Guru needs to be strict to avoid ego-games - but always loving

Any Guru has his lifetime filled with lots to do
no time for sweet talk, hence need for direct and efficient lessons !

From Prasad:

Dear beloved hans

I am very much pleased by your spiritual newsletter. It gives me a deep introspection. A look inside me myself.I had always been trying to achieve peace of mind by consoling myself. getting up and restarting again and again. But I have been a failure on most of occasions. Don't know why. It's true that I have been trying to fulfill expectations of others my family parents friends relatives and completely neglecting my self and my goals and thinking.I have tried to do things as been done earlier by others. I am not able to open myself my feelings my thinking to any body. not even my big brother who I think is a very Godly person . a very matured person in all respect. spiritual and personal. we have a Guru . A very strict person I have ever seen. he have the powers spiritual. I am not able to open my problems with him also. I had always tried to do what he had said. I use to do prayers for long hours as per his instructions. but while doing it I use to think of something else college home friends and many more. then I started thinking of death and birth and rebirth. of why God has made this earth and why we all are made to suffer on this earth. Cant' we make heaven on this beautiful earth. Still I am not able to concentrate on my work. my thinking on practical basis was completely stopped. I use to get very angry with that guru for not asking me. and the way he use to get angry. my parents would to oppose me to go to that guru. I would not able to know what to do. now I am trying to be very stable mentally and keep healthy my self. I will be getting married in 2 - 3 months and I do not want much problems in my married life. me fiancee is very emotional and good one. I love her very much. I have realized that I should lead my own life and not expect others to help or guide. But still am not finding the path for it. When ever I try to do any good things for myself I leave it in half of thinking what others will say. but still try to console myself. last time I had discussed my big problem with you. I have also tried to control my self with the help of guru but unsuccessful. now I want to leave a happy married life with my my family and only near one friends.

please give me some more moral support

eagerly waiting for your reply


God is Love
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Focus on and improve direct loving human relationships

Your Guru should be more than your best friend - eternally !

Beloved Prasad

your problem is a very typical problem among people in India. difficulties in opening for others. I have spent my past several incarnations in India and even grew up that way in Switzerland. as a child or later on I had extreme difficulties in opening myself toward others for many years. also I had difficulties in talking to others. some would say that I could have been introverted - concentrating toward my own inside. but it definitely was rather a missing opening toward all others. missing opening toward all others surrounding you also separates you from the divine. that is the reason it is of extreme importance to love all mankind, all creatures made by God - on earth and beyond. as a result for this open love toward all you automatically are more and more opening for God, because the ever increasing love is dissolving anything ever separating your consciousness from God.

Starving to death for hunger of love

Open your heart for your neighbors - these too are children of God - to proof your love for God

if you look at Indians, extremely seldom if at all you see people hugging each others in public or anywhere else at all. few or no physical signs of love are manifested toward others. few or no friends that hug each others when meeting or parting. among the Indian population there is a very deep blockage in their behavior. Indian people are very strong in praying to God, devoting all their love to God, chanting many hours Mantras .... it certainly is one of the most spiritual cultures on this planet and I love it so much that I have been there one more times (1997/98) for 6 months teaching.

Instead of bowing to statues of stone
- bow to humans

instead of loving and praying to statues - pray to God
and proof your love for God by sharing with and helping all your people

but they forgot that all other people around them in India are children of the divine and need affection, love, tenderness, caressing, .... these beloved children forgot one of the single most substantial lessons. to see God in all other persons and all other parts of the entire manifested creation and to love God as well by loving his other children, as they all are a manifestation of the divine.

however the other problem you mention is totally different and extremely serious. Failing to open toward you guru and your brother.

any person who really loves, can love you so much that you are 100% confident in his love and trust him fully. to your very guru you should be able to talk about everything, because if he really is a God-realized guru, God loves you, even if you just come from killing any other person. God loves all of his children. whatever they are doing he loves them. God can but love. realize the divine power of this single sentence:

God solves all problems in love

God can but love

God is love

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

A God-realized Guru is to the image of God with equal love for as God has for you

With God you can talk about all - with a true Guru as well - else he proofs to lack God-realization !!!

any guru should be exactly the same as God. no matter what kind of problems you may have, your guru should be your very best physical friend on this planet, for the rest of this incarnation and beyond - until you have reached full and final God-union and God becomes your direct guru. then your present true guru will be a beloved friend for eternity and God will be your only guru. your guru's mission is to guide you home, on a cloud of divine love, to protect you from your ego and from your karma when ever you accept his guidance and his love. your gurus love should help you dissolving all blockages, all karma and uplift you again and again. such as it is described in some scriptures about my beloved Gurudeva.

If you have difficulties opening for your Guru
he may be the wrong one for you
or you may have failed to enter a true Love romance with him !

if you have difficulties in opening fully to your guru, then may be he has difficulties in physically manifesting his true love toward you while you still may have karma and ego. a guru never should be angry for any reason, a guru only can love. he may be strict in guiding you home, but whatever he does or says - even when being very serious, he should let you feel and assure you that he really is loving you from the depth of his heart. someone who gets angry never can be a guru. he needs to improve and learn, to further progress on his path. even when having reached God-realization in nirbikalpa samadhi, the physical body still needs cultivation, purification and refinement, until the physical body, all brain cell, the entire nervous system is a perfect reflection and manifestation of the divine.

Here on earth will never be heaven - our eternal home will be in another world - with God

it never has been God's intention to have heaven on earth. because earth is but a playground for his children while spiritually growing up and learning to fully realize their divine potential. one day in the far, far future, earth and any other physical planet will dissolve in love and all mankind will have been moving forward by that time. by the divine power of physical laws well known to all scientists, all matter is slowly dissolving, changing its physical condition or state. however no matter can get lost, because everything is energy, hence matter or energy just gets transformed from one state to another higher one.

