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Gopobandhu Sahu wrote on Thursday, March 21, 2002

Beloved Gurudev,


Currently I am residing at a working men's hostel in Bangalore (a south Indian city). It's an easy and cheaper accommodation that I could have found immediately. Later it turned out to be very helpful in searching a job for which I have come here. It also turned out to be very helpful in learning more about me and grow in spirituality. It's a good place to meet and make friendship with different types of people. It's a good environment to catch my subtle egos, while mixing up with friends, and practice yama and niyama.

But the problem is that there is no privacy here. Here I have to share my room with two other roommates. This is causing me problem in practicing Kriya yoga. The only time when I can do kriya without any disturbance is at dawn. But that is also not possible most of the time as the environment is such that I cannot sleep early making it difficult to get up early. I feel I could have got up early, had the practicing Kriya been enjoyable to me, I am yet to achieve that state. It's a daily important work for me. I feel I am getting distracted from my path in this environment, as I am not able to practice Kriya regularly here.

I feel if God is guiding me then He must have guided me to this place to learn something. But I am facing this problem. So should I solve the problem by leaving the environment? Then I think it would be kind of escaping the teaching?

I could have found out the solution with time. But the problem seems something else to me i.e. lack of enough will power. I believe that I could have managed everything here but probably it's lack of enough will power because of which I am getting blown away by the force of Maya and not able manage my daily activity properly. Here I would like to ask you; how to increase WILL POWER?

I have got few other questions.

How can we differentiate between Self Respect and Ego? Sometime it happens that I am not very sure whether it's my ego or self respect that cause me defend myself.

Is lying for the sake of fun also breaching yama niyama? Like if just to make a joke if somebody lies which is neither harming anybody or any cause nor speculating anything then is it breach of Truthfulness.

Whenever I sit with my spinal erect I experience stiffness/sensation in back, otherwise if I relax, the stiffness/sensation get reduced. I know that erect spinal chord is necessary while doing Kriyayoga or God Yoga and I also have impression that any sensation/stiffness is because of some resistance to flow kundalini shakti. That's why I am not sure whether I should relax my spinal chord if I am not doing any yoga.

Please guide me.

I love you.
with love,

Gopobandhu Sahu

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beloved son

if you keep on working quality and productivity - then you can afford ALL privacy AND ALL comfort needed to succeed in your kriya yoga !!! if however you want to escape loving all ( working for society means LOVING society ! ) then you fail to afford privacy AND comfort and hence you may fail on your path of love to God - with or without kriya yoga. LOVE MUST always be included and LOVE always means WORKING top quality for ALL.

that is the lesson I sent you because you are a qualified IT man and HIGHLY qualified IT people are NEEDED even and very specially for the purpose of MOST EFFICIENT and most direct communication and distribution of messages of love, bringing cultures and societies TOGETHER and making divine teachings such as the entire cyberspace ashram available to ALL possible people in all possible countries on this planet.

now to your other questions:

Only the weak one defends himself - only ego needs defense

did Jesus DEFEND himself BEFORE being nailed to the cross ? - NO - he fully surrendered to God and God took all the pain and suffering on the cross - ALL !! God is taking care of ALL and every divine soul - ego and ONLY EGO needs and wants to defend, EGO wants to KEEP, because defending means to KEEP as opposed to share, give away, surrender to God !!

those who want to accuse lost ALL knowledge about God and their very own divine origin, why entering any discussion or war of other kind ? why defend anything ? the absolute never needs defense - the absolute is LOVE and love is infinitely above and beyond the reach of any ego ! hence the truly loving NEVER needs to defend as he is UNTOUCHABLE by others - even death by any means never can touch him !

last point stiffness - YOU are stiff in your behavior and love !! that causes a stop or restriction in the FREE flow of kundalini. you have a lot to surrender - to change - ;-)) one day you KNOW - by know just read and practice all the teachings BETTER and work MUCH MORE and spend more time in improving QUALITY of all you do. the level of professional qualification means the quality of LOVE you give to others.

learn to be FLEXIBLE in all you do, learn to MEET the needs of society, of YOUR employers, learn to make OTHERS happy in various ways.

one day - may be soon - you may be ready and strong enough to REAPPLY for another visa to come HERE for several weeks and learn FLEXIBILITY in LOVING !!

God will send you some additional preparatory lessons in the mean time

I love you


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