Homosexuality men and women - gay and lesbian

Learn to look open at the root cause and face any problem before it can be healed and solved

When you want to suppress a problem or keep it secret - it means you miss the courage to openly face it and also face possible causes and pains the were leading to a problem.

Hence one of the first step if ever a problem occurs in life is the readiness to discuss it in open with a truly loving person open for God as well - look in a neutral attitude at all facts and aspects of a situation and condition and be ready to face the fact that you and only you may have caused all disaster in your life - as a result of your missing love and missing God realization and lack of enlightenment as a result of lack of spiritual development.

Truly spiritual persons / souls easily can survive even the single most disastrous situation where ever in God's creation - as a truly spiritual person always is open for God to be healed and relieved BY GOD at any given time - again and again.

About homosexuality - confidential or open in public ?

The following question is typical for many users of my FAQ section and at the same time shows a root cause to many problems at all:

Ashok Vellappallil

Dear Hans,

I thank you for sending me the beautiful newsletters.

I have a question which is confidential and would like to know whether I could ask you through email. Would it be confidential ?

I would appreciate if you could let me have your suggestion.

Thanks and regards and lots of love.

Ashok Vellappallil

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved soul

the confidentiality of your question or the topic of your question is what causes you problems. no problem, no situation ever can cause any discomfort as long as you really face it and accept it, accepting a situation is necessary in order to dissolve the very situation in love. Dissolve in love is what God does, how could I ever do anything different from God ?

if you learn to discuss anything in public, then you have learned to really learn and spiritually progress on your way to God. your have learned to admit your present situation and to accept any necessary changes to succeed.

BILLIONS of people - the entire planet and far more !!!!!!!!!!! are NOW - TODAY - THESE SECONDS - touched by the energy of your problem and the problem needs to be dissolved, the question to be answered. why shall all those who have been affected by your problems never know and learn about. your asking in public helps others to become more open minded and open hearted as well and it allows them to send you love and pray for you.

so only ask questions that are important enough to be answered, only work on problems that are worth enough to be solved.

this however is worthwhile being done all together - as a spiritual family - open for the love and bliss of all.

please feel free to use the new spiritual FAQ services and ask whatever really needs to be solved and answered - it is my an important part of my life to help all those really looking for help.

with love and bliss


Ashok Vellappallil

Dear Hans,

With great effort and gut I am trying to ask this question pertaining to my sexual orientation. I am married,recently. Since the age of 17 I had a liking for men and it continues even now. I do not get attracted towards women and it is causing me lot of guilt,shame and energy loss.

i love my wife though more than sexual interest I respect females.

I like to be one with God and want to realize myself so that I can lead a peaceful path towards my career and self realization. It is so much suffocating to control this urge though I do control. at times it is too much for me and I have never discussed with this anyone. Do u think I need Psychiatric help ?

Please bless me and help me out of this.

Expecting your advise.

Love and Prayers.


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved Ashok

with great love will I be at your service to help you. please be aware that your problem is common to more than hundred million people - male and female - on this planet.

the very first and single most important point to always keep in mind and realize is:

homosexuality in males or females (lesbian) is a energetic disorder caused by a traumatic experience in the past. this may be a past incarnation or very early childhood. all problems ALL and any - may be dissolved through serious and straight forward spiritual progress and divine love.

it may take a long way, long meaning many pages of writing - in both directions - and lots of changes within you, including getting in peace with yourself as a men (male) and with your mother and father as husband / wife and the role of any female around you in the present and past. a total reconciliation

we may go through tears and pain, through storms toward love. you surely will solve any and all problems and you will be free to be one with the divine goal of your life.

are you ready for that journey ? ?

if so please first read the chapter on kundalini shakti on this web site, as well as the chapter about spiritual laws, particularly the part about sexuality. in addition also read all the remaining chapters, all this entire web site

!! :-)))

I really mean it so - to be ready and understand all the very basics before going into the remaining details.

in the mean time I may write a full chapter on sexuality on your way to God, that will be published on the Cyberspace Ashram.

love on your path to self realization will dissolve any problem existing in your present as love can heal all.

with love and divine bliss



your post has been moved to the topic-section where it belongs. please post all in this new section as on your way to healing and self realization many others may follow the same path to love along with us. thank you for your love toward all others who need the same kind of help and advice as you do.

Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

I feel so much relieved that I could convey my feelings. I honestly wish to be one with God and lead a peaceful happy life recognizing the masculinity. Please tell me how could I control my desire towards same sex and divert my desire towards God and maintain the responsibility of a house holder.

Whenever the thought of attraction comes I try to chant and concentrate though I am not successful. I feel so miserable with this loss of energy.

I read your site about Kundalini Shakti and wish to know how could I get initiated ? Could you do initiation for me ?

