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Kriya Yoga for handicapped and paraplegic.


I was initiated into Kriya in May 99 By Lahiri Shibendu and then I got SRF initiation in September 99. I practiced 12 kriya per day (just once a time and not every day, but mostly) in the first year, then in April I attained Kechari (touching the bulge near the 2 little nasal holes) and since then I started practicing 24 kriya per day. Yet Kechari didn't bring me the great realizations I had read about in books. I was not so constant in the other Kriya practices every day (maha mudra, yoti or yoni mudra, and navi kriya). At times in the middle of the night I felt a sort of electric energy upflowing noisily and very strongly through my spine up to my headtop and I couldn't move my body not even an inch. I was a bit scared of leaving life too soon and I prayed not to die. Another night I had the impression of my belly vibrating like a drum in a beltlike circuit of energy. I didn't have yet much realizations in the awaken state (the ones just mentioned were on the threshold wake/sleep) apart from peace, calm, relaxation and a sweet shivering vibration round my headtop and spine.

I wonder if the description of the pranayama technique I received was correct or clear enough to me. May I get more accurate clarification on this technique from you? Here are some specific questions:

  1. do I have to breath in through the mouth as taught by SRF(isn't unnatural?)?
  2. The breath must ascend through the spine or the chakras are sited in a more interior position?
  3. do I have to perform ujjayi while doing Kriya ? and asvini mudra?
  4. How to make prana ascend through sushumma instead than into the nadis?
  5. attention must be focused in kutashta?
  6. during the breathing I have to move only the belly keeping still the chestbox?

Thank you for your help


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved Marco

  1. first of all - it would be highly beneficial for you to really read through all sections and chapters of the cyberspace ashram - best by downloading the file to offline read all - may be in combination with the printable eBooks you find all information how to download and print on the download page of the web site.
  2. there never can be a true spiritual reason to ask for two initiations from two different Gurus. it would be better if you stop mixing up both techniques and stay with ONE initiation. Gurudeva has given all original material to Shibendu Lahiri - it would be wise to follow all these instructions to the point.
  3. if practicing Kriya Yoga - do it all - do it correct as being told - do it regularly on a daily schedule - contact your Guru frequently for any question - at least a few times a year - it is very easy for a European to travel at least once or twice for a few weeks or months to India. the average European income easily permits such travel for a serious God-seeker.
  4. make sure you know what God-realization means. you talk about being a bit scared about "leaving life" and this clearly proofs that you have little or no precise idea about death and life at all. NOW these days, weeks and years you are DEATH - totally blind - and after you start to live. after dropping your physical body life and love truly starts.
  5. Kriya Yoga is far more than the techniques you mentioned - yama and niyama are the very basis - after you practiced yama and niyama 24 hours a day for many years it then becomes necessary to focus more and more on the development and refinement of divine love - this starts automatically as a result of your true progress in yama and niyama.
  6. on the cyberspace Ashram's web site you find sufficient information about kechari mudra and why it is EXCLUDED in the cyberspace Ashram's initiation ! Love is the answer and solution - true - divine LOVE.
  7. during periods as you mentioned in your mail - it is best to spend more time WITH your Guru or on a spiritual retreat. during such periods you need time and love to fully concentrate on spiritual awakening and to softly and lovingly dissolve any obstacle you might encounter.
  8. if you follow Shibendu's teaching - then learn to visit him more often follow SRF's teaching you - again visit your Guru at SRF if you have got a personal one, so follow the spiritual tradition. SRF has the lineage of Jesus Christ, babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Yoganandaji - so ask any of them to help you talk to any of them - of course you shall receive answers, help and guidance - but you need to pray to God and ask for assistance on your path of love to God-realization. the traditional guidance for any God-seeker always is on the spiritual level - beyond words and speech - learn to listen to this guidance and accept all help and follow all instructions received in such way.
  9. if you are unsure about the precise technique of kriya pranayama - if you are considering the original one from Lahiri Mahasaya (the one you received from Shibendu Lahiri) then just review all initiation techniques as outlined in detail on the cyberspace Ashram's web site - download all by using the file and when reading carefully all - you finally find the page for diksha. many animated graphics show exactly how to perform all techniques - clearer than any words could do. then ask for help - pray to God - and watch carefully - God then will repeat a few time proper Kriya Yoga within your own body to show you how it is done correctly - watch and then practice yourself. whenever you have any doubts - ask again for clarification and you shall receive any help ever asked for - any spiritual help needed to achieve God-realization on your path of love.
  10. if you want any more personal clarification or help from me - you are welcome any time to stay with me - to learn - to love - and to practice. just check on the cyberspace Ashram's web site to find out where on this planet my body is - it may change every once in a while - ;-))) soon I may be in Asia again for a while as souls are calling for a visit and for help.
  11. I teach breathing through nose - I guess Shibendu did so too !! but you need to make sure to avoid mixing up any techniques received from the two different sources !!!!!
  12. prana will ascend through Susumna if you focus on dissolving all and any attachments and karma through the power of love - then distraction is reduced and God will guide your prana the proper way. may sure to really understand that the actual techniques you are talking about take only a few hours a day - the remainder of Kriya Yoga proper is practiced during all remaining hours - during daily life. you find all necessary instruction in the many chapters of "on your wings of Love - on your way to God" all other questions are answered when you read all chapters and when you do as said above. open for spiritual guidance - it is more efficient - more precise - faster - more helpful and available any time by all and anyone anywhere - inside or outside a physical body.

