I know its bad for me - but I want to continue what is bad for me

A man from USA e-mailed several questions early may 98 - here his first one:

1. I am living in a big city, feeling that this does not promote my spiritual progress, but I want to continue in my city here.

2. I e-mailed several times to my guru and never got any answer from him

3. My guru did not clean my chakras and nadis ( energy channels ) during initiation to Kriya Yoga.

God is Love

Living in a city - problems, stress, missing nature and missing energy balance.from sick environment

Living in a city

Life in modern cities is ill because nature is missing - nature is the most powerful healing-source on earth

The result of ill environment in artificial man-made environment empty of true wild natural environment of forests, jungle, wild fields with herbs and flowers is the emotional, mental AND spiritual imbalance within city populations. The result of such ill environment is man's attempt to compensate or suppress for such man made problems resulting from artificial environment by an increased use or abuse of drugs, alcohol and material pleasures. none of these superficial substitutes can really be a truly worthy equal replacement for true happiness within and among a healthy environment !!

A healthy environment MUST include ample space between families and groups of different attitude and opinion - space filled with wild growing nature, forests or jungles. It also needs to have plentiful of flowers and blossoming fields and parks or gardens around living unit as well as free flowing wind bringing natural clean pure air to all habitants. Natural water - directly from tap - for washing, drinking and irrigation NEVER can be replaced by purified industrial water as supplied to cities.

OUT in nature there is ample natural clean water. Tap water for all - clean to drink and clean for spiritual purification as well !

The most powerful natural method of herbal therapy is to live WITHIN and surrounded by wild natural and strong growth of herbs, plants, trees and bushes. Living with a spiritual and loving attitude amidst such clean and WILD natural surroundings creates a fully qualified source of permanent healing energy from the God made mixture and blend of herbs needed in that particular geographical and human location to establish or maintain true energy balance among all humans and animals.

Every herb, every grass, every plant of any kind, every biological growth in nature serves but the divine purpose to compensate for damage done by humans in human made industry and human controlled artificial living areas. ALL plants, bushes and tress ARE HEALING !! There is no such thing like weeds ... only healing herbs. some of the herbs are healing for nature itself as nature is destroyed again and again by human society and needs healing as well. Other herbs compensate or neutralize for industrial pollution of water, ground - soil - or air, while other plants are healing for emotional, spiritual or mental illnesses, injuries or imbalance.

Living in a city is your free choice

Hence it is your free choice to accept all illness, problems and dangers to your health as well as your entire family life, love life and spiritual life. Whatever results from your waste of your well being while living in a city is your sole responsibility.

Some of you may say "there is no other job for me" that however is shortsighted because ..

a few hundreds of millions are living in cities


several billions are living OUTSIDE cities, and since they are living - they of course also have work, jobs, their own business, families, friends and all their need OUTSIDE cities as well !!!

The art of living is to understand human social needs

Humans are social beings

Humans are social by divine nature. That means they love to group - that is one of the single most divine natural needs. God as well wanted to share all his joy of eternal love and bliss with many - hence God created many to enjoy life TOGETHER with many !!!

People love action

Hence humans need a surrounding offering space and freedom to enjoy some real adventures. Freedom is needed and SPACE. In crowded areas such as city environment or villages wild loving adventures and having fun is restricted by artificial man-made laws. I rural areas there is ample wild and public property - owned by God and maintained by God as long as humans refrain from damaging such natural free spaces in wild nature.

Humans need partner

To find partner humans need places to gather and thus to meet potential partners. Places like discos, dancing places, bars, sport areas, recreational areas, music places, ... places to enjoy recreational and professional activities while being AVAILABLE to a seeking potential partner.

Hence humans need locations with the right mixture of people to find THEIR partner and to allow THEIR partner to find them. Finding and meeting always involves 2 parties. Both need to be attracted from that environment and both need to be free and healthy to enjoy the opportunities to meet and unite with the one and only.

Humans love to exchange experiences, goods, services, memories, energies, wisdom, knowledge, ...

Free exchange - such as free trade, free tourism, free recreation, Internet and sport - is but an expression of the true spiritual and most divine nature of ALL humans - to give love and to receive love. Grouping in areas like cities or villages gives all humans more occasions to find someone who loves THEIR products or services - from the purely material point of view these people may be called potential customers and potential suppliers of needs or goods . Exchanging goods or services of any nature is nothing else but a preparatory step in learning to exchange LOVE among all. The lack of true spirituality far away from God. The density of potential LOVERS or OPEN potential recipients of OUR love is very low - thus the need to go into LARGE numbers of ego oriented humans to find a multiple of humans sources of love to receive from many what ONE single loving person can give in abundance.

WE all want to be loved and to enjoy experiencing someone else enjoying our love

WE all want to BE LOVED and to have someone who can openly and FULLY absorb ALL our love we have to give. In addition we only need a few REAL friends - best friends to enjoy adventure and social activities. IN a truly God oriented and spiritual society any village of 100 or more families can easily offer ALL any human really needs.

Customers and suppliers - Sources of love and recipients of love !!

All the additional social needs are fulfilled and fully satisfied by regular public events, travel to neighbor villages, neighbor countries, as well as by sport, recreational or professional events to fulfill such additional spiritual human needs to fully exchange experiences, memories and to SHARE achievements with all or as many others as needed. Whatever truly given to others may be forwarded by others and circles around the world - around and among ALL creation - because anything GIVEN away for the sole purpose of TRUE divine love, for the purpose of helping or making happy is expanding more and more into all those parts of creation needing

God is Love

Living in a city - large cities offer distraction from God but also intense spiritual lessons

Large cities offer distraction from the path of love to God

Large cities offer distraction and are a source of social problems and illness
- but large cities also spiritual challenges and spiritual lessons to learn to love !!!

Large cities offer lots of distraction from your Divine goal of self realization and God-Union. Even though it may still be possible to progress on your way to God. There is continuous risk of losing or wasting time or even being pulled down (away from God) by the many low vibrations that such an environment radiates.

Mankind is made to prosper in a natural and healthy environment with lots of plants, trees, flowers, woods, rivers, parks and gardens, such as small cities or villages offer. However for a short period of time (i.e. a few years) it may even be beneficial to live I a real large city and to learn and become fully aware of all the social and spiritual problems such an environment offers. Become aware of the problems such a society creates by keeping mostly financial benefits and careers in mind as their first priority and forgetting all the spiritual truth of your eternal soul.

For many spiritual persons it may be beneficial to stay around crowds of people to learn loving ALL people and consider ALL the different personalities as children of God made to his Divine images. Learn to see the Divine souls within all persons and accept their freedom to be different than you and to learn their very own spiritual lessons at their own pace - their way.

The final part to this question is however:

Why are you attached to this city or environment, even though you realize that it's detrimental to your inner peace and spiritual growth. Whatever keeps you from doing the best and utmost for your spiritual progress now, may keep you from going home to God by the end of your present incarnation or any time later. Before going home to God - you should be able to donate to God any attachment keeping you away from doing the very best or ask God in your prayers to dissolve any attachment that keeps you away from your Divine home.

It is your birthright to go home to God at any time you want. But God gave you absolute freedom and though it is your and only your choice when you want to go home. Always strive for the best from the spiritual point of view - for God's Divine love and bliss, for eternal life and peace of mind that you only can find back in God. And learn to always make the best decision from the spiritual point of view in every situation of your daily life. Select every day in every situation whatever promotes your spiritual progress - whatever increases your peace and love from and towards ALL mankind and God entire creation.

God bless you


God is Love

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