Can paraplegic people have kundalini awakening?
Can paraplegic people practice Kriya Yoga?

Can paraplegic people love ? YES of course they can love IF they want - then of course they also can do Kriya Yoga and have kundalini awakening !! Whoever can love can do Kriya Yoga !!! Love is the key to God-realization

Kriya Yoga for handicapped and paraplegic.

God is open for all - of course also for paraplegic and handicapped people !!

Since thousands of years spontaneous healing has occurred and also handicapped have achieved healing as a direct result and effort of WILL power to overcome any illness, handicap of any severity to be healthy and fully qualified member of society again.

On the path of love to God are no exceptions and no special rules for paraplegic and handicapped ! they all have to learn AND practice to:

  1. bow to the feet of others
  2. ask for forgiveness for all pain and inconveniences caused to others
  3. work and love for others
  4. make others happy
  5. care FOR others - even more than others as they have absorbed abundance of care FROM others
  6. proof love and loyalty to all mankind, all creation and to God
  7. Follow the very same instructions as all others - with zero exceptions or reductions

There is a particular karma involved in being paraplegic - and like for all humans to achieve oneness with God all karma needs to be dissolved and healed. That applies to all - including paraplegic !

Love can flow and heal - after healing a paraplegic can work again in full like any and all others.

The question for ANY handicapped person is thus:

  1. do I really want to work like hell like all others in this world ?
    do I want to fully contribute to life and wellbeing of society and my own existence ???
    do I want to accept full responsibility for all my life - now and for ever - even while being paraplegic ?
  2. do I prefer being cared and spoiled and supported by society or family without having to work without having to GIVE love in all variations and manifestations ?

Kundalini awakening or enhanced flow of kundalini is the result of reduced ego

Any person reducing his ego creates a "kundalini awakening" - a sudden increased natural flow of kundalini shakti! Every person - including handicapped or paraplegic has the freedom to reduce HIS ego and become more lovable and as a result frees more and more kundalini !! His severe illness as a result of extreme ego has cause the accident for illness to set him flat and give him time for all those truly important questions and problems and lessons of human social behavior that often are overlooked by billions until dramatic accidents or illnesses occur.

Every illness is man created - every illness is curable by man

Every illness is created - by that person's ego - hence EVERY illness is reversible - curable BY THAT person dissolving in full his ego and becoming truly lovable toward ALL.

Kriya Yoga by paraplegic or handicapped persons

Every person practicing Kriya Yoga has a Guru ! Some have a personal Guru - others have God as their only Guru. If you are handicapped or paraplegic and want to practice Kriya Yoga - here in the Cyberspace Ashram you find a complete online teaching of all you need including detailed techniques of Kriya Yoga and Kriya pranayama.

Depending on the degree of your handicap there are certain purely physical exercises that you may have difficulties with - then your Guru OR God will show you a substitute !!

Love is the key to successful Kriya Yoga - hence YOUR attitude of truly loving all is the single most important factor in Kriya Yoga practice for all - healthy OR handicapped in any way.

Kriya Pranayama and all other techniques as clearly outlined - can be done in any position that is possible for a handicapped - less convenient positions or horizontal positions where normally a vertical position is required or commonly practiced is of course possible. A possible greater resistance to free physiological flow of kundalini and OM during all exercises can be easily compensated by deeper devotion, increased will power to become strong and healthy and to be a truly divine lover.

It is the flow of divine love as a result of our direct true and sincere efforts to get in peace with all and to love all resulting in a powerful and loving opening for God that creates the free and open environment within ourselves to allow healing and FREEING love from God to act during our Kriya Yoga practice !

If you have a personal Guru - then get his personal divine advice and guidance

Then talk to him and ask his advice on how to do and what to do exactly to do all the single most direct and efficient way !! There is always a solution of love for all in all and every situation of life.

Even deceased - death people - can practice Kriya Yoga - because Kriya Yoga can be practiced in any body or out of body - it is a metaphysical / spiritual practice and has to do with love and nothing but true divine love in all situations of our life !!!

Kriya Yoga for handicapped and paraplegic.

Love and Bliss