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spirituelles Forum - spiritual forum

Why love your enemies ?

Living in a city - I know its bad for me, but I want to continue whats bad for me

eMail with my Guru - I never got any answer from him

My Guru did not clean my chakras andnadis

I don't see the classic patterns - I also have spontaneous body movement

How do we learn to do the right thing at the right time

What makes love strong ?

Baby abandoned by mother and given away into orphanage. Pete now hates all women and is homosexual.

Compassion for the poor - the teachings of love from Jesus

Retaining semen is proof of extreme male stinginess

For healing - love and experiences need to flow freely

Sunil's quest for God

Sunil's quest for God and his overcoming all obstacles with love

Is it necessary to get married on the path to God realization

When you ask God "please guide me" - he will do so, through your Guru or directly whatever more efficient

When all goes wrong and ends in a painful childhood - who to blame ? Difficult child or helpless mother ?

When you wish for God's presence, then wishes cometrue and God will be present in your life

Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama FAQ

Side Effects of Kriya Pranayama on physical body

Sudden kundalini awakening

Spontaneous kundalini ... psychotic break

Can paraplegic people have kundalini awakening? Can paraplegic people pratice Kriya Yoga?

Ahimsa - non-violence and its practical application in real life.

Kriya Yoga and meditation - positions for handicapped

Clarify doubts or questions and have Kriya Yoga explained to be sure to practice it correctly

OM sound in meditation

What method for meditation

Soulmates and karmic threads

Worries and fear of getting married are a proof of wrong partner selected

Homosexuality men and women ( gay and lesbian ). Learn to look open at the root cause and face any problem before it can be healed and solved

My father´s son looks at a man. Sexuality and homosexuality on your way to God

When a girl fears to be like her mother - she will end up in an identity crises and in a mess of emotional as well as spiritual disaster !

Sexuality on your way to God - Bramacharya and sin - free yourself from remainders of wrong teachings and progress in love with love to Godunion

Emotional stress du to celibacy

Communication with your Guru is important and must be loving and open. Your Guru needs to be your best friend - if you allow him to be in your heart and life - but it's you the one to invite him into your heart - with love.

Shambhavi mudra to shut down distraction and focus on God by switching all lower senses toward God

Family, marriage and temptation of prestige and Careeradvancement and fees leading to debts.

How to take homeopathic remedies and flower remedies

Is money OR happiness more important? Or could it be that money can be ONE particular manifestation of public love ?

When to withdraw from this world ?

Cheap solutions in spiritual life

Guru needs to be strict to avoid ego-games - but always loving

Can a girl have breast milk before having a child

Difficulties in starting and maintaining relationsips

Friendship and relationship withthe opposite sex

You have a wrong husband - when your husband wants a slave instead of a lover wife

spirituelles Forum - spiritual forum

Zeugungsunfähigkeit des Ehemannes durch Mumps in der Kindheit

Schwiegereltern die sich in die Ehe einmischen erfordern starke Partnerschaft, um sich zu lösen und selbständig zu sein für ein eigenes Glück.

Was hat es mit Satan auf sich?