For healing - love and experiences needs to flow freely

Problems need to be dissolved rather than suppressed by drugs or alcohol !!!

Blocked love causes emotional stress
resulting often in addiction to drugs or alcohol - flowing love heals

Riccardo from USA wrote:

just to clarify a point of your otherwise love-flooding answers: when you say "... I was sharing my last beer... it simply felt truly did separate my awareness of the divine for three full days..." I'm not sure I'm grasping the concept. my understanding is that you were exposing yourself to the effect of alcohol for the last time, doing it consciously. is that the right way to read your words? if it is, you offered me a very touching example, since in my past years (say from 21y/o till 27.. what I consider my dark age....) I was pretty much enslaved to alcohol, sex and drugs, as a party organizer-entertainer, desperately trying to erase that devastating feeling of void, emptiness, suicidal depression that was enveloping me in the brief moments of full sobriety. I felt into the trap of the alcohol "high" one more time last December, and the aftermath of these few drinks gave me the exact feeling of being temporarily disconnected from the divine umbilical cord. it has been way more horrible of all the other times in the past, when I use to drink 10 times more, because then I did not have experienced yet the daily blessings of a life attuned into God. for a few days I felt like floating helplessly in a raft lost in the middle of a storm. all the demons, fears, social uneasiness and lack of self-esteem were acting upon me one more time. as long as my chiropractic art, I'm drifting more and more toward an energy-style of adjustments, utilizing less frequently osseous ones; I simply ask permission to act upon the patient energy field, restoring his/her auric imbalances to the best of my abilities, offering myself purely as a medium for the healing power of divine love; if healing is meant to happen, and the patient karma allows it (that'show I perceive it), then it will. I have to say that the results so far are encouraging.... I also use the channeling symbols of Reiki I + II, as soon as I lay my hands upon every patient. lately I was drawn on the field of radioesthesia, AKA the use of pendulum as a communicating tool with the spiritual and astral planes of the confused souls calling for my help. sometimes I feel that I have to hide, or not disclose what I am really trying to do, when patients question me about my "different" approach. many of them, as soon as they hear the word "energy", "aura" or "spirituality" start acting like... being turned off, and instantaneously set up a shield of mocking disbelief... not that I feel myself and my work less valid, I think I'm beyond that, but I was just wondering how to maximize the benefits of what I do and minimize the "impact"...

what is your enlightened opinion of the path I'm undertaking?

thanks again for your loving patience...


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Only flowing love heals.

Only free experiences with open mind and open heart lead to learning essence

beloved soul

to make it even more clear, here some additional help.

you wrote:

"..... about sex: I've been reading that having intercourse with the companion is spiritually much less detrimental if the male (me) abstains from ejaculation. what is the master's opinion on regard? ........"

and that's why I gave you the example of my very last beer. (even before I was drinking only 2 or 3 half beers per year in German beer-garden). I did it consciously, ready to truly learn about the spiritual effects of alcohol on mankind. ready to learn for eternity. and so also was free and open for the full experience. more than just the instant taste and feeling of drinking.

from your description of " ... much less detrimental ... " it clearly shows how you have sex. you do practice it with the feeling of doing a sin, doing something wrong, something "detrimental". you may never have been aware or this attitude but it certainly is a fact.

If you "judge" to be bad what you do - you will neither learn nor enjoy only waste

that attitude of you while having sex prevents you from ever having real sex, from ever really learning, opening yourself more and more for your partner, from loving more and more deeper, shifting your love more toward metaphysical love one day. you may ask God to help and show you what having sex means, what exactly you can learn from it. how you can use it for the soul purpose of spiritually growing, by improving the quality of your love, by raising the vibration of your love, and hence by dissolving any remainder of ego.

there is absolutely nothing bad with ejaculating your semen, when you do it with love for your partner it is felt as love and light ejaculating into your partner by your partner, provided your partner has no fear of getting pregnant. and truly loves you as well.

however the point is, that even physical sexuality may contain an enormous potential of spiritual lessons, as long as you do it with the attitude of spiritually learning from what you are doing, by doing it FREE of any feeling of doing something wrong or as you name it " detrimental" there is nothing detrimental as long as you allow yourself to do it fully aware and consciously, without any feeling of "sinning" (if such word exists in English).

There is no sin - only experiences - some painful some uplifting of enjoyable for all !!!

there is absolutely no sin, there are but experiences on the way to God. experiences from which we learn for the remainder of eternity. and that's a pretty long part :-)))

Healing practice

as to your practice. here again. there is even no need to ask the patient for what you do. because:

- any patient coming to you should really want to become holy. holy means becoming healed in the absolute sense.