may divine love and bliss guide and free you


Brian Alexander

Leonard Orr was led to meet Babaji in Hairakhan India while Babaji was incarnated there from 1970-1984.

Babaji told Leonard Orr that "Rebirthing" was the new Kriya Yoga. This proclamation is not a secret but I can personally validate that Leonard believes this because he told me himself while I was visiting his house.

What do you know of this? Do you have any insights and or comments?

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved soul

"Babaji" is a very frequently used title in India - most of the time used for very old respected men - for respected females the same title is Mataji. while words NEVER can truly be translated into other languages - Baba would mean Father and Mata means mother. the syllable "ji" is used in India to express an elevated state of respect toward that person. Babaji hence is NO name - but a very frequently used title (frequently meaning thousands of old men in India may be called babaji by someone !! this confusion or lack of knowledge in the western world is often abused by those looking for attention. such behavior is found all around the world in many different situations. intuition protects all those truly loving and searching God from being mislead !!

Babaji never has been used as a title for young ones - nor has ever to the best of my knowledge Babaji himself called himself "Babaji". People meeting Babaji either recognize him as such or don't - depending on what is good for God's creation only. divine souls have no need for titles or names - divine souls always are recognized by their love toward all and by their aura. any true and loving God-seeker can feel or see the aura of others one day !!

however you may after all find the answer to your question yourself when VERY CAREFULLY reading the autobiography of a yogi !! it is of utmost importance tat all God-seeker learn to find answers to such questions on their own. a deep and sincere prayer to God helps to find the solutions/answer finding process for all !

please keep in mind that intuition is the most important tool on your way to God, intuition is the result of advanced development of divine love within and toward ALL.

however God made the intellect to be used for something MUCH DIFFERENT than just to fill out tax declarations or custom forms when flying airplanes to foreign countries or arguing with policemen about paying tickets for wrong parking !!

to make it a little bit easier for you and all readers - when in Kriya Yoga ANYONE refers to Babaji - we ALL mean the one who gave diksha to Lahiri Mahasaya in Himalaya !! read ALL chapters that contain any description of his divine being and you know what is possible and what is fake.

In the mean time however many other persons call themselves babaji - as in many similar situations - it attracts attention and is good for business and to feed ones ego with attention. attention is just an indirect and much LESS EFFICIENT manifestation of LOVE. all very human - a reason to love such persons even more until they get enough love and are satisfied without attracting additional attention by any means.

when a divine free soul incarnates - such a soul is usually referred to as an avatar, i.e. a soul coming directly from God and after accomplishing all divine tasks - returning to God, then usually for a longer period than just childhood. everything in God's creation has a deep sense. a message like the one you mention would be of TOO great importance to be spread in such a simple way. such a message can easily mislead BILLIONS OF PEOPLE if all would belief such news. please note that Kriya Yoga in its full and traditional technique is as old as God's entire creation - it is just the "reverse engineering" principle of physical mankind. (you will find more on the physiology of kriya pranayama in some of the chapters of this site!) knowing how ego is coming to existence and condensing itself into denser and denser spheres/bodies until it finally reaches is imprisonment in the physical body gives mankind the knowledge to reverse the entire process and dismantling the ego with divine love and the power of knowledge about how the ego is built / ASSEMBLED BY ITS OWNERS.

