditations are getting stiller, thanks to you.

I've been practicing containing the semen with excellent results, especially after reading the book "the tao of health, sex and longevity"; actually Tao prescribes that to improve in both spirit and body, a regime of regular sexual encounters is a must; obviously the semen has to be retained!

about sex:

I've been reading that having intercourse with the companion is spiritually much less detrimental if the male (me) abstains from ejaculation. what is the master's opinion on regard?

semen is liquid love and needs to flow - semen is a gift of love for your partner.

Semen is liquid love
- retaining the semen means withholding love from your partner

Retaining semen is proof of extreme male stinginess !

Every woman has the divine birthright to get ALL your love all the time

Sex life and spirituality:

if your lucky to read German you may find an extensive chapter about sexuality on your way to God in my German part of the web site, else I might as well rewrite in English.

sexuality never can be detrimental to anyone if it is the expression of love. sexuality can be the playground of love, to develop and refine love. but quite often it is used or abused as a battlefield of egos. that is the reason why many spiritual traditions recommend abstention from sex.

suppressing an expression of love however may be a million times more detrimental for both partners involved than living a love-flooded sexuality with wisdom and divine love. be aware that there is a need to completely dissolve any remainder of ego, and that one day both may experience a different way of loving that may feel infinitely more subtle, more heaven-like as anything ever before. this may be the first encounter with astral love. and still one day you drop this for even a smoother and more intense experience of love in a finer light body such as causal body. every experience of love you ever make may be replaced by another one, the more you approach God-realization and God-union.

sexuality resulting in an orgasm means that two astral bodies are becoming one for a very brief period of a few seconds. this temporary oneness between 2 lovers can only be extended to longer periods of time after ego is dissolved in love.

therefore I recommend you two

live your sexuality in the awareness and with the goal in mind to completely dissolve any ego within, to enhance honesty toward yourself and your partner, to protect the partners feeling, dissolve any trace of fear or feeling of being abused.

recently there was a newspaper heading: how active may a women be in bed ? my answer to it is clear and valid for both partner male and female, as active as you still feel the vibration of your own aura, the vibration of your partners aura, as active as you can be fully aware of your true feelings and driving emotions for what you do,

as active as you can still hear the OM sound - as long as you still are fully open for God !

sexuality has been created by God, it was created with a very particular spiritual purpose. any purpose of whatever God has created proofs to be love, whenever you fully realize the real sense of life on this planet and beyond. God does, whatever he does to show us his love, nothing but love. refraining from ejaculation while having sexuality makes only sense if you still can have a full orgasm, else it may increase your sexual drive because you are lacking true satisfaction. when having sex it is the orgasm that is the final point of loving each other. in kamasutra tantra there are exercises to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation of the semen. however please note than practicing these exercises may take longer than it ever may take to achieve nirbikalpa samadhi and God-union by practicing Kriya Yoga and still enjoy your loving family-life including sexuality. do whatever you do, enjoy it but do it with love, this will allow you to learn faster and finally move sooner to the next level of experiencing and expressing love.

enjoy whatever you do, do whatever you enjoy. but please do whatever you do consciously, be aware that suppressing anything or feeling that sex is detrimental may cause more damage to your spiritual progress than just living and enjoying it open minded and think, feel
before you do whatever you do
during you do
and after you did

how did it feel, was it love, was it a mental or emotional fight of two egos, was it truly love or tricky just to get what you intended to get.

then be honest all the time during this 3 phases, before, while and after doing something, whatever it may be, sex or having a beer or ......

then realize this honest experience and learn from it for the immediate future.

several years ago I was sharing my last beer with someone, and I did it consciously, to see how it felt. it was simply horrible for me, because I really felt I was cheating on God, because it truly did separate my awareness of the divine for 3 full days by reducing my metaphysical capability of feeling his omnipresence. but this single experience was more intense than a million teachings by anyone else.

love and bliss