Meditation - Positions for handicapped

What positions after severe injuries when pain occurs in sitting ?

Kriya Yoga for handicapped and paraplegic.

hi! it's Thessa ...

previously Ricky had asked you about positioning during mediation. I have had many back injuries (years of bone-jarring volleyball matches) and as a result cannot sit up without concentration on sitting. My most intense meditations have occurred while lying flat. Do I need to strive for the upright position eventually? ................

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Kriya Yoga for handicapped

Meditation with back injuries

Thessa this certainly is a serious condition. because anything causing pain is the result of blockings in the energy system of your physical and metaphysical body. there are many ways to heal this. healing i.e. removing all these blockings will definitely lead to an increase of energy flow as well as an increase of your overall well-being and health.

Arnica montana - homeopathic remedy - for all physical injuries

one first step may be a homeopathic treatment. the classic treatment for any kind of traumatic injury is ARNICA MONTANA LM 30, I would recommend a high potency of LM 30 however if you have difficulty in finding that potency in USA you may take a lower such as C 30 that one you should certainly find.

very single day for the first 7 days, then very second day for another 7 intakes, then every week once for another 2 months. take it the traditional way of taking homeopathic remedies. i.e. no coffee or black tea before or after, toothpaste or chewing gum before or after for at least an hour. best is a minimum of 3 hours after a meal or at least 1 hour before a meal. best time is early morning right after getting up.

just follow the very precise and commonly known rules for intake of homeopathic remedies

Please read the page about How to take Homeopathic remedies or Flower remedies

parallel to this treatment you may obtain energy healing ( spiritual healing ) and a spiritual chiropractician :-)) such as Riccardo may be willing to learn and practice this with you. you may feel the improve instantly or during the course of treatment. i am talking about him learning what his soul may enjoy to learn. a new way of chiropractic treatment, without moving joints, just let the divine energy flow from God through his hands and dissolve any trace of your past injuries. a gentle massage my be accompanying this treatment. he may learn to actually feel the energy of all these injuries and also feel the improvement during the course of treatment. the importance is on having the light body healed everything else will be healed as well by the healing power of love flowing through your body.

God-realization never is restricted to a particular position
- ALL can practice Kriya Yoga and all can meditate

now to your question, of course it also is possible to meditate in a horizontal position if you can stay awake. vertical positions certainly are preferred for various reasons, but the single most important point is to really feel comfortable, so comfortable to easily forget your physical body. once you progress more on your spiritual path you may be able to find another position is you still feel comfortable with it. realize that finding and going your way to God only depends on the realization of expressing true divine love in all and any circumstances of life toward all beings physical and metaphysical.

with divine love and bliss


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