nothing - even in future millenaries - will ever change the important parts of traditional Kriya Yoga technique. love will become more important in future and will make Kriya Yoga even more powerful as love is the most powerful "fuel" on your way to God.

developing divine Love can free any soul within any incarnation - love in combination with Kriya Yoga however give you clearer and better awareness of all divine concepts of life on earth while being imprisoned in a physical body. Kriya Yoga helps to realize continuous enlighten mankind's awareness and the more you know about God and God's entire creation - the more powerful you may advance ALL your efforts toward Godunion. with Kriya Yoga you consciously feel continuous progress from month to month, from year to year while practicing Kriya Yoga in its entire, correct, traditional method, the more progress a God-seekers notices, the greater his motivation to continue.

Kriya Yoga is TOO important, TOO POWERFUL, to be changed by a simple announcement - such as the one mentioned in your mail !!

all important spiritual traditions ALWAYS are brought to the attention of the greatest possible number of people in a very public way to make sure all beloved children of the divine know the easiest and fastest way home. keep in mind - whatever you do, think or hear - that all Guru, any avatar - are always serving God - never can a true and God-realized Guru serve a lineage of Gurus or anyone else but God. God love all his children and wants all his beloved children to be as happy, as free as ever possible. reincarnation is NO technique - it is the result of KARMA. Rebirthing may be referred to as reincarnation - or it may be referred to as the modern technique of simply and extensively hyperventilate under the DIRECT CONTROL of a certified rebirth-instructor. the last method - once practiced and observed by the author - may have some therapeutic value for certain conditions - that's all !! ONE LAST TIMES: THAT'S IT !

to be free from ego, from the cycle of reincarnation there is much more needed - and there are several spiritual traditions that meet the individual needs of all God-seekers.

any shortcut you ever attempt may drop you short of your goal in a dead end road - and you may find yourself again starting from the very scratch.

Always open your heart
- but also always have your common sense switched on
- watching from the background all your activities and decisions

God gave mankind a brain to develop good common sense in addition to intuition. common sense is NEEDED by all those failing to apply perfect intuition. hence by most. PLEASE - in any such situation of such spiritual importance - make FULL USE of both, all your intuition and all your good, cultivated common sense.

Important messages never are given to single persons - NOR TO A SINGLE INSTITUTION OR ORGANIZATION !! any spiritually important messages always is given from God to mankind in its entity!

may divine Love help to further develop all mankind's intuition - to enlighten mankind's consciousness and guide all beloved children on a path of love into freedom.

please note that above answer shall suffice for any and all similar questions in the future. if you are a true God-seeker - you always find the true and absolute answer. you truly NEED to learn to find such answers yourself - as you NEED to learn to be a grown up divine child of God and you NEED to learn to find your path of love to God or to your personal destination you selected on your own - using ALL "tool" God gave you - intuition and common sense. learn to "feel" how something feels and whether it makes true sense to all creation. God is Love - Love is the key to all solutions and answers in life. Love is free - hence all solutions of love always are free.

Problems cost money - avoid problems and avoid people creating problems to you

only problems cost money - or anything costing money may cause problems - but Love always creates solutions. finding solutions in deep meditation may "cost you some time" sometimes days, weeks or months - but may save you many incarnations being mislead and being guided into dead end roads of life. so PLEASE take your time to find answers yourself - God shall always help you. finally it will create tremendous savings in efforts, energy and time on your way to God.

if you continue to ask such questions - you may become dependent of sources of information - being dependent means becoming a puppet on a string - nothing nice to think of a divine child of God !! when you direct all such questions to God - God will find a solutions to provide you with the answer in a clear way. it then is up to you to accept such an answer from a God given source.

with Love and Divine Bliss



Dearest and blessed Hans

Thank you for your wisdom and love.. I agree divine love is the shortcut to get to God. Love is the technique that I stumbled into....thank you..

