Friendship and relationship with the opposite sex

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Communication and relationship with opposite sex only is difficult when your ego prevails and love is last or near last priority.

A truly spiritual person never encounters difficulties with true love relationship - a truly spiritual enjoys such divine gift and loves what God has made to create lasting happiness.

If however your first and only priority truly is God - then your first priority also must include Love.God is Love - rejecting or avoiding opposite sex means rejecting half of God's creation. It also means rejecting the essentially greatest gift God has offered to you - your true and eternal partner - made by God to join you for eternity and to share all with you for eternity.

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

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From Navin Natarajan:

Dear Hans,

I have been practicing yoga for several years now and I am making a slow but steady progress in developing a closer and personal relationship with God. Recently I met a girl who is interested in me. I have developed some feelings for her and find myself more and more attracted to her. The problem is my mind. I have noticed how my mind has become more restless and difficult to control these past few days. Throughout the day my mind wanders and I end up thinking of her and how I can meet and impress her. She in not spiritually inclined and has habits of drinking and enjoys going to clubs ( which I don't, since it is harmful for sadhana). I feel confused because a part of me wants to be with her but then the other part knows that it will end up hurting my peace of mind and spirituality. I don't know if I should break this "relationship" before it proceeds any further and hurts my sadhana more. And I don't know whether there is "love" or just lust in this relationship (although there is no physical relationship between us). Also there is a pressure from all my friends who make me feel like this is a great opportunity which must not be missed. Please help me realize the Truth and to see the path to true happiness. Thank You for your love which is given to all of us.

With Love


As long as you want to impress the opposite sex you proof to be ego

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

To impress others is ego game - true love never impresses !
True love heals, frees and makes happy.

Beloved Navin

your present situation is a very typical one for many. however since you are on your spiritual path to God, it will be much easier for you as for anyone else.

you write yourself, that you think of meet and impress her. to impress is however the opposite of love, it is a manifestation of the ego. true love always makes free. both persons in a relationship of pure divine love are free and should always remain free - anything else is the game of two egos.

you certainly are aware of it that's why you consider ending this relationship before it actually starts. now let me clearly point out, the sooner you end this relationship, the easier it will be. also note that from the absolute point of view of divine love there is no must of going alone your way to are free, even free to make "mistakes" if you really want to experience any particular situation and are ready to pay for all karma involved.

even if you decide to follow the attraction of your two egos, that develop such magnetism, you can do so for any given time and free yourself afterward. this however may cause a loss of time and energy on your path to Godrealization. the longer you wait the more intense your spiritual efforts may need to be to free you. but anytime you may get free again if this is truly what you want.

Jumping mind is caused by lack of love within you - by unsolved karma and unfinished spiritual lessons

True love and truly love relationship always creates an uplifting inner condition and environment !

if you feel that truly and honestly peace of mind and spiritual progress on your way home is really important to you, you may give any such tormenting energy to God. yes give it simply to God. as this divine daughter is a daughter of him - a divine child of God and he will take care of her with his infinite love.this divine daughter of him has no right to do anything against your will, or to cause any spiritual distraction or karma with you if you want to stay in peace and be left alone. in latter situation, God will absorb any energy coming from her as it is his will and desire to protect anyone from any karma or suffering

how to give any attraction, distraction or any disturbing emotion, thoughts or energy, including addiction, to God, this is quite simple and easy. it can be done by anyone and I will explain you. it is a 2 step procedure and if you follow the two steps, step by step, you always succeed 100% !!

step number 1 - make a clear positive and strong affirmation

you must be truly and sincerely aware of the fact that this may be a disturbing situation or relationship for your single most important goal - God. if you can clearly and positively affirm: YES all I want in my life is God-realization, God-union and eternal freedom in God, then you are sure to have all the support of the divine lover and you will find yourself with a clear and precise position or must be able to say from the very depth of your heart: I really want to dissolve this entire situation in love and find peace and freedom from it.

step number 2 - surrender to God from the depth of your heart

with this firm and clear decision of your first step, you sit down or lye down and pray deeply to God, no words, just your silent attitude of devotion, of love for God and all, then you imagine that all the energies inside your light body, your mind, your aura that somehow are related to the particular situation, in this case the girl, including any related karma from any previous incarnation or past time will now start to flow to God. this is done through the sahasraram chakra - on top of your head - this is the door to God and this door is used to devote anything to God that you want give to God from the depth of your heart and soul. do it and you see it absolutely works. you can give anything to God that you want God to remove from you. anything that bothers you or disturbs your free choice or your peace of mind. just be aware that there is a part in that girl that acts magnetic with another part in your aura. if you give your part to God, all the magnetic power is dissolved and gone. keep focusing on God and other spiritual topics of interest. for example reading a truly spiritual book like the autobiography of a yogi or similar keeps you focused on divine energy and further helps you to purify and clean you.}

these are the two steps. they always work, provided

  1. you first made a firm, positive and clear decision about your priorities. use positive words, avoid any negations. that means your positive affirmation must be free of any name, idea or description of the object you want to give to God.just let it flow, let all divine light coming from God, flow through you until all your part that cause your disturbances have been dissolved in divine love from God.
  2. you must take enough time to allow all pertaining energies to flow completely out of your aura. this is a question of practice. with advanced practice it can even be done within less than a few seconds. at the beginning it is better you allow several minutes or more. but first of all keep your mind focused on God. you may use the mantram OM or "God is love - God is freedom"

for your future. keep in mind that any true love always creates freedom. even true love in a partnership. this is possible, I witness this - as I have practiced it myself repeatedly for many years. true love always creates freedom, anything else is karma and should be dissolved with love and bliss from God.

if ever you should have the feeling that you may prefer a life with any partnership on your way to God, please make sure that as long as you seriously strive for freedom and love in God, you should clarify from the very very first day with any potential partner, that your goals in life are spiritual. if you then find a partner who also is already advanced on her path of love to God, you may expect a possibility of success in establishing a spiritual relationship of love to help each other, to support each other and to heal each other. a partnership only works if both have a clear understanding of what spiritual growth means and how to achieve it.

any partnership on this planet involves to a certain degree two egos, including any games these two egos may try to play every once in a while. your personality is your ego. hence you have all the spiritual and divine tools to control and modify your personality with love and divine bliss whenever necessary to succeed on your spiritual path to God.

please make a decision and if the decision is as you mentioned - then follow the steps 1 and 2 and you will be free instantly ! you may follow this procedures any time during any situation. however if at a later stage you have already children together the situation and karma involved is much different and it may take more love to proceed. but all is possible any time. it just is a question of the amount of love that need to flow to completely dissolve any particular situation and all its pertaining energies. all is energy, hence all can be changed, modified, healed - anytime, anywhere. God will help you to do so with his divine power of love.

Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

with love and divine bliss


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