- he therefore should have faith in God, and any divine healing.

- as it never can be a single physical human that heals but always your divine and God-linked soul that may heal with the bliss and power of divine love from God

- any patient should have the awareness of having to participate in the process of becoming healed. it never is possible to heal any patient who never wants to change his attitude which may have lead to his illness, organic disfunction or painful condition, whatever it may be.

-since all illnesses and all accidents are caused by the personal individual karma of that particular human, it is important for mankind to fully understand this personal responsibility. this applies particularly to all patients. as a patient who rejects full responsibility for his present, future or past actions, thoughts, emotions, may close himself for any true healing.

-it certainly may be helpful for you as a classic therapist to clearly point out to your patients in advance of the special methods of therapies that you are going to practice. this may keep away from you all patients who may never be willing at present to allow any kind of spiritual healing with the divine assistance from God, but at the same time it may draw to you all the patients who believe and trust in the divine love of God. thus it may result in a circle of patients consisting of mainly or entirely true God-seekers and faithful children of God.

Healing always requires to be open for love - God is love

the more they are open to God the more spontaneous healing may occurs among your patients. it is most of the time the deep disbelief that prevents spontaneous healing.

Miraculous healing

"miraculous healing" occurs at sites of pilgrimage, because the people going there traditionally travel or even walk there for long distances with the only main idea of asking for divine healing from God. the longer the journey, the more obstacles on their way to that holy place, the more they pray for help and the more they are ready to instantly accept the bliss and grace from God.

- any patient refusing or rejecting a full healing in the holistic and thus absolute sense, should be somehow made aware. no one should waste the time of a healer if he has no intentions in allowing to be healed.

- the only true and fruitful relationship between a patient and a healer can be a relationship of true love. a divine friendship. anything else is detrimental to the full healing of that patient.

the western method of charging a patient for any medical treatment, makes the patients feel that by paying the healers fee, he / she now turns over the full responsibility and charge of healing to the healer. being free of any own responsibility. this of course can never lead to healing. it leads to a burden for the healer accepting such patients. however the healers create this condition because they are charging for their services.

A patient also needs to give before being able to receive

if healers provide any medical / healing services in the name of God, it always can only be free of charge, accepting but free contributions whatever this my be, ranging from zero cents to .... whatever the patient is able, willing and ready to contribute. no service what so ever can be given in the name of God and be charged any fee no matter how small for that service !!! anything coming truly from God always is free.

now this system of treatment also stimulates people of reducing the number of treatment sessions to the minimum necessary. it stimulates their readiness to take action on their own to enhance healing. it makes them aware of the amount and power of love and opens them more for a true loving friendship with God, the healer and all other humans and other beings in God's creation.

it may also keep away from a potential healer all those patients who only want to charge other persons to be responsible for their own karma. but this may be part of the lessons these souls have to learn. you as a healer should always love anyone from the depth of your soul and heart, be willing to forgive, to remove, to dissolve any and all karma from this patient whatever his karma may be. God does it through you and you may learn to accept it. this can only happen if you are fully aware that there is no such thing like "detrimental" but there are billions of situations in life that are teaching us, making us aware, thus expanding our awareness to the extent of God-consciousness. step by step. throughout millions of years until we consciously enhance our spiritual efforts and speed up our own spiritual efforts by focusing on the development of divine love over all in our very own life.

please be aware that a person's karma never can influence the amount of healing he ever may receive. it is only his readiness to accept the healing provided from God who has an influence.

God's grace, mercy and love can instantly, that clearly means within a fraction of a physical second, remove all and any karma, if a person truly asks for such relief and if the healer himself can accept full healing for that person or soul. however if the healer finds himself that the karma is so severe that the person needs to suffer partially then the healer may himself restrict the full and instant healing.

that clearly means it must be the healer as well as the patient who are aware of the absolute power and meaning of divine love and what it means to be a child of God. God is love - this is one of the most powerful truth in the entire creation. anyone understanding this truth will instantly be free.

for a healer it is important to work with the divine, the absolute as the only thing in mind, never work with astral forces unless you can all of the below

- see them

- feel them

- consciously control them

- no exactly their full extent, their full consciousness

- see the aura of all your patients clearly including astral aura, mental aura and causal aura and exactly know all its meaning of what you see

-you are so clearly and consciously God-related that you always do anything with love in mind. nothing but love. however notice that where love is, there is never place for anything "detrimental"

let God work on your patients by asking him to do so and also let your potential patients ask from the depth of their soul and heart ask for healing by God. it is the healers love to God, to all his children in combination with the patients love toward to the healer and to God that makes any healing possible.

with love and bliss