I had read Yogananda's book and wanted to learn Kriya Yoga ... I got initiation from Harinanda's school, but have stopped practicing it, since it is not like the one you teach and taught by Yogananda. Your method seems to be the right one for me. I would like you to please answer a few questions I have though, which would really help me:

  1. Can you please tell me who is your Guru, just so I know where it comes from? I read that your Guru is Lahiri Mahasaya, that is cool, I just want to know where and when and how you learned, so I know that this Kriya Yoga is for me, and just to appease my mind?
  2. I have some technical questions about the techniques: when you do OM into naval in navi kriya, or in maha mudra, is this a mental sound that is made? I ask since the techniques I learned only used the breath and no Mantras at all. please explain it. I have read all the info on your site, and this is not explained well .. also
  3. in the pranayama technique, please clarify the order of chakras, is it from the root chakra up to the bottom of the skull, does one to breath into the crown chakra? it is not clear.. which chakras are used exactly?

Thank you dear Hans for your time in answering these questions...

love David

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved son of the divine

  1. Lahiri Mahasaya may be "cool" ( he smiles when you call him "cool") but before all he is my most beloved Gurudeva - one of the greatest saints ever touching with his feet this planet and I enjoy a LOVE-relationship with this divine soul since many many incarnations - we had joined path during many spiritual incarnations on this planet. once you have reached Godunion in any incarnation - your soul always knows the way back to God for the remainder of eternity. true and absolute knowledge - like the knowledge about Kriya Yoga - survive all incarnations. Gurudeva however re-confirmed my technique many years ago when I had some doubts. a few days later the first nirbikalpa samadhi with complete God union has been achieved - then Gurudeva told me "now God is your Guru" - please understand why he said so and what it means. Gurudeva never needed a physical body to guide my soul - his divine spiritual guidance was and still is powerful enough for any God-seeker to perceive it FREE of any doubts !! it however is the sole responsibility of all and any God-seeker to learn how to open for divine spiritual guidance. by following ALL instruction on the cyberspace Ashram's web site all and any God seeker automatically achieve this state.
  2. the point about the mantram should actually be quite clear. after you read all about diksha and the separate chapter about mantram. it is sound mantram into the particular chakra - or it can be mental mantram or if you later SEE light it can be light directed into chakra or if you FEEL OM sound then you direct this vibration into that particular chakra.
  3. kriya pranayama is done like shown in the animated graphic !! starting at Muladhara chakra and EXACTLY AS IN THE ANIMATED GRAPHIC. EXACTLY !! EVEN TIME FRAME IN THAT GRAPHIC IS EXACT !

be sure that you truly have repeatedly been reading and studying and understanding all chapters, all sections and all posts on this entire web site. it may take you as long as it took me to write it ( more than 3 years)- it is well worth doing it.

learn to listen more to your soul and heart and learn to ask God such questions - your intellect may cheat upon you - God always is sincere, loving and truthful.

Love and Bliss


Chetan Balwe

Dear Hans,

I have read through your explanation of Kriya Yoga on your website (along with the rest of your articles) many times now. I wish to practice Kriya on my own until God deems it necessary to send me a Guru who may guide me in physical form.

I have the following questions:

  1. In your explanation of Kriya Pranayama, you said that ascending from the Muladhara Chakra to the Ajna Chakra and down again constitutes a single cycle and that 12 such cycles constitute a single Kriya. In Paramhansa Yogananda's Autobiography, in chapter 26, he does not say anything of this sort. In fact, he says in one place "One thousand Kriya practiced in eight hours gives the yogi, in one day, the equivalent of one thousand years of natural evolution...". For this to be true, one Kriya would have to last around half a minute (actually a little less than that...but I assume that his calculations are only approximate). So what you consider to be merely one cycle of a Kriya, he refers to as the whole Kriya itself. He also says "The Kriya beginner employs his yogic exercise only fourteen to twenty-eight times, twice daily..." which again suggests that he really considers each cycle to be a Kriya. I suppose it just might be a trivial matter of terminology, but I will be glad if you could explain.
  2. I am only beginning now, and so as you have said, I only do mental Pranayama without actually practicing the physical breathing. You have not said very clearly when one should begin to practice physical breathing. Could you elaborate on that?
  3. In the Maha Mudra, you said that one must direct OM into the Muladhara Chakra. At the same time, you have said that one must keep one's attention concentrated in the Kutashta. How is one to do both at the same time. If you attempt to focus on the Muladhara Chakra, will your attention not get diverted from the Kutashta?
  4. While doing the Navi Kriya, you said that one must direct 100 OM into the Navi Chakra. Is it necessary that the number should be exactly 100? Because it is difficult to both keep count AND keep oneself concentrated on the mantra. One may easily lose count now and then. What should one do about that?

I will be glad if you could answer these questions soon.



