Side effects when practicing Kriya Pranayama

Yen My Tran wrote:

Dear Hans:

My name is Yen My Tran. Please help me to understand what is happening to my body as a result of practicing Kriya Yoga. Even as I am sitting here composing this message asking for your help, I feel heat somewhere around the first and chakras regions. And I feel the energy flowing along the spine. Also all the major and minor chakras in the throat, nose, forehead, back of head, and crown regions are moving and really giving me pain. It makes me feel extremely discomforted, especially the pain the the throat and forehead chakras. I have a strong urge to rub and massage them. Basically I feel I am a sea of "heavy and painful" energy especially in the region in and above the throat. Both of my nostrils are flowing evenly and if not, I can at will make them flow evenly by tighten the anus and a rush of energy would flow up simultaneously along the Pingala and Ida nerves. During formal meditation I would experience heat in certain chakras in the body. Please help me to understand all these experiences. They have been with me for about three months and these experiences change almost everyday, but always I have a strong urge to plug these moving energy centers out of my body if possible because they are making me feel so discomforted and painful. Please help. Thank you for your time and help. Sincerely, Yen M.Tran.

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Side Effects of Kriya Pranayama on physical body

The more ego you have - the more careful and precise you have to do Kriya Pranayama

When Kriya pranayama is applied to extreme ego-body - then extreme effects are initiated as a result of extreme karma, illnesses and intoxication by ego being dissolved and purged out of your physical and metaphysical body

There is a very precise reason based on EXPERIENCE and knowledge why a certain combination of rules for life, life style, diet and attitude is required to properly and safely practice Kriya Yoga. If you fail or refuse to comply with the FULL set of teaching you may jeopardize your health or simply fail to succeed.

If any other reason but God union is the purpose of your Kriya Yoga most likely you fail - God is the source of healing power flowing through all chakras and nadis into all aspects of your physical, astral, causal and spiritual being to purify you from all debris of ego and karma. The more accumulated junk you carry within, the greater and the more tormenting can the apparent effects on your body, mind and soul be if you miss one part or try to make a short cut or do it incorrectly for whatever reason.

It is the sincere and true devotion to God in combination with the honest and loyal intention to truly learn to love all that opens the door to that healing power from God that is called upon by the use of mantram OM - using the mantra OM without the true and most sincere intention of wanting to learn to love is like calling your husband "darling" with the intention to kill him.

It is your true intention that creates the vibration needed to open the door to the source of healing love from God. it is NOT the sound YOU create - the sound of OM is merely a means to better focus on God's very particular vibration that you direct into each chakra in the correct way as given on the DIKSHA page of the Cyberspace Ashram.

Many people worldwide practicing Kriya Yoga from any source are missing that true intention or are missing full teaching of love needed as a basis of daily life within which you are practicing the sacred techniques of Kriya Yoga.

heart of love

beloved soul

first of all, let me tell you that the normal procedure in your case would be to go for a few weeks or months to your guru's ashram and stay with him for a while or at least ask him for help. any true guru offers this possibility.

Open for God and relaxed to allow God to enter your body and heal you

in the meantime you may accept all divine help from God but be open for it. make sure that you truly understand why you are practicing Kriya Yoga. it is for God-realization and to achieve God-union only. for no other purpose should anyone ever practice Kriya Yoga, as this sacred and powerful technique is much too powerful for anything else than freeing a soul and for returning to God.

whatever you do and where ever you are, you should keep God in your mind, open yourself to the utmost possible for God, for his healing love and freeing bliss, mercy and grace. in addition you need to develop true and full faith in the divine love of God. his love can only heal nothing but heal you and anyone else. GOD IS LOVE. this is one of the most powerful mantram you can ever use on this planet. and you may use it in addition to using OM.

Kriya Yoga consists of rules, teachings and techniques

This combination of precise teachings, rules plus for daily life and the actual techniques - all need to be applied correctly and simultaneously

in addition to practicing Kriya Yoga, you need to be aware of all the rules that apply to a spiritual live, you may find detailed information in the Cyberspace Ashram


Spiritual Treasures

some of the most important chapters for you to fully understand are yama and niyama and the divine rules of life

of course latest by NOW you may really need to be a full vegetarian ( that means no killed animals at all - this is important as many cultures do consider fish or chicken to be vegetarian food, which of course is completely wrong) and refrain from "junk food", alcohol, etc. and adjust your diet to the needs of a spiritual life and spiritual body.

Kriya Pranayama is purifying your body where dirt is accumulated

Purification can only take place most where intoxication is present intoxication of body by ego and karma !!