I often get vivid dreams of people and places. Also many times I have seen Gods and Goddesses in my dream. Back home we have a small temple of our own where in I used to do the Poojas (Rituals)along with my late elder brother and late Daddy. I often see that idol coming alive talking to me.

I see some saints also in my dream. After the dream I start thinking about the meaning though I do not get it. Sometimes my intuition really works but now a days it does not. For the last 2 years I was finding it so hard to get a job and when I did get it I could not even take it due to fear(unknown to me).

Fortunately I have had Masters education couple of years of experience,international exposure. Even then getting a job was difficult. few months ago even to go out of house was difficult for me.

Then I realized I had thyroid problem and started taking medicine. For the last 4 months I was taking anti-depressants and last week I stopped it though I feel uncomfortable.

Since sept I am working though I make hardly 900.00 Can$ per month. I am happy at my job and try my best to send love to everyone.

I was fortunate here in Canada to come across some wonderful people with whom I have been staying for the last 1 year like a family member. I do not pay them anything,though I try to co operate in all house hold activities. At times I feel so much uncomfortable in receiving and I feel suffocated because I have some liabilities back home which I may not be able to meet with with this salary. At work I do not get enough hours. I am trying to find some other jobs also where in I can make little more. It is not greed but I need to clear my debts and fulfill certain responsibilities towards my mother,sister and wife. Money plays an important role here.

Please pray on my behalf to Almighty to show me some way to clear my debts,which is about 25'000.00 Canadian dollars.

I am ready to devote myself to work and I am honest.

I like to give and to give I need to have. Today I was trying to send some money back to India to Shivananda Ashram, but could not get it done in U.S dollars as the exchange rate was high. I came home and few minutes earlier a person came to my door asking for donation to feed the hungry children. I gave a check for just 18 dollars and thought probably God has sent someone since I wanted to donate today.

Dear Hans, so much of problems at sexual life and emotional plane as well,how can I attain salvation ?

People call me for family get together. I do not like to go and as far as possible I avoid it. Is it bad ? If so how can I change that. At parties I feel uncomfortable though I am very sociable at work and home.

How can I develop a habit of donation to the needy and how much I should.

I have asked too many questions and may the Beloved souls who might as well read this could send me the love and blessings.

Lots of love to one and all. Please bless me and forgive me for my defects.



Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved soul

homosexuality is no defect at all, it may rather be considered the manifestation of an accident, a harm done or received by you by seeing or experiencing something in your past from wrong relative perspective of God-separated awareness and consciousness.

now - this weekend - I am almost full time busy giving diksha (initiation) for kriya yoga. after I will take all time in writing the chapters needed including sexuality on your way to God. since it will answer most of your questions as well as be the basis of all future questions that still may be open. I will give all the love necessary to allow you to reach your divine goal and pray for you. keep praying for divine assistance from God directly, rather than praying to deities. praying to God,the source of all sources, creator of all creators, the divine and infinite within and behind everything is the solution to all situations !!

please publish your full address and your bank account so people from anywhere can help you as soon as they have some money they want to share with you. some may have some money now these seconds to share and be willing to send it to your - just for love - nothing but love.

in the meantime I will focus on writing to help your the spiritual level to realize the spiritual solution for you and all others having same or similar problems, and there are hundreds of millions having such on this planet.

with divine love and bliss


Ashok Vellappallil

Respected Master,

May God bless you every moment so that you are able to bless so many like me. I look forward to knowing more about homosexuality and how could I get over it.

I read that it is essential to have a Guru who could offer initiation which is a must. How could I get a Guru.

What would be your opinion if I request you whether you could initiate me ? If possible I am even ready to come over to your place of convenience.

I feel hesitant to ask but I am trying to remove whatever limitations in me so as to be in a position to accept unconditional love.

May God bless everyone.

Lots of love


Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved child of the divine

you post on many threads, I answer in one here for all your posts.

help is underway if you open for any kind of help God offers you. in the meantime I have some helpful and preparatory homework for you. it is two fold:

1. please write a detailed report of all your experiences and feeling you had in very earliest childhood until now with both of your parents, mother and father. how has your mother been to you and how your father.

please write a detailed report of all emotions, experiences and all situations you ever witnessed between your father and your mother. only those happenings between the two, as husband and wife, as male and female.

after I tell you why and you will understand. now just be as precise and true - true and neutral to you and all involved. the second part should be from a neutral point of you. rather than as a son !!

also keep reading through all the pages of this website. there are many - including the pages "for meditation" with approx. 30 chapters. :-))) you learn to understand by reading all this.

with divine love and bliss


Ashok Vellappallil

Divine Master,

Tears roll down as I go through your messages and sincere thanks for loving me.

Do I understand correctly that I could post my childhood experiences through this post ?

I love all and please keep blessing me.

Love and prayers


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