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Lucas Dreier

Dear Hans,

Love and Gratitude! Your site is one of the only places I have ever found an expression of the infinite Love for All and total Commitment to God that I have felt in my soul since as long as I can remember. Since I was a child I have had an Imagination of Divine Light filling the World until it Shines outward into the Universe, and this image is the only goal of my life. However, like many seekers, I have run into an enormous number of inner barriers, and now I humbly seek some guidance. For the past two years, I have immersed myself in the spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner, known as Anthroposophy. He outlined a path of knowledge that he felt was better suited to modern consciousness than the yoga path. In his path, the chakras are awakened through processes of thinking, feeling, willing, and meditation and moral development, but not through control of the breath. My sense of duty to the spiritual impulse that Rudolf Steiner initiated is one of the only things holding me back from whole-heartedly practicing Kriya Yoga. One part of me wants to follow Anthroposophy and continue a "normal" life of study and service to society, but another part of me wants to drop everything and go to the Himalayas to practice yoga. This is more than just a fantasy, since I have spent time in India before and have learned to speak Hindi. You have said that worrying two much about knowledge tends to draw us away from God, and I know this is true, but at the same time I cannot forget the powerful and loving knowledge that Rudolf Steiner taught. I don't know if you are familiar with the specific teachings of Anthroposophy, but I would deeply appreciate whatever advice you can offer. Or if you think it is better that I work out this issue on my own, please tell me so.

With unconditional Love,


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Kriya Yoga is a combined teaching of love inside and outside - valid for eternity

Beloved Lucas

there are several approaches to allow YOU to find a solution.

Since it is well known HOW we drifted away from God - it also is known how to reverse such accident

but I will elaborate only on ONE.

so let's start:

the essence of all problems has ONE single cause - we ARE SEPARATED FROM GOD - one day a very long time ago we started to produce OTHER energies and forces than just true divine love and as a direct result we drifted more and more away from God. step by step we drifted in to denser and denser dimensions until we arrived at the very lowest point of all creation - OUR physical planet !

to return we have to immediately reverse this entire process - and the ONLY technique that involves and applies ALL possible means available to succeed in reversing our present human situation is KRIYA YOGA in its original traditional form. Kriya Yoga is almost as old as human society in God's creation..

Kriya Yoga is controlled and directed flow of divine love into all aspects of our being through the chakras

Prana exists in many "levels" the highest being God's divine love - Prana as called for by the mantram OM is God's divine pure love. God's love poured into all our body, mind, emotions, spiritual aspects - will obviously heal all within us ! ALL !!!

Kriya Yoga is NO technique to control your breath but to direct the flow of love ( divine Prana ) !

  1. Kriya Yoga is NO technique to control your breath !
    it is a prana ayama (pranayama) technique - to control PRANA ! what prana ? there are MANY different prana !! God's divine love that needs to replace EGO. !! LOVE also is PRANA !! pranayama in Kriya Yoga is done by applying DIVINE purest love and holy spirit into all aspects of any ego.
  2. God is love !
    God realization can NEVER ( never in its absolute and eternal meaning ) be achieved by playing around with chakras or "breath-control" but by developing divine love in all situation of life. since God is love - any and every God seeker has the choice to either - play with various techniques for a few thousand to a few million years and then LATER focus on LOVE to finally achieve UNION with God - ONENESS with the absolute. there are many different paths and techniques to approach this ONE and final goal MORE or LESS efficiently. But THERE IS only one PATH FOR ALL REMAINING FINAL STEPS - L O V E !!
  3. hence when you have studied ALL my teachings completely and thoroughly - then you realize even in your intellect that the only main focus of ALL and EVERY lesson and teachings given to YOU by me is to free the divine flow of LOVE within. I have no intention of repeating myself again here. it is up to you to make up your mind and make a CLEAR decision for YOUR entire life.
    ONE day - you have to focus on LOVE any way - why later if you can do it NOW - why take MORE time to APPROACH the final path of love than it takes to go all the way by starting with LOVE from the very beginning ??
  4. escaping mankind and moving into solitude, into desert or mountain ( Himalaya ) NEVER can teach you to LOVE - or can you learn to FLY an air plain by using a row boat ?
    it is all about LOVE - LOVE among all mankind - YOUR love toward ALL mankind - and to learn such divine love in all situation U need HUMANS and normal human situations around YOU. for years and eventually all life - with a few interruptions of a few weeks or months every once inn a while - later - MUCH later AFTER you have done all the beginning steps of Kriya Yoga - after you have practiced Kriya Yoga for a few thousand hours intensely.

