When you invite God to be present in your life, then God will be present

Sunil Gupta

my beloved Hansji,

I love you, read, reread and still keep reading your mails, every time I get something new. I am passing through a very delicate phase of my life, at times I am on the verge of breaking. guess it is my love and desire to feel the same quality of love that you and the lord feel that has kept me going. it is so lonely, not in the sense of company but in the sense of understanding, nobody understands what one is going through.

therefore I ask my divine father that is you and the lord to be with me and put me on the other side. could you visit me in your light body but I should be able to see you, this will give me all the confidence and solace. I put this request in love and my love for you.

love you,



I had written this mail on the 16th of this month but had not posted it properly. But since that day life has transformed, I am full of confidence and grace, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and soul for showering such grace and wisdom, I only now wish that someday I may be able to put my head on your lotus feet and kiss them.

Invite God into your life to accompany and guide you home - with love.

Life is sweeter with God besides you and with you all the time

God is also present physically through your partner

beloved Sunil

all you need is to practice regularly your Kriya Yoga and improve overall spiritual progress then you will start to feel ONE with all one day.

visiting you in a lightbody will seldom satisfy - because you have a physical body and are starving for lots of affection - hence you may need a partner and I am sure there is a charming lady in India waiting just for you to team up with you on your path of love to God.

Love from others is attracted by your love for others

while it may be more difficult for spiritual persons to find partners you may start to feel in union with all God-seekers all over the planet - the more you succeed the more you will feel the omnipresent assistance of God and thousands of divine beings helping this planet and all creation.

when you want me to visit you - it is up to you to learn to see a light body - but how much does seeing or feeling a light body help you spiritually ?? look how much it helps you to SEE chocolate or curry ?? and how much different it is to actually eat, smell or taste it.

all your prayers shall be received and fulfilled by God - also the one about the visit. open your heart and practice Kriya Yoga and you shall receive all you need on your path of love to God. pray to God and God will make all your wishes come true. anything that serves to improve true spiritual progress shall always become realized whenever your heart calls in love.

the more you listen inward for the divine and for all divine bliss and love - the more you will feel what ALWAYS has been in and around you - GOD - and all divine souls serving God's entire creation. You felt separated - but NEVER have actually been separated. the more you think or talk - the more you may slide into separation again - the more you love and feel - the more ONE you feel with ALL !!

with love and divine bliss


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