Please guide me

Prafull Kumar Hota

Dear Divine soul,

My name is Prafull Kumar Hota.

Ten years back I had taken the initiation to Kriya Yoga from Swami Shankarananda. Initially I was practicing the meditation but now I am far away from that path. I have visited the Karar Ashram in Puri several times and have seen Swami Hariharananda. Due to inferiority complex I have never uttered a word before him. My entire family is initiated from Swami Hariharananda and all are in the heart of Meditation and path of God realization. I need some guidance to make me recover my lost path.

Kindly guide me.



God is Love

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Spiritual techniques of Kriya Yoga are like mechanical techniques

if you apply and use them accurately and carefully - you succeed - else you fail !!!!!

beloved Prafull

All chapters about the teachings of love and its daily practices in your life are a firm and eternal part of Kriya Yoga !

on the cyberspace ashram you will find all for your re-initiation. please read all online files OR download the file and read all. part of all these chapters for offline reading is the initiation to kriya yoga and includes all techniques with detailed explanations and graphics / animated graphics. please note that all chapters are a very substantial part of kriya yoga technique as they contribute powerfully to the cleaning that kriya yoga achieves with its additional spiritual techniques. little if any success if you skip the rules and teachings contained in the text. be aware that all are divine and beloved children of God and all receive at any time love, bliss and guidance from God - some directly if they are open and humble to do so - others may need more physical teachings. accept any help offered by God and your success shall be for sure.

All teachings have been given in full detail

- it is up to you to realize and practice all teachings with accuracy

finally it is however up to you to practice and realize all teaching within yourself in your daily life. the path of love is easy - love - love - love - in all and any situations of life.

the single most important for any God seeker is to make a clear and firm decision about the single most important priority in life. if you can truly and sincerely affirm that achieving Godunion and freedom in God is the single most important then you should emphasize on this single priority and direct all your efforts and energy into achieving this goal. it is up to you alone to make such decisions day after day - God gave you freedom as much as God gave all mankind freedom - the freedom to make your own choices, your own decisions - day after day - in all parts of your life. develop power of will and use such power to focus on spiritual development. pray to God and ask for his assistance to strengthen your will and assist you developing love and progress steadily on your path.

keep in mind that YOU only are responsible for your own happiness for the remainder of eternity. all love and all bliss of God and all gurus shall always assist you until Godunion - provided you really want to achieve such a divine goal all days until you finally succeeded.

Paramhansa Hariharanandaji is a extremely loving soul - however he sometimes looks very serious while loving - hence you may have had difficulties in speaking to him. but he is of extreme divine love - if ever you see him while he is still in a physical body - talk to him - he will love you. here again it is the lack of your own will power and courage that has caused the loss of opportunity to speak to him.

with love and divine bliss


God is Love

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