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Beloved souls

Welcome to the Cyberspace Ashram's spiritual forum - spiritual FAQ - before sending any further spiritual questions, PLEASE be sure that you have been reading all chapters and sections of the entire Cyberspace Ashram carefully. Additional questions may then be posted directly by you in one of the current forums for spiritual questions depending on your precise topic of question select the one most appropriate.

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Please note that all explanations and clarifications about Kriya Yoga must be read and understood as an ADDITION to the formal online diksha given on the proper diksha-page of the Cyberspace Ashram !

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Please note that all truly important topics for the most direct and most efficient path of love to God have been covered in all available texts of this site - but you may expect some new chapters or additional spiritual newsletters or microletters for additional topics and situations of life to give you as many solutions of love as possible on YOUR path to God. These chapters may be published in the coming months and years. If you are missing a spiritually important topic, then please let me know by eMail - I will be glad to write it JUST FOR YOU and publish it here in the Cyberspace Ashram to share it with ALL !!

Love and Bliss


For all situations and problems in life, there always is a solution of Love, as all life is created and maintained by the source of all Love - by God.

It is however part of your God given freedom to make your own choice - Love or fight. Happiness or illness.

Love creates happiness and health - the absence or the reduction of free flow of Divine Love within all leads to illness.

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