How do we learn to do the right thing

Learn how to do the right thing at the right time.

That question is simple to answer - but a few preparatory steps to achieve the goal are needed ! If you truly want to do the right thing, the right decision or action at the right time, then please consider the following points:

Be ready to love all and you can please all

The one who wants to love all always does the right thing in harmony with God's divine love !!!

Hence the desire to develop true love - God's love - within ourselves will automatically lead to the knowledge of when to do what. To the knowledge of who needs what and how to present the needed. such open heart of course also is for the benefit of your very own partnership as the final result will be that YOU always know what your partner and loved ones need or want BEFORE they may become aware of their possible needs.

A positive affirmation may help you to learn faster to always do the right thing - select from below affirmations the one best suitable for you and repeat mentally and orally as well - again and again ! The importance of such affirmations is that you truly MEAN and want what you say or think:

  1. I want to be open for all needs of others
  2. I want to be a source of fulfilments of all wishes and needs of all my loved ones
  3. I want to do always the most loving action or reaction for the benefit of all creation
  4. I want to be and act in harmony with God
  5. I want to be open for divine guidance from God
  6. I want to do always the most loving possible in all situations

With true love in your heart - the idea that pops up first in your mind most likely is the best. The time such idea pops up in your mind may be the very best time .- that very second !! If you do what comes into your mind first instantly when such idea comes - then you will gain valuable feedback and experience and gain confidence more and more in always doing the right action or making the right decisions at the right time. The reaction from your surrounding or partner will proof you to be right - or wrong if your intentions are other than sincerely loving !

The capability to always do the right thing comes from being open to love all !

Practice first with your loved ones - with your partner and ask for instant feedback when you do something wrong OR right. Positive instant feedback will increase your self-confidence for more complex situations where you will proof your intuition to be right.

Learn how to do the right thing at the right time.

Love and bliss


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