there is a RIGHT time for contact with the cause of separation from God and there is a right time for SOME limited solitude and silence.

Anti-love made us drifting apart from oneness with God - Love will bring us back - Love toward ALL

returning HOME means returning home to trillions of humans and non-humans already waiting for you. that means YOU and all God "seekers" have first to be in love and peace with ALL. but HOW can you ever get in love and peace with ALL - if you want to escape all ?

Kriya Yoga includes loving work, loving thoughts, loving emotions loving creations and Kriya Yoga inside as well

Kriya Yoga is practiced doing the RIGHT work at the right time and accepting ALL challenges and lessons God and your GURU is sending you in all different situations of your daily life.

a pupil learns writing and reading by practicing daily - a God "seeker" FINDS God by practicing LOVE with as many different humans of different nature as possible in as many different situations as useful and offered to you. the more the better - for a while - until you know it is time for a retreat - every once in while - again and again - a few weeks or months. no more and no less....

Kriya Yoga is created and "managed" by God - hence God will guide you inside

you will be guided - if you PRAY TO GOD and if God UNION is your true sincere goal and only priority of YOUR eternal life.

NOW - for YOU as well as any other "God seeker" you first need to learn to return HOME. it is NO plan of God at all to create paradise HERE on this planet on the physical level.

THIS planet is a "school house" for all lost ones - to become aware of THEIR OWN limitation of loving toward ALL others. once YOU have learned to truly and divinely love all - then it is TIME FOR YOU to RETURN to God.

The acting force of Kriya Yoga when doing OM into chakras is God's love being allowed to enter and purify you !

let all the teaching and bringing home be done by God and those selected by God. for NOW your development if love is the fastest way to really make some LASTING spiritual progress.

if however your plan is to establish peace and some limited love ON EARTH and reincarnate again and again - then Kriya Yoga is the totally WRONG technique and path.


while the vast majority of today's population of THIS planet hast different goals and may reincarnate on a physical plane or astral or other for millions of years if needed - all those who truly want to love all AND RETURN HOME now by the end of THIS present incarnation then you should focus all your efforts and forces into ONE direction and ON ONE path


Spiritual development and spiritual progress means uplifting our vibration into love and returning home to God

spiritual development and progress has little or near NOTHING to do with any technique about chakras or environment protection or searching for alternate energies .....

it has ALL to do with learning to apply DIVINE LOVE in ALL situations of life with ZERO exceptions.

and that is a full time job - whatever you do in life.

learning solutions of love in all situations is a great challenge. something my father had to learn as well ! billions of years ago. something we ALL have to learn - unless we want to remain LOST children for eternity !

it is a permanent challenge for decades - for an entire incarnation and beyond - but it is FUN - it involves fun activities - meeting nice and challenging people - meeting extreme people - going beyond your limits again and again until you finally realize:

i have no limits - because all limits of love I ever had where just in YOUR MIND. as the mind is purified more and more as a direct result of true and complete kriya pranayama - the main technique of Kriya Yoga - all cells of your body will be tuned in with divine love flowing from God through your entire body - through all your body cells.

all lessons have been given to you in the CA - up to YOU DECIDE and to practice.

Out side forces may cause resistance, thus make you stronger - your inner power of love alone will bring you home

all the spiritual progress is just for YOUR benefit - no single person on earth ever could separate you from God or slow down your progress - difficult people give you a chance to grow FASTER and more efficiently - they simply make YOU aware of YOUR limitations in YOUR love toward all aspects of God's creation ... and humans in particular.

God bless you


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