eMail with my Guru

eMail with my Guru - I never got any answer from him

A man from USA e-mailed several questions early may 98 - here his second one:

2. I e-mailed several times to my guru and never got any answer from him

How to communicate with my Guru - phone - eMail or direct

My Guru never writes back

To answer all questions by eMail is very unusual because it takes lots of time. The most common and traditional way is to answer question of disciples through spiritual channels. Your 3rd eye (kutashta) is made for the communication with your guru. It is like a direct telephone-line to God through the assistance of your beloved guru.

If you have any spiritual question - pray to God and God will give you the answer, either directly to you or by using your gurus link to you and sometimes by using anyone else who could tell you his (God's) answer. This may happen instantly, during meditation or during sleep, whatever is more efficient for God to rich your personal consciousness.

The question is never whether God or your guru is answering or not - the question is rather whether you have learned to use spiritual means of communication by cleaning and calming your mind and consciousness.

Even if for some reason you approach someone who may not be a true Guru in the old and traditional sense of having reached God Union during meditation, God will still hear your questions and prayers and find a way to give you his (God's) answer.

Physical communication with Guru

If however you insist in physical communication with your Guru - then of course it is you to provide MOST efficient communication that is by far never eMail. If you want or need physical communication then direct personal contact is the first and only true option, as a last resort you may make phone calls if you have provided mobile phone to your Guru !

Some of present days Gurus have thousands of disciples - meaning thousands of possible eMail per month - such workload either would require one or several secretaries - paid by you of course - or number of monks or nuns doing this work for free while someone has to pay for their living anyway - such as is done by some larger organizations. Incomplete teachings require permanent adjustments - so do incomplete practice of complete teachings - both ways are expensive. Make sure you do your part as perfect as possible and as persistent as needed to succeed. If you give ALL your love, efforts and power of love into achieving your divine goal - then you WILL succeed and also become able to perceive clearly all spiritual guidance needed on a purely spiritual level of communication even outside your meditation.

Stay within reasonable limits and listen to what your Guru teaches or has given to you - most likely you may have received ALL you really need to succeed. If however you fail to do it all together at once and correctly - then it is your sole responsibility to adjust your behavior and improve your spiritual efforts.

Having contacted by eMail twice myself 2 loving Gurus since I started my own work in the Cyberspace Ashram I have never received an answer as well - why ? - because both of them have an organization that has already grown and slipped out of their direct physical control and eMail is done by OTHERS - office workers and disciples - who decide what HE will receive or NOT. That is the reason why there is a really old and permanently valid warning to create organizations as a Guru. Whatever is valid for individual business men also applies to every Guru !! Whatever you do on a physical level needs to be directly and permanently under YOUR sole control !!!

Secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

Myself I avoid the need for questions by publishing as many solutions of love online in the Cyberspace Ashram whenever I become aware of such problems or questions by whatever means for all the days without me on this planet.

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