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Thessa Belcher and Riccardo Stefani wrote:

Hello, we have several questions for you, and hope that we do not impose on you for the amount of them. 
Riccardo has written you previously on the subject of "extra souls", and we are both just coming to realize Kriya Yoga. 
There is no doubt that compassion for the poor is a must. I was wondering why it is encouraged 
to give all your belongings to the poor. 
Does it not burden them with the things that are holding you back from enlightenment? 
Also, does it not encourage them to rely on others for basic needs? 
I must admit to a lack of patience in finding my teacher. Does everyone venturing toward Samadhi have a teacher to lead them? 
From what I understand, this teacher appears when the time is right in your development. Is this correct? 
Is there a way to relieve the karma another person has acquired because of the bad that they did to you? 
Right now I am flailing about, trying to get things in order.... 
things like ridding myself of this pesky ego and fine tuning truthfulness, honesty etc. 
I am very confused about the order of which I am doing these things and can't even put into words why I know 
that I must do them. I do keep asking for direction during meditation, and my direction seems to be culminating right
in front of my eyes. 
What else can I do? 
Perhaps I just need to be more patient? 
Lastly, may I ask about you? 
Are you the soul creator of this site? 
Are you a monk? 
Can you summarize your trek to God-Union? 
Thanks for accepting all of these questions!
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Stinginess in material world is a reflection of stinginess in love

Only stinginess makes people search for reasons NOT to give or NOT to share

beloved souls

there is an abundance of all resources on this planet, however the greed of mankind leads to wanting more than we actually need. collecting our own abundance, even paying money to store and preserve our abundance while hundreds of millions have far less than sufficient. when I am talking about poor I mean really poor people. after having traveled and sometimes worked through about 40 different countries on this planet, I have encountered real poverty in Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, India, in the Caribbean sea and a number of other countries.

reach people can only get reach on the account of others, by asking or talking more than what they need, by charging more money for services than what they really need. some people have been deprived of all possibilities to become free and make a living suitable for a divine child of God. if we share with poor, it means that we have more than we actually need for a living. it also means that we may have been asking and talking more in our past than others could have asked, leaving them less than we requested for ourselves. however we shall learn to share whatever is available in a way to leave sufficient for all others as well.

if we ask for our living more than all others could ask, be it salary, housing, or what so ever, it simply means that we are going through the power of our very own egoism to create poverty ourselves. anyone asking for more than an equal share is actively creating the existing of poverty for others. we may still do so in the present without ever having thought about, or we may have done so in previous incarnations and no have heretic our previous belongings and wealth to get a chance to correct our behavior and share with others.

lack of sharing with others may for sure hold anyone back from enlightenment. as no rich person ever may find God or obtain God-realization as long as he holds onto his wealth. sharing his wealth by his last will just means that this person wants to control his property beyond his physical incarnation. that is even worse. the final solution may be for elderly people to share and give away their wealth among non-family members or socially oriented family-member while still in good health.

when I am talking about the poor, then I mean all those hundreds of million people on this planet who are freezing day after day, who have no shelter to live in even in cold rainy whether, or a shelter with leaking roofs, leaving them in a wet bed night after night. who are hungry day by day. leaving nursing mothers without breast-milk for their new-born babies because they have nothing to eat or the very little may be to much to die but definitely too little to live comfortably. for example on one of my last visits to India recently, working as a public healer I encountered an old women maybe in the 60s claiming that she was fainting almost every day around 10 or 11 o'clock she was suffering from headache because almost daily she was fainting and knocking her head somewhere when fainting and falling down. she was asking for medicine to heal her headache.

Do you remember the fasten walk to Assisi ?

Do you remember how loving the feeling when we have been invited for dinner on our pilgrimage to Assisi ? Was it a burden for you to accept the food from others they had in abundance and offered to us or was it a source of joy and happiness for you ?

but this a.m. old woman in India ...

I asked her about her daily breakfast, because God showed me all her thoughts and emotions, her way of living. she confirmed that she was talking her breakfast around 16 or 17 o'clock - she didn't admit at first but after my next question she did. she had only money for one small meal a day. she was sharing that meal late afternoon. it was breakfast, lunch and dinner at once. of course no doctor or healer in the world could ever give her any other medicine but something to eat, because she was suffering from low blood sugar causing her to faint almost day after day. other experience I encountered in this world these past years were: extreme ill people with severe cold having no money to stay even a single day at home. the basic needs of live required a daily work leaving no time for them to take a rest to allow their body to heal. or young mothers having little - usually one set - of clothing for themselves leaving no money or clothing for their babies. their babies are permanently suffering from cold, getting permanently ill, with cough, chronic bronchitis, or even worse illnesses. all they would need at first is a few clothes to warm themselves and their children allowing their their children and themselves to feel comfortable and become healthy.

no matter what the karma of mankind is, through mercy and grace from us, through the divine power of our very own love, we are allowed and actually should reduce or completely dissolve any karma from others who have so much of it to live in extreme poverty. it is through our divine love we truly feel and realize toward them that we can show them a different way of living from their previous incarnations way. there is absolutely no reason for anyone to suffer through all his personal karma, we can learn from it and dissolve it in love in a loving an comfortable condition of love.

material richness and wealth of any kind can only exist on behalf of poverty. if you never have encountered any true poverty, then please travel with a rucksack through India, walking, through the country, staying away from all tourist places, open your heart and eyes and look into other peoples eyes for minutes, look into their hearts, look into their souls and feel what they feel and how they live. it may open your heart - and your purse !! it is the burden of our property that prevents most people to go back to their divine home in God.