Dear Hans,

I just read the question from Brian Alexander above. While I do see that your reply to that is most wise, I would just like to comment on that. This is just some information that I have and so I thought I might share it since the question above does ask for comments.

The Babaji who has been described in the question did live in the Kumaon Area near the foothills of the Himalayas from 1970 to 1984. He was popularly known as Haidakhan Wale Baba. He was asked if he was the same Babaji who was described in Paramhansa Yogananda's autobiography to which he replied in the affirmative.

There are numerous miraculous stories about him. He does seem to have deeply impressed many people and inspired them to undertake some form of sadhana which is certainly a good thing.

One of Haidakhan Babaji's teachings is that there is going to be a great catastrophe in the future during which most people on Earth will be killed and only the people who keep their faith in their chosen deity will survive. This makes me believe that he is not really the Babaji who was the Guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. All this may just be something blown up by the media.

As you has said, it is best to not be dependent on the sources of information. So, I am aware that this kind of a message is out of place on this forum but I decided to share whatever I knew. If you wish me avoid this kind of a posting, please excuse me since I am quite new to this forum.


David Stein

Dearest and most dear Hans

Thank you for your prompt reply which is very helpful!

I want to practice Kriya Yoga but I still have a few more technical questions: (I promise that I have been studying all your info on the site properly!)

  1. Thank you about the info on your beloved Guru - I agree, with it all, yet I just want to know, did he come and teach you the technique or what?
  2. About the kriya pranayama - You said that we must follow the animation exactly - my problem is that in the animation it does not show the chakras, it just moves up and down, so I did not know which chakras to go to my problem comes at the top chakras - is it to the medulla, then to ajna then down again, what about the crown chakra etc. I am sure you can see where my problem comes in since the animation does not show the chakras?
  3. What is "kutashta"; - I have never heard this term, it is confusing? Is it another name for ajna chakra?
  4. About using OM, I would obviously direct it mentally in the chakras and not actually vocalize it?

Thank you dear Hans in advance

Om Shanti Om


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved Chetan

it really would be best and for the spiritual benefit of ALL mankind !! if we all could keep off such speculative topics HERE on this site. this site should remain completely CLEAN of any misleading information. this site should be completely clean of even the smallest possibility of misleading information. PLEASE learn as soon as possible from the past, from organizations of any kind - religious, spiritual, political - and immediately apply what you have learned. learn by meditating - after having practices Kriya Yoga successfully and with infinite LOVE for a few thousand hours. the more time, efforts and energy you spend in asking, discussing and even arguing about such topics the longer it may finally take you to achieve Godunion.

When you remember your eternal responsibility for all you do
it is easier to understand why simple, humble and poor people can easier find their way to God
big projects create big mess and big karma
small project create small mess and small karma
small karma can easily be dissolved in one life time by one person - by YOU !

beware that all are eternally responsible for all they ever did or omitted to do. all - including we all here writing and ANSWERING need to be accept FULL AND ETERNAL RESPONSIBILITY for all and any information given here. be sure all your information distributed is coming but from God. confusing or misleading mankind is extremely hazardous and painful for those accepting misleading information. that is the reason why I do answer all and every question directly and why I keep all information limited to the ones needed for a successful and direct path of Love to God!!

remember that the only purpose of this site is to give the most direct possible guidance on the path of love to God. anything else is up to all others and may and can be done - but please use some of the many non-commercial and fully free sites for it. this domain - the cyberspace ashram - is hosted on a commercial site and I would like to make sure there is only spiritual most directly most helpful information on it - as this site is intended to be a gift to mankind.

hence it shall remain FREE of any discussions. just ABSOLUTE FACTS - that is the reason why I have no intend to publish any private stories about myself - it is useless and of no direct support to anyone.

here you find all the direct and precise teachings needed - for a successful path of love to God.

anyone - no matter what title he may give himself - that talks about the end of the world or creating fear of death or talk about "surviving" when following certain rules obviously NEVER have achieved Godunion in the present incarnation !!