Kriya Yoga, particularly Kriya pranayama is purifying your energy system in your light body as well as purifying your physical body. Kriya Yoga therefore should only be practice in combination with the basic rules of any spiritual life as mention above. these rules are traditional part of Kriya Yoga and should be followed strictly by anyone practicing Kriya Yoga or any other similarly powerful technique of God-realization.

when you apply a powerful acid-based cleaning agent to a clean sink in your household - nothing happens at all ! when you apply the same cleaner to a clogged sink, it starts to bubble and boil and foam - you see plenty of powerful and sometimes dangerous action by the cleanser .... such is the effect of Kriya Yoga. applied in the body of a saint no effects because a saint IS God realized. However when applied in the body of an ego oriented person lots of effects or side-effects such as yours are encountered and experienced.

an average body of a human on earth is full of karma and low level energies that need to be transformed into higher vibration or removed from your energy system. this is done now in your body. since there appears to be a lot of karma and low vibrating energy you now feel the discomfort you experience. however be happy to feel this as it is a sign that there is plenty of divine energy flowing through you to help and uplift you. however learn to strictly follow all above mentioned rules and open yourself more for this divine purification process. this means you need more time for Kriya Yoga, meditation and spiritual life. more time means several hours a day at least or even withdraw from regular life for a few months or longer and move to a retreat some where in a natural environment, a mountain region, forest, jungle, island, be as much as possible alone and spend more time with God in your mind. this will speed up and ease your progress and make it smooth. to practice Kriya Yoga while being fully involved in the material world of money and industrial work is extremely difficult, however it is possible. but you need to set up strict priorities and if you are serious about spiritual progress then do your daily work and then spend the remainder of the day for the mutual and social / spiritual benefit of all in need as well as for your true spiritual progress. a retreat for a few months every once in a while however is most beneficial and recommended to all serious God-seekers. there are many natural places on this planet where you can spend months and live mostly on what nature is offering you. you also may find several Ashrams and / or Christian monasteries that are open to ALL God-seekers independent of their religion to offer them shelter and quietness for a while and allow spiritual progress to take place in a peaceful and protected environment. In the holy tradition of India however people mostly move into Himalaya or into jungle far away from civilization to spend their time with God and meditation. the advantage of this method: it always is completely free and anyone can afford it. some ashram can afford to have guest without paying any contribution as well.

Discomfort as a result of Kriya Yoga practice

Any discomfort or pain always is proof of incorrect procedure or incomplete application of all teachings

When discomfort occurs due to plenty of prana flow and ego resistance to free flow during or after Kriya Pranayama - relax more and open more for God. Adjust your attitude and lifestyle better to fully tune in with the rules given to you.

when you feel this discomfort due to the energy flowing, you should relax, meditate and offer your body to God for his powerful healing love. this may take a few hours each day or you may do it permanently for weeks or months if on a retreat, but remember it is for your true and eternal spiritual benefit and progress that you are offering this time to God. spend as much time as possible in nature walking true nature and allowing nature to heal you - God is every where, also in nature - and nature can be very powerful to heal and purify you, spend as much time in quietness and in a peaceful environment.. this discomfort can only be caused by cleaning energy hitting low-level energy in your physical and metaphysical body. a fasten period of several weeks, during which period you are reducing the amount of food intake while constantly increasing the quality of food. the highest quality of physical food are fruits, nuts, berries, and salads the second highest are vegetables, anything else should be avoided or reduced to the absolute minimum possible. this fasten period may result even in a period of several days or a week or even a longer period of zero food intake except plentiful of pure water to drink and flush out any toxins from your body. this zero food intake should however be done with caution and intuition or even better under the direct supervision of your guru. a fasten period speeds up the detoxification of your light body and physical body, hence it is a powerful tool to make the energy flow again smoothly through your entire energy system and may eventually reduce or dissolve any discomfort that you feel now.

be aware however that a large contribution to body poisoning (physical and metaphysical body) is also caused by aggressive thoughts and emotions. here again remember the rules of yama and niyama, they all apply to all of your thoughts and emotions in addition to your speech and physical action.

Avoid mixing different teachings / techniques from different sources

Be loyal to one Guru with one set of rules and one complete teaching of love

make sure you practice Kriya Yoga without any additional other exercises. Kriya Yoga is too powerful to be mixed with other mantram or other techniques. the only other techniques that facilitate your progress in Kriya Yoga may be the development of divine love toward all beings and karma Yoga, in addition a harmonious program of Hatha Yoga may help to harmonize your energy system and keep energy flowing smoothly through all chakras and nadis. the best Hatha Yoga program so far encountered on this entire planet - for self study and practice at home - that I recommend since years ( and practice myself for years during initial phases of spiritual development) is

Richard Hittleman's Yoga 28 day exercise plan (includes 622 photos) ISBN 0-553-27748-0

all painful sensations are caused by disturbing energies presently in your system and by karma being burnt up. focus completely on God during such periods even more than during any other times. and all will finally be dissolved in his divine love. open for the help of your guru and other saints willing to help you in the name of God. keep on practicing Kriya Yoga on a regular basis, while maintaining a healthy physical body and finally God-realization and God-union shall be the reward for you.

with Love and Divine Bliss


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