My Guru did not clean my chakras and nadis

A man from USA e-mailed several questions early may 98 - here his third and last one:

3. My guru did not clean my chakras and nadis ( energy channels ) during initiation to Kriya Yoga.

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Living in a city - problems, stress, missing nature and missing energy balance.from sick environment

Cleaning chakras, nadis, aura by Guru

God's ever flowing bliss is always helping everybody who asks for and opens for it. Some gurus do by applying their hands on you, your body or Chakras, some other may do by praying for you.

The relationship between a disciple and a true guru is like a divine romance. It is God's love and bliss that is continuously flowing through your guru, uplifting anyone who loves him. If you love God includes loving your guru and vice versa - because they are one. A true and self realized guru is an extension of God on earth - or wherever he acts in the name of God - or like an ambassador of God.

Cleaning chakras and nadis means cleaning or absorbing karma from disciple

Absorbing karma means paying in full for karma

Absorbing karma from others means paying in full for their karma - like a rich one having millions of $ in excess meeting a poor one having a few then thousand $ debts. Of course he can easily pay in full the debts of the poor one. After paying in full however of course he will have that amount less on his account.

If however the rich one has less money on his account than the debts he wants to pay - then HE himself ends up with debts. Hence any Guru can only absorb as much karma from his disciples as he can truly dissolve in love without experiencing any damage to himself.

But what if the rich one sees that the poor one has debts because he is spending or wasting all his money for alcohol, drugs and warfare ? Then it makes no sense at all go pay all the open bills !! First the one in debt needs to be ready to avoid creating new problems. He needs to be willing to conduct a "rightful" life. Spiritually it means a disciple first needs to PROOF readiness to love or at least to learn to love.

Many times disciples get an instant clearing of much of their karma - just to repeat all over again. After clearance of aura, chakras and karma they may feel much better, relieved is one of the most common comments. But without sincere efforts to really AND INSTANTLY change to a loving behavior - all that remains after a while are the memories of a better time for a short while.

Paying for karma of others requires true God-realization

Paying for karma of others requires true God-realization else the absorbed karma becomes a burden for the one having the karma absorbed !!!

Hence it is at the discretion of every Guru to decide if at all and when to absorb a substantial amount of his disciple's Karma. One point is in common however - it is the disciple to proof to be open - by BEING fully open for his Guru - to absorb Karma from any other person - the Guru has at least temporarily to become ONE with that disciple and such is only possible if the disciple has a sincere love - relationship in his Guru !! Such absorption of karma resulting in a clearance of chakras, nadis and aura can never been done upon request - it will be GIVEN at the right time - given as a gift of LOVE in return from his Guru.

This is the way God does it and it also is the way Jesus does it and many other Gurus as well.

Such clearance has nothing to do with the often practiced physical touches or physical rituals - it can be done ANY time across any distance by God, by any God realized Guru or by Jesus for all those having NO Guru. Whenever the loving heart invites grace and mercy from God it shall be given in abundance and in full.

Any disciple practicing the blessing ceremonial as a preparation for his beginning Kriya Yoga practice receives the first cleaning at that time. The blessing ceremonial as published requires a honest and sincere commitment for love - hence for God - and a proof of such commitment by sharing with the poor and needy ones as well. In addition he needs to proof persistent love by practicing love in all aspects of life - and while practicing proper Kriya Yoga in particular proper Kriya Pranayama - the Key technique - he will receive a steady uplifting bliss and love directly proportional to his own efforts and his one proven love toward all or his true efforts to really love all.

All are equal from God's point of view and all receive whatever needed at the right time - however each can influence what he gets by increasing his love and spiritual efforts to learn to love more !!!

love and bliss


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