Death is the door to God

death is the door to God - death is the door to Gods most divine world of Love. in every nirbikalpa samadhi anyone is going through this door of death - a most loving experience. again and again. death is the only door to God, as anyone wanting to merge with God needs to fully abandon his physical body BEFORE merging with God. this is described sufficiently in others scriptures and mentioned elsewhere on this site.

there is only ONE Babaji that should be mentioned directly with Kriya Yoga or as a co-source of Kriya Yoga. his overall spiritual being and love is explained sufficiently to all mankind in the autobiography of a yogi to allow ALL mankind to recognize the true from any other. again understand that the title babaji may rightfully be used by millions, just like millions may call themselves father or mother.

rather than discussing such topics - it would be highly advisable for all spiritual God-seekers to focus on APPLYING true dynamic, active love in more and more situations of daily love! it helps you - the God-seekers - as well as all the suffering ones on this planet more than million words.

Love is best practices in silence

only love helps, heals and frees.

talk prevents love.

thinking prevents love.

mind prevents love.

if you have any doubts about the last statements. here an unusual but very effective way to proof it to yourself: he next time your partner wants to make love with you - start talking, keep talking, about math, about physics, about medicine, about venereal diseases, about pregnancy, about politics, just keep talking continuously - and you surely experience:

IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE LOVE - impossible to have an orgasm - which finally is the same procedure as to achieve nirbikalpa samadhi, full ONENESS with God - becoming one - but while making love to a physical partner you become ONE with his lightbody - or at least with his astral body - this short oneness is the actual orgasm. when experiencing nirbikalpa samadhi you become ONE with God - an experience far beyond physical sex - but still the same procedure, just on a different level.

if you want to spiritually succeed - you need to actually practice LOVE.

when you like to experience above test - please do it only once in a lifetime - it may be a very painful experience for your partner who wants to be loved instead of blocked off with talk.

talking keeps people from loving. hence - writing as well.

so I stop here - and I will focus more on spiritual assistance rather than physical. it really is all written in all the chapters. all you or anyone needs for spiritual success on your path of Love to God. but to successfully achieve any goal you need to practice, practice all, practice exactly. and do it again and again - for the remainder of eternity or until you have achieved Godunion.

whenever you have any doubts - love and ask God. whenever you focus on love - the solution always can appear in your awareness. whenever you are filled with doubts, arguments, questions, these ill-making energies spread out into all particles of your body and occupy yourself more and more until you become illness in its true manifestation. just understand the principle of samyama and always apply it - in all and any situation of life.

Godunion NEVER can be achieved discussing, reading, writing, hesitating - but Godunion ALWAYS and VERY EASILY can be achieved LOVING. and if you add this infinite and eternal LOVING to Kriya Yoga - then you can achieve it even while having a physical body or lightbody on earth or anywhere else.

with Love and Divine Bliss


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

To all beloved souls - re Kriya Yoga


this is false or true - it is depending on the definitions of what is 2 and what is 4.

All details as really useful and needed for success are given to you online in the texts

all techniques directly pertaining to Kriya Yoga are explained in all necessary detail on the cyberspace Ashram's web site. including all definitions. by the definitions given on the web site of the cyberspace ashram all explanations are correct. however if you mix up different techniques from different levels, different initiations, different traditions, different sources, different books - you just create confusion within yourself and may substantially contribute to missing spiritual success within yourself and finally you may end up thinking about what is right or wrong while millions of practicing kriyabans may have reached God by following one single path given by one single Guru.

chakras are shown in exact detail on a skeleton in a graphic of this site !! hence there is NO NEED to show them again !!

it clearly is said / written that all information, all chapters of "on your wings of Love - on your way to God" as well as the other sections of the file are a firm part of the initiation. it could be considered wise to FIRST read all before starting with the practice of Kriya Yoga. kriya pranayama explained kriya yoga explained online

Kriya pranayama time frame for beginners - as shown in the animated graphics !

it also is clearly said and shown in the animation - the time frame for one single kriya pranayama is 30 to 60 seconds. for all beginners.

anyone will receive spiritual guidance - individually and efficiently - by the time it might be necessary to advance or modify or correct any part of the technique.

you start to include mental pranayama with your breathing when you are capable - for any duration of time - even hours !! to breath with only one or two breath per minute !! as the time frame remains the same and this given time frame may may continue so for several thousand hours of kriya pranayama.

counting 25 or 100 - you all are children of the divine - hence you are ALLOWED to be creative, to be innovative. to find ways of successfully and accurately count while fully concentrate on ALL ESSENTIALS - on kriya, on God, on Love and on the actual exercise. hence you also may use or even create your own mala - a chain of beads of any material, wood, nuts, anything suitable - that allows counting. malas have successfully been used in India and you may create your own one - just be creative in making solutions.

with Love and Divine Bliss


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

what is kutashta ?

the center of your spiritual eye and while being one within your physical body - also the entrance to and location of your soul

with love and divine bliss


Online - Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved souls

Accurate names for chakras to avoid confusion - Sanskrit names for chakras !

