Is it necessary to get married and have children on the path to God-realization

From Sunil

Beloved Hansji,

Pranam, Please I need some help.

Is it necessary to get married and have children on the path to God-realization.

I am 33 years old and single, left my family business recently to be in harmony, cause business is more of taking than giving. All my relatives and friends are troubling me as to what you are going to do for a living, I told them that I will pick up a job. I am trying my best to live in the NOW, I am a child of God and believe he will do the best for me, some how they do not understand this.

am I wrong in believing so, please advice.


your Sunil

God is Love

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All are children of God - single or married and all can find their way home to God

beloved Sunil

of course a single can find his way to God as well as a married person, a male as well as a female, all are beloved children of God, all have absolutely the same chance and possibilities as well as the same potential power to realize Godunion !!!

peace of mind and purity of love toward all is the single most important factor that counts.

if you prefer to stay single - you may have a greater family than a person being married and having several children - you may have the entire planet as your family. loving all and caring for all.

God made male and female to love each other and compliment each other

Hence human may find themselves single without truly loving partner for various spiritual reasons, but normally each man is made to have a woman as partner for life and each woman is made to have a man as partner for life.

some people do remain single because they either reject their own sexual role or the one from the opposite gender. this may slow their way to God-realization. all those who really and truly are in peace with all women and men, with their own sexual role as well as the opposite one, will have equal chances being married, as a single of just living with a partner in love.

love makes all the difference - nothing but love

with love and divine bliss


God is Love

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