Having or searching for a spiritual teacher or Guru

Extreme ego prevents people from reaching out for the loving hands of their God sent Guru

Yes, this is true that people have a Guru - visible or invisible - sent by God. but many people may encounter their Guru, without recognizing him as such. early in this life I was going straight back to the area of my previous incarnation - Bangladesh, previously East-India - to possibly meet a Guru who could become mine and immediately help me to continue my spiritual path in this incarnation. but at that time my interest were different, and I went through a large number of earthy experiences first. later after my first nirbikalpa samadhi, I realized how loving this Guru would have been toward myself. my soul was asking for the exactly same Guru as before that's what I finally got, even my previous Guru didn't have any more physical body he appeared to me and continued to be my Guru until I realized God-union. please note that there are big differences in samadhi. strive for God-union rather than samadhi, strive for oneness with the absolute, the source of all sources, the creator of all creators, the source of all love, light and souls.

there are but a few God-realized Guru having a physical body. your soul may lead you to such if your ego has diminished to recognize such a soul.

Karma others have acquired can be dissolved in our love

It simply requires that we pay the full karmic bill on their behalf - that sometimes also includes financial invoices to be paid. It also requires us first to be willing to give all - to share all - with all those in need. Then when we have practiced to share all with all we have acquired true divine love-potential that allows us to dissolve in divine love all their spiritual karma as well.

YES of course all can be relieved from their karma - no matter what. first of all nothing can ever happen to you without you first having created such karma. that means without YOU first having done similar or even "worst" to others before.

then realize that you may learn from what has been done to you in such away to never repeat it yourself again in your future. after you have learned your lesson out of your experiences which may have been painful to you, because your previous behavior has also been painful to others, you may develop the true and sincere understanding that all that has happened to you actually helped you to spiritually grow and get closer to God.

you will finally develop a deep and sincere desire to help and heal all the karma from the other person - who ever that may be and what ever he may have done to you. you may pray to God and ask God to dissolve any karma from that person. to completely heal that person from anything that might be a burden for that soul on his way to God.

by loving the person, by showing your true love to that person you may help any person to realize the importance and divine power of love in any and all situations of love.

any situation, any "problem" can be dissolved and completely healed with love, nothing but true divine love. pray to God to help you develop such love. he may either help you by guiding you through many years of life rich in experiences leading to the full realization of such divine love or he may lead you to your Guru, whatever may be acceptable and most suitable for you to improve your spiritual progress on your way home.

Patience or what do do first

Your patience is needed when you progress too slowly

just develop more love. make the development of your love-power the single most important goal in your entire existence. whatever happens in your life, strive to solve all situations with love - nothing but love. some people are getting sort of mentally paralyzed when they realize how much is to be done, changed and dissolved to spiritually progress.

Who is the creator of this site

yes I am the creator of this site, with the exception of some flower pictures that I love, and some small gif-graphics like hearts, angels, stars. but it was God day after day who helped me, he somehow provided me with the money needed to have a peaceful time, he inspired me chapter after chapter, he helped me even to solve the minor and major computer-problems having occurred during this love-work. he showed me solutions to all problems, he gave me the answer to all questions and he brought many "sleeping saints" to me and allowing this soul to wake them up again and find their way of love to God again in their present incarnation.

I am a simple child of God - no monk - no swami - no priest on earth, having grown up as a single child of poor farmers in Switzerland. To you question about "Can you summarize your trek to God-Union?" if this is your honest desire of your very soul it may happen one day. but it is a very unusual and long story that only some of my disciples ever have learned. nothing that normally is published.

Since several have asked repeatedly - the life story is now published in the section "Angels of Love"

please feel free to visit me any time and you may receive all answers that your soul needs on your way to God. you may stay at the place where I am for days or weeks. there is always a place for a few sleeping bags and their pertaining souls wherever I am as long as this soul may have a physical body. presently I am staying in Germany. but I also do travel whenever it appears spiritually beneficial to the souls involved.

always thank God, he makes it all possible. my soul is but like the colors of a rainbow that is made visible by the brilliant sunlight, without God there is no love and no live within myself as well as within anyone else. he is the love within, the fun we may have, the love we receive trough others and radiate toward others, he the smile in the face of others .....

I love you, from the depth of my heart, from the depth of my soul


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