Practice of love is far more important than intellectual activities ABOUT love - stay focused on the practice of love.

if ever you want to use NON-Sanskrit names - then be aware that you restart to confusion already spread all over this planet.

on the page of the following linked chapter you find a skeleton with accurate location of chakra, with all traditional and correct names in Sanskrit.

PLEASE stay with these names. PLEASE.

the location is very accurately shown on this skeleton. the location of kutashta is shown in very detail in a different graphic with location of kutashta.

if you are using other terms and throwing these terms into this forum - then make sure YOU KNOW EXACTLY what you are writing about !

One of the reason for slow progress is too much distraction
with intellectual discussions or arguments of spiritual topics
rather than to focus on the real practice of spiritual techniques

I have neither defined the use of medulla nor medulla oblongata - as their is NO reason to use these additional terms - however these are two totally different things and while one of you is talking about medulla the other one is talking about medulla but meaning medulla oblongata !! hence the easiest way is to stay with the terminology as defined and shown in the various graphics. it is so simple to create confusion - and it may cost you incarnations or at least many thousands or ten thousands of dollars of publishing and meditation to dissolve any confusion in love again kriya yoga and kriya pranayama explained online in detail !! this is FAR more than necessary and is just given for additional information and your convenience. information published should really be limited to any information really needed for direct and straight spiritual success of the path of love to God. later all of you may know more and more through the achievement of deep meditation - right now it is necessary to agree to a set of clear terms used - the only language useful therefore is Sanskrit and it can easily be expected from any and every God-seeker to learn these few Sanskrit words and use only these very old and very precise words. it helps to keep all information on this planet short and as clear as possible.

if however you want - just for your non-spiritual private use and pleasure know about where medulla and medulla oblongata is - then you may study anatomy of the head in a scientific medical book - but just for your private pleasure and absolutely empty of any spiritual use - or you may practice several Kriyas and end one with God a few months earlier .... up to you practice of exact kriya yoga techniques leat to exact results - oneness with God Myself I preferred always the second direct method when I started again many years back !! it helped me infinitely.

Talking about spirituality never brings you to God
- but practicing God's love in your daily life
and practicing proper Kriya Yoga surely does

now you can read how many years it may take to achieve Godunion - approximately 4 to 30 years - why that span ?? you are the proof and the answer - some of the cyberspace ashram readers are practicing while others read, write, ask, discuss, rediscuss, ask more -- while others may be shortly before reaching Godunion already some may still be preparing for the very first session of real intense and love-flooded Kriya Yoga. hence 4 to 30 years for any God-seekers - but for all those who keep on asking, writing, discussing, arguing, doubting - these beloved souls may still do so next incarnation and the one after or even later - it is the true, sincere and loving practice that constitutes the only key to success. keep your brain as empty as possible - the less burden of data and knowledge you carry along - the more easily you may love and the less you may have to drop before being free for absolute knowledge flowing into you later on. here on earth the single most important question to all and any God-seeker should be: HOW CAN I GET IN LOVE AND PEACEFULLY OUT OF THIS BODY, OUT OF THE CYCLE OF REINCARNATION - BACK TO MY DIVINE HOME IN GOD ?!

also you will never find a name like crown chakra in my definitions - such names do contribute to the widespread confusion. Sahasraram chakra is very precisely shown on the skeleton and also sufficiently described in some chapter. crown chakra is sometimes used as a name for the Sahasrara chakra.

make sure you understand that you can actually and extremely successfully practice Kriya Yoga and kriya pranayama without any knowledge or names of chakras - as long as you practice all exercises with the proper attitude !!

Avoid mixing different teachings from different source to avoid confusion within YOURSELF

again - stay with all definitions set up by a single set of scriptures. all traditional spiritual scriptures do use the Sanskrit terminology. it helps to use one and the same words and definitions within your own path to God. remember that all and any word or terminology used on this planet is relative. just see how different people and cultures on this small planet have hundreds or thousands of totally different words for one and the same thing. how many different words would you expect for the same in God's entire creation of all physical universes, astral universes and causal universes ???

