Is money OR happiness more important?

No honey - no money.

Money or Love ?
Or could it be that money can be ONE particular manifestation of public love ?

That is a very deep and hence good question - because to say money never matters - only love matters on this physical planet may well be very wrong or shortsighted.

To fully understand the answer lets have a look at the spiritual meaning of money first:

Spiritual meaning of money

Love can also be expressed by money.

Money normally is earned by honest work - honest work always is for the benefit of all without harm to anyone at all. Work is the normal source of money. Honest work is nothing else but Love FOR others - expressed and manifested in physical ..

  1. services - such as hair dresser, repair, instructions, education,l maintenance, baby sitting, gardening, entertaining, massage, construction worker, carpenter and many other services
  2. goods - such as bakery, dresses, shoes, transportation vehicles, music instruments, tools, instruments of work, computers, books, newspapers, ..
  3. ideas - creating solutions for others, inventing new tools, new machinery, new resources, new production means, new communication means, ..
  4. help - health counseling, partnership counseling, legal counseling to avoid legal problems, medical counseling, spiritual counseling, political counseling, business counseling, firefighters, rescue teams, first aid, mobile caregiving, ...
  5. support - social welfare, humanitarian organizations, Red Cross, WHO, UNICEF, ..
  6. and other NON-administrative jobs and work

Such and other jobs are of physical nature here on earth, they are a means of expressing and proving our true love for others, for others or for all - including for all creation represented by the limited space and environment on this very planet.

Whatever you do FOR others is a manifestation of love on a particular level and has a spiritual meaning as well or a spiritual equivalent in "heaven" at home in God.

Physical love expressed in physical work however also creates physical expenses to pay for

A husband never can proof true love except by working for ALL - being open to serve, help or provide for all is a true and divine proof of love toward all.

No work - no money
no money - no honey !

Without love for others no existence among others.

True partnership love and family love needs to be embedded in love for all - because true love all makes any insurance, protection, security, police, military, government, ... OBSOLETE ! love is the best protection and love is the best insurance. The one who loves never can be ill or have accident nor ever be in danger as God takes care of him and all his needs. God can be the manager of your life. But all others benefiting on a physical level also need to proof love in return - in a same or similar level. Love needs to flow freely - there never can be only giving without receiving. Thus receiving either money in return or goods or services in return is normal and absolutely spiritual !

Money is nothing else but neutral Love-energy that can be turned into exactly what the recipient may truly need - education for his children, cloths for working, working tools, rent for home or resources for recreation and joy of life.

Part of remuneration however could also be given directly and proportional by giving for free own professional services or products when truly and directly needed by a potential recipient of love in need of whatsoever.

No honey - no money !!!

Without love for others no love from others - hence without love for others no money from others on this planet !

True happiness in partnership never can prosper on poverty and hunger. Love can only prosper in a healthy and strong FREE environment. Free can only be the one who can afford all he needs to be strong, pay for his education and vocational training and have sufficient resources of THAT particular kind - for example money - to pay or trade whatever needed to progress further in his life with his family.

True happiness in any partnership - and for eternity - always is based on true love for all - including Love for God. Hence here on earth we are preparing for eternal life, we are preparing to get the right divine balance of supporting ourselves and our family together with supporting God and all creation and the welfare and wellbeing of all creation.

Thus money to a degree sufficient to comfortably life, learn and spiritually progress is needed by almost all humans here on earth except in cultures and civilizations in forest or jungle where entire regions have managed to advance to a higher level of life - may be "simple" life as seen by intellect - but life in harmony with each others, nature AND God to prepare for the later eternal life without any money at all - but still working for the benefit of all and receiving from all as and when needed for a truly happy life in joy and bliss in God.

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus.

Different levels of Love

We all will learn and are to some extent learning here and now to exchange love on ALL levels made by God that can be expressed here on earth. Each level is a domain of its own, a dimension of its own. An element of its own - for those knowledgeable about spiritual elements - such as matter, water, air, sun, spirit, ... elements have different names depending on the level of manifestation.

Exchange of love and communication on different levels is made through chakras - each acting on one particular level / dimension of human being. Most of our basic learning first of all is of physical nature before we have progressed into spiritual level of learning.

Here on earth we should keep all simple and straight forward - else leaning may be confusing and slowed down. Physical work is paid by physical means of easiest, most efficient and most honest kind!

Love for one level should never be mixed with love from another level as it never matches and creates disharmony and dissatisfaction. True love never can be compensated by material goods. A child hungry for hugging and kisses and time WITH father and mother never can be satisfied by giving more ice cream, more chocolate or more toys as such different levels of love are absolutely incompatible and hence empty of potential to provide real satisfaction - example: a rich man who wants to substitute his physical love by money or material gifts, jewelry, cars, toys, etc to his girlfriend or living partner may have to pay thousands or millions of $ to create an artificial partial satisfaction to his female partner as would be possible by one single day in true love to each other. These are 2 pair of shoes NEVER matching. The one hungry for love needs love and no car or diamonds ! The one hungry for love needs to admit his hunger for love - else he/she may get money instead of love ... and remain hungry ! The one needing money to pay rent for house needs money for his work and no apples or smiles else he may be homeless and never able to help or love you again.

Learn to let love flow on the level needed by you and given to you as well as needed by others.

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Love and Bliss


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