Our planet is a meeting place for different cultures and egos and a spiritual "school house"

this earth is a wonderful chance for billions of souls again and again. because it is a meeting point of many cultures. look at all the different countries, cultures, religions, they are but a reflection of different astral universes. and people here are but visitors from these other universes. visitors here on earth to get some substantial input, to get some creative input to enable themselves to revise some of their attitudes. because many of us on earth are somehow stuck in a dead-end road on our spiritual path. look for example at some of the extremist religious or "spiritual" groups on earth. meeting others from other cultures may give us all a chance to revise our attitude, to get some feedback, some new orientation and hopefully to make some necessary changes within to further progress.

Our present is the result of previous actions / decisions or omissions of actions / decisions

whatever happens to us is the result of OUR previous decisions or omissions to make such decisions ON TIME. but it is our freedom to make or omit decisions. because we are made to the image of God, thus we are free to do whatever we want.

but who of us really does what he wants. how few persons on earth are really living their God given freedom. less than a few percent at present times are actually living, realizing their God given freedom. no one has lost his freedom to others, all have just either given control of their own freedom to others or just forget to accept this freedom and start to make wise use of it.

think and meditate about freedom and you may get tears in your eyes when you fully understand HOW MUCH LOVE it really needs to do but LOVE you all. to give you ALL FREEDOM - let you do whatever you want and do.

Managing or governing others is the opposite of loving

managing or governing others is the opposite of loving. it is the absence of real power. real divine love makes really mighty because love is the single most powerful energy in God's entire creation. suppressing others is a proof of real weakness, of the absence of love and power, only the weak wants to govern, to direct, to manage others, the real strong can give all freedom to all - any time !!

God knows about his divine power of true love - hence he knows that there is absolutely no need for any rules, laws, restrictions. because his divine love is guiding you out of any situation, the fastest and shortest possible way. freedom is the fertile soil for love to grow in all mankind. hence it is necessary to realize and re-establish this condition of living with absolute freedom for all and it is necessary for all mankind to really make use of this freedom all the time and in all situations of life - family life, recreational activities and in business as well.

Freedom can only be used with love and wisdom
if we miss one or both - we create karma and need to learn to love first.

while using this freedom in many different ways, we all become more and more wise. without freedom no experiences. without experiences no wisdom. because wisdom needs love and experiences. wisdom is the result of a large series of experiences having been dissolved in love and resulting in a deeper understanding of all from the absolute and loving point of divine view. the experience to have gone through the entire spectrum of the divine creation - from heaven to hell and back sometimes if necessary. it assures any soul that God is every where, any time. it makes people realize that God's love is filling every particle of his creation and all is but a huge theater, a huge movie created for teaching us how to handle the full spectrum of possible vibrations, energies, thoughts, emotions within ourselves.

You create your own future in your present time by your actions and thoughts

remember that YOU create your own future at present times. if you wish a peaceful marriage and family life, be ready to dissolve all and any "problems" and situations in divine love. to ask God any times to help you and to gain real confidence in the divine and omnipotent POWER of God's LOVE. love is the solution to everything. if you allow love to work within you and around you. if love is the carrier - frequency of any thought, emotion and action you ever perform. of course your wife also needs to agree to perform all her life in love - nothing but love. make sure you both agree fully on this very important spiritual topic of your life - it may save you a later divorce. if both really agree on a true spiritual goal - any partnership can and will last for any time needed and wanted by both partners involved - by both souls involved. true divine love will solve any upcoming dispute before it even really manifests. any cloud coming up in a partnership can be dissolved in true divine love - if both partners agree and can ask God for divine love, bliss and help in "good" times as well as in "bad" times.

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

When your mind jumps like frogs during meditation - then you need to clean up your life first !

In a clean life with all problems solved
no kechari mudra needed as peaceful silence is established on the basis of love

thinking of some other situations while attempting to meditate may certainly be a proof that some parts of your present life need a change. that there are situations of your present life that deep within you may disagree or dislike. may be just because you were used to do some things to meet the expectations of others rather than to fulfill your own soul's spirituals need. being absent in your mind from the physical location means that you want to flee the situation that your physical being has created or is involved in.

If you follow the truly spiritual needs of your innermost being
then you achieve oneness and peace in God

devote all your life to the spiritual needs of your soul. this is always in harmony with the spiritual needs of other's soul - because all souls have but one single goal - God-UNION ! to return home to God. love is all we are looking for in our incarnations. but we have been looking in wrong places or the wrong way. but love acts as a huge magnetic power - attracting us and uplifting us continuously until we fully merge with God for eternity.

Never control your karma - solve it - after cleaning up your mess, self-control is easy

karma is causing mind to jump like frogs or grasshoppers - karma is like horses, elephants, cats, dogs, buffaloes, lions and camels pulling one and the same cart at the same time - all fearing and fighting each other and pulling with different intensity into different direction - hence focus on goal and achieving goal fails !

Thus ..
Karma needs to be solved, problems dissolved in love, wars turned into friendships, hate into flowing love then peace of mind occurs, hence neither spiritual tranquilizer such as kechari mudra needed nor problems in achieving inner peace needed for clear conscious communication with God.

self-control is important but the single most effective way to perform this is to concentrate on love, particularly whenever any emotional turmoil seems to come up. remember the principle of samyama, as described in one of my chapters. whatever you focus your attention on is filling your consciousness, your body, your aura, all of you. if concentrating on God, on love, then YOU ARE BECOMING A BEING OF LOVE. every word, every emotion, every action coming out of you can then be but LOVE.

I love you - from the depth of my heart and soul - and so does God

with divine love and bliss

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.


God is Love

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