Doing fewer things correctly is better than doing many things messed up

so for the benefit of pure and direct spiritual progress we should finally agree on - using / learning only really needed information that directly contributes to your spiritual progress - that helps to keep your mind clear at all times - that eases communication about an important topic with others whenever needed - to use as little information as truly needed.

sometimes it is far better to know little - but precisely and exactly what you really need - than to have a huge mess of accumulated data without ever knowing how and when to properly use this knowledge. there are plenty of nice

examples of these last opportunities on this planet. in my childhood I can remember to have been forced to learn plenty of rubbish data - totally useless for me up to and beyond the day I have achieved my first nirbikalpa samadhi. most of what you learn in job training or at schools is just to please teachers and politicians and of little or no use to real life situations at all. so let's limit at least on this site all information to practically useful knowledge to better understand God's creation and the metaphysical physiology as far as you really need to learn it to better understand why things sometimes can go "wrong" and why things are the way they are. main focus for information provided here however is to give you ALL - nothing MORE and nothing LESS - you really need to successfully go your path of love to God up to the final Godunion - in love - with love !

Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama - Kriya Yoga explained. - mantra OM into chakra

beloved Peter

Mantram OM into chakras

if you failed to see the chakras - it simply means you may have failed to read the chapter showing the chakras - which in turn may proof that you may lack a little patience - the patience to FIRST read ALL preparatory instruction - and then practice. better start a few weeks later but then totally correct that too early and false. it is called mental Pranayama because I really meant OM to be mentally directed into each chakra -

usually you are extremely safe whenever you assume that I mean it the way I wrote it kriya yoga teachings explained online kriya pranayama and teachings of love explained online kriya yoga teachings online !!

online teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama - Kriya Yoga explained.

beloved Chetan

Only accurate performance of Kriya Yoga brings accurate results

words are as relative as all matter on earth - therefore we all should agree on a firm and final set of definitions - and based on these firm and final definitions all further explanations are built up. language is needed only where souls have an EXTREME ego - without ego communication takes place in a infinitely more efficient and precise way.

the terms I used are the terminology used by Gurudeva as well. they are correct to that point as they lead to guaranteed success - if you practice ALL described exercises of this site intensely, with infinite love and continuously until you reach Godunion in love. during present incarnation it took this body only 5 years - 5 pleasant - loving - but extremely intense spiritual years - free, absolutely FREE of any discussions on my side - just LOVE and practice day after day - with increased success and refining love. all guidance came at the right time - on a purely spiritual level - all spiritual guidance is WAITING ON YOU - waiting on a spiritual level. all physical instruction is plentiful to reach the point where you very easily become fully aware of any and all spiritual guidance !! this is valid for all and any God-seeker. God is waiting with infinite love for your first call beyond words.

how can a guitar player concentrate on his left hand and at the same time on his right hand - more even - he is concentrating on every of his ten finger - all at the same time .... one of my beloved daughter does so too ... HOW ? she learned it within some time until she managed to do it properly. you can do the same - if you drop and dissolve in love any of your self-made limitations. how can God take care of ALL his creation - all at the same time - talk to all at the same time - help all at the same time - answers billions to the power of billions of questions - all at the same time ... heal billions of beings of all kind - all at the same time - one day you may feel - truly experience - that GOD is giving you each breath himself - to all mankind - all inspiration and expiration is done by God - many have experienced such - of course myself too - how can he do all this at the same time ??

God is omnipotent - meaning having infinite power and capabilities - YOU - as well as we all - are made to the image of GOD - learn to feel and behave as such and you will experience that ALL present or past limitations have been created by mankind itself - all limitations are just a mass-hypnosis. any hypnosis can easily be dissolve, by divine power of will - YOUR WILL POWER in combination with divine love.

on the page with the title How to use the information about diksha given to you by God" - you read: ".... exactly in the sequence and the number of repetitions as described in all appropriate chapters and as outlined on the page outlining diksha." again - I mean it exactly as it is written ! if ever you have any doubts about the meaning of any important word, you may clear any such doubt by using any common dictionary such as Webster, Cassels, or other common collections of definitions. however in consideration of the fact that the readers of the Cyberspace Ashram are coming from some 100+ countries worldwide - I have used only clear and commonly used / known words to describe all in all and every important descriptions. you always are safe to assume that I mean it precisely as it is written and as per common definition of the words used.

with love and divine bliss


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