Kundalini awakening
spontaneous, sudden or accidental awakening

Accidental Kundalini awakening, spontaneous awakening of kundalini shakti. Sudden kundalini all is the same and is resulting from sudden decrease of your ego ! The result of sudden removal or dissolving of a substantial part of your ego at the right time. Such may occur as a result of loss of a loved one, loss of property, divorce = loss of an obstacle in your life with wrong partner. Of course the normal situation of increase or awakening of kundalini would be as a result of your conscious Kriya Yoga practice or other spiritual practice such as developing divine love toward others.

Please read all other chapters about spontaneous kundalini and psychotic break and kundalini shakti and follow the precise online instructions for Kriya Yoga including the complete teachings of love

Learn how to do the right thing at the right time.

All these above used terms refer to the same and have the same cause. You may read the complete chapter about kundalini to get a thorough understanding of all kundalini relevant details and physiology of kundalini within your spiritual and physical body.

Why sudden kundalini ?

Then lets first look at the following question:

Why do some people have NO perceptible - hence very little kundalini flow ??

Kundalini is divine lifeforce and divine love from God flowing through you - through Ida, Pingala and susumna and through all your chakras and into and through all your physical body - through all your body cells. Total stop of kundalini results in death !

Kundalini blocking or destroying factors

Various factors contribute to the ill condition of having strongly reduced kundalini. Some for these major factors to reduce kundalini to a very dangerous LOW level are:

Your various aspects of ego

YOUR ego is one of the major factors to reduce kundalini. Ego consists of many parts, each single such part or manifestation of your ego can be sufficient in strength to nearly halt all kundalini and hence to cause sudden death as a result of illness or accident. Some of the most common key manifestations of ego are:

Sudden changes in your life may cause any one or several of above manifestations of your ego or karma to suddenly disappear and that is exactly like if a racing car driver suddenly removes his handbrake to free the power of his engine.

Ego manifestations are ill artificial breaks - or ill spiritual blockages of your divinity. Ego reduces the divine free flow of kundalini to the point of causing extended sleepiness, weakness, loss of vitality, loss of sexual potential hence loss of love potential.

A sudden occurrence in your life may cause the loss of one or several such Ego manifestations and as a result - of course - cause kundalini to be free or at least much more free than before and thus causing the impression of sudden kundalini awakening. More correct would be the word kundalini freeing or kundalini liberation from part of your ego !!

Sudden kundalini awakening as a result of your inner healing and freeing from karma or blockages or burden

Such sudden occurrences may be any one of the following or similar changes in your life:

  1. sudden gain of maturity as a result of sufficiently accumulated experiences in ego world leading the a clear insight and awareness of true spiritual - religious - priorities in life.
  2. sudden death or disappearance of a "burden" from within your past life - through death of a person or his departure
  3. divorce or separation from a wrong partner
  4. reconciliation with an "enemy"
  5. change in lifestyle as a result of your change in attitude or caused by a new living environment
  6. change in profession or employment or job / business situation
  7. change of attitude as a result of travel into foreign countries helping you to see your present world differently and act differently
  8. new partner - falling in love causes healing and freeing and thus always an increase in kundalini - the more kundalini flows, the more freeing action such kundalini flow creates for your benefit.
  9. basically any change in your inside or outside world - even apparently small or previously considered of lesser importance - can cause a sudden kundalini awakening or more precise a sudden kundalini freeing !

Be happy if such occurs to you - it is the ultimate goal for all mankind to get kundalini flowing again and to finally return home to our divine world in God.

Kriya Yoga applied and practiced in its full context - consisting of teachings of love, teachings about spiritual laws as well as all necessary basic teachings about God's creation in combination with the proper Kriya Yoga techniques will help you to master the flow of kundalini and use the ever increasing flow of kundalini shakti for your spiritual benefit as well as for the spiritual benefit of all creation.

You find all you need on this website of the Cyberspace Ashram.

Maurice Ives wrote:

dear hans,

hello, my question is, I have accidentally activated kundalini and I am having a lot of trouble with this, I have not been practicing yoga but could you tell me what to do about it, should I find a Guru and start yoga or is this to dangerous if this energy is highly activated.

thank you

Beloved Sue

Be happy that your Kundalini Shakti is flowing more than before - others are working decades to get it flowing. Without Kundalini no life - without powerful flow of Kundalini no God-Union !!! It finally is the power of Kundalini flowing through all parts of you - your physical body as well as your light-body that is going to uplift you to God. Every sudden awakening of Kundalini always takes place under direct control and guidance of God - it is however up to you to fine-tune all parts of you to allow a smooth and loving flow of this divine energy.

You may start practicing Kriya Yoga as explained in detail and with animated graphics on this Web Site and God will be your Guru and guide you - or you may search for a true Guru. Whatever is more convenient for you. Be aware that God can be everywhere and can truly and powerfully assist you to achieve any spiritual goal. If you want you will truly and consciously feel his presence, loving help and guidance on your spiritual path of Love.

Now it is really time for you to fine tune all of your thoughts, emotions, actions. Love in all you ever do - Love is the key to get a smooth and harmonious flow of the Kundalini. If ever you encounter any problems or temporary discomfort it is but your remaining parts of Ego that can or could cause this inconvenience. Hence any inconvenience experienced should point you toward dissolving your remaining debris of your Ego and spiritual blockages even faster. Let the Kundalini flow as powerful as it does. Just imagine the Kundalini being a powerful tool to purify your entire aura even faster and get you in contact with your innermost divine core as fast as you want or like.

Enjoy the truth and fact that deeper spiritual experiences are approaching you more and more and learn to live and handle the increasing spiritual awareness that you may soon experience.

On the Web Site of the Cyberspace Ashram you will find all you ever need to speed up any spiritual progress and further purification of body, mind and soul to assist you on your way to God-realization and Godunion. Divine Love and Bliss will be with you.

I would recommend you to download the printable version of the text "on your wings of Love - on your way to God" and all other spiritual teachings and lessons - available as a god.zip - for offline reading. It now is important to truly live according to God's Divine rules of LOVE. Your life may soon be flooded with such divine love - enjoy it and be happy - but be prepared and willing to really learn to love and to learn to solve and dissolve in love any situation of your past, present and future - eternally.

loving heart

With Love and Divine Bliss


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