Difficulties in starting and maintaining relationships
may be the result of failing to fall in love as a result of stinginess in love

From Karen T. Tomie

i find in my personal life being friends with the opposite sex is difficult. eventually one of us fade into the distance after having a significant other ... can you shed some light on this topic?

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Before entering or even thinking of relationship
a full readiness to fall in love and to give all at once needs to be established

Beloved Karen

The first and single most important factor for a loving relationship with the opposite sex is to admit sexuality as a part of the divine creation and to love the sex YOU have NOW with your physical body.

That means, you never can have a loving relationship with a men, as long as you cannot love the women within you. You first need to affirm being a female as being something really divine.

Beloved one you may have one of these very typical us-American blockages in regard to sexuality. Because you post your question to a spiritual thread while it surely has something to do with you being a female and the opposite sex being male. It has to do with male / female. With sexuality.

Made to the image of God also includes giving all all the time

Mankind is made to the image of God, as creative as God is. mankind on earth uses this God given creativity to create problems. God uses it to create solutions, love and joy. Resulting in eternal bliss flowing from God through all universes he ever created.

Now for a million problems mankind creates there may be another million solutions necessary - but in fact there is ONE single solution to all. really, really making spiritual progress, developing divine love within toward all, allowing ALL to love you and learning to love ALL.. Realizing true spiritual progress and apply all spirituality in all daily situations in your mind, emotions and actions !!

There is a very spiritual reason why you are in Hawaii. Hawaii has a different mentality from the rest of continental-US. And it is this difference YOU need to accept and let it act on your present personality to help Hawaiian mentality, music and culture to heal you in combination with true spiritual progress. God always lets people reincarnate in an environment best suited for their spiritual progress. To dissolve your blockages is the single most important action God is creating day by day. Learn to see and accept your every days lessons to grow daily.and learn to apply today what you have learned yesterday.

To fall in love requires your love to be infinite - else the partner falls in pain into your stingy love

Learn to love without looking at a persons sex. Learn to be fully open to all. Just love. Stop abusing sexual power to achieve goals as it is still mostly done all over the world. Mankind is abusing sexual energy to use and abuse their beloved ones. Instead of using sexuality to express their divine love even within a physical body.

Short questions can proof extreme stinginess
Stinginess never matches with relationships of any kind !

Your question is so short, that it seems to be difficult for you to talk about and even more difficult to give anything at all. Now this however is the very beginning of any solution. First learn to clearly admit the present situation. Talk about it, see it, admit it, affirm this to be the past truth of your physical being. Then accept and affirm clearly that there is a true need for a change. And become open for the solution. The solution never can appear as long as you reject or negate the present situation of having some problems.

Of course from the relative point of view of most humans it always appears the other party involved who has problems. God made it the way that equals attract equals. That means you may surely find people having the same problem as you. They are your mirror in many situations. Helping you to see your own problems easier. Every country on earth has its problems, very individual problems related to their cultures and religions. However striving for God-union dissolves all and any problem step by step gently and with love.

Before starting a relationship - clean up all your past to be free for love

Sometimes it is much more helpful to first work on dissolving some or most of the present and past problems you encountered before heading for another partnership. However after a while it may be beneficial to continue with a partner. At least for while. A human being still is an extremely divine medication- one of the most powerful of all medications, besides going to God for a total healing. God-union requires to have achieved peace within with yourself as a female and with all males and all other females as well.

How are you talking to other females, how are you handling them ? That is how you are toward your self as a female now. The better your relationship from the absolute and divine point of view with yourself as a female, as a women, a soul with a female body, the better your relationship with anyone having the opposite sex.

Today I have seen a picture of a female Santa Claus, it is something probably never seen in US today but may be sometimes in the future - here in Europe it is normal. May be I send you a picture by separate e-mail one of these days. It is a poster including a tobacco ad, but all attraction is on the women there. And that is the other message included on this picture. It is a female body, a women really feeling well within her skin. Someone who loves to be a women and now adventures in this body and tries to find out what this body is been made for by God. To be male or female in a physical body is part of every soul. Later on as a free soul there is no sexuality compared to the physical one. However there are vibrations, energies similar - but it is pure divine love flowing between two different souls approaching each other.

Here on earth we are learning to love while still preserving all freedom within ourselves and our partner. Learning to love is done by doing. By loving, sometimes we may need a partner to learn some very substantial lessons, sometimes meditation and spiritual practice is all we need. Most of the time best results may be achieved by applying a wise combination of both. Retreat with spiritual practice alone and having a partnership sometimes in life.

Attraction of love is caused by flow of love between two loving ones
- but also by karma of equal or similar nature within both.

Attraction and inspiration is caused by the energy flow between the two opposite sex. Each chakra is turning the opposite way when facing each other, causing a direct flow (inspiration) between man and women. Causing to be more powerful, more active, more joyful and loving than when separated and being alone. But any kind of blockage turns into the opposite even for the partner. A partner can be uplifting or pulling down. Depending on his spiritual state of development.

Remember divine love and spiritual progress is the solution for all and any problems. It is the easiest way to achieve a true and eternal solution. In your situation as well as in all other situations.

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with love and divine bliss


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