Career advancement and fees

Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

I had responded to an ad about an executive placement agency based in Vancouver, viz. Halden associates. They took 2 detailed interview and seems to be impressed with my education, experience and soft skills. They have accepted me as a client and would make sure to put me with a marketing adviser on a continuous basis (intensive course in identifying my skills,employer suitability and wages. They would have a 3 year on going relationship with me.

Problem comes about fees. Their fee is 3400.00Cad $, which needs to be paid in advance or with in 30 days(down payment too). I clearly explained my situation as I earn only 7.00 Cad $ per hour and get only 29 hours per week.

They recommended the possibility of getting some loan from bank if I have somebody to co sign. I do not have any credit card and not sure about it. I like their concept and always wished I had some technical back up in this country to market myself effectively. They said they would have an intense 3 to 4 weeks of preparation with me to prepare for me to the market place.

Dear Hans, am I getting lured into it in the pretext of improving myself. I need a a satisfying position where in I could be able to use all my talents. At my present job I am doing very well though it is not being bringing any results as in this position schooling or formal education is not required at all. All needed is to know where the product is and talk to the customer about it.

What do I do as I feel confused. For getting a loan from bank I need to get a co signer. I feel hesitant to ask my friend with whom I am living. Is it worth taking this risk.? I do not know. I submit my concern to God.

Dear Hans, could you please throw some light on this.? I respond to all job postings and hardly get any response. By the time my wife comes I need money to pay for the landing fee, for the ticket and I might have to take a room for rent, expenses will be more and with this wage it might not be possible to make a living. I do not have any coverage on health,and presently I buy my medicine for thyroid problem which too is expensive. I need to send money to my Mom who is all alone and her health is not good.

Please show me the right path.



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beloved Ashok

at the very beginning my advise you have asked for:

stay free of any new debts and learn on your whatever you need to succeed and return as soon as possible your existing debts to be free.

recently I have told you to proceed step by step.

before that I have recommended you to read the autobiography of a yogi. I may now assume that you have complete this step - since your questions continue - else start all over again and make sure that you really have understood all and that you actually are practicing all previous steps before proceeding any further

1. reading through the entire web site of including all sections - every single chapter, every single topic, every single post, just all.

2. make sure you have understood all - else re-read again and again.

3. assure that you have fully understood all - else re-read again and again.

4 take all the time necessary to do all the steps - step by step - any skipping of a single step may cause disaster and pain on your path to God.

follow the instructions point by point until you can get instructions directly from God. when this point is reached God will be your Guru for the remainder of eternity. this state usually is reached after your very first nirbikalpa samadhi within a particular incarnation. in any possible future incarnation all these steps apply again and again.

stay free at any price. free means completely free - free of any contracts that bind you more than a few weeks, stay free of any debts - if you got already some - get them all paid as soon as possible.

always limit your spending of money to the excess amount of money you have in your POCKET - I SAID excess amount that you have in your pocket - and exactly that is what I mean.

realize that if people say how great a specialist you are and how much they need you - they are talking to your ego and they expect you to have an ego - and from your last post it can be seen that you really have one ego filled with illusion and temptation. career seems almost infinitely more important than love to you.

money is of the least importance on your way to God. you may have some and use some but also you need to learn to be free of the need of money - God never needs money - only mankind on earth - far away from the divine - temporary entangled in the world of Maya - the world of illusion, emotions and intellect.

if someone tells you how good you are, then he should offer you some money - but this company wants your money. and they have learned how to cheat people - how to get all the money they want to be rich. all they do is tell something nice about you and your qualifications. and egos love flattering, compliments, degrees and titles. but only egos love titles and illusion. the soul prefers love such as God.

the only person ever making any financial profits at all are the people from the company talking to you and charging you C$ 3400 to train you to make even more money for THEM. IT IS HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE IF YOU EVER MAKE ANY NET-DOLLAR OUT OF SUCH BUSINESS.

business was all your father was doing. if people from your village respected him - that means they feared him.

learn from all that. learn NOW - before repeating all the same again. learn to be productive with your own mind and hands rather than just selling or trading. learn to do something on your own - and even if you return to India and start a career as a shoe polisher - you may make enough money to be happy. and if you are successful you may learn on your own step by step to improve your skills and repair shoes to get even more customers.

this is but one of many possible samples - so seen in India by myself - and similar opportunities are available by the hundreds - in your own country or many others on this planet.

stay free of any new debts. always limit your spending to the EXCESS OF MONEY YOU PHYSICALLY CARRY WITH YOU AT ANY TIME.

FIRST FINANCIAL PRIORITY always is life, food, a modest apartment or housing of any kind according to your real financial possibilities. second financial priority is getting free as soon as possible of any existing debts.

a family is of secondary importance. you only should get involved in a marriage, or in having children - if you can show children their direct way back to God. children need your full love - to love YOU need your full freedom. your wife needs your love as well - to love your wife YOU need to be free first.

your wife has a divine right to receive your love NOW. else it would be better to give her freedom back and allow her to find another husband who is free to love her while you may work on getting your own freedom.

much earlier I have asked you to explain more details about how you got your debts - to whom you owe your 25000 C$. this is a step still missing so far. just remember to do all step by step.

your understanding of money on your spiritual path is still ill at the moment, so it is of extreme high priority to you to get a correct understanding of how to handle money and how to set up your own priorities in your life.

your mothers life is very cheap in India - your mother needs to learn to be REALLY modest in all - and this should be practiced for the remainder of her present incarnation. if she has any property she may either need to give it away to those who need it or give it NOW to her children. it is important that she learns to live in a very small hut, just big enough for herself - then only God may find a place in her heart. in big houses full of money is little if any place at all for true and divine love - hence there is little place for God.

become modest in all your life - in all your spending - and be what you are - a child of God. - stop to appear to be something else to others just to impress them. if people are impressed by qualifications, titles, money and other material illusions - then they fail to see God at all.

with love and divine bliss



step by step reading all that needs to be read may require you to spend a few weeks or months of reading. so I wish you a merry Christmas and happy and love filled journey into the next year.. then you will find that there are more efficient ways of learning that writing hours every day. by following , applying and practicing all you are reading you may be busy and soon realize that you increase your wisdom day by day - by following all instructions read and UNDERSTOOD day by day.

others are waiting for some intense advise and it is your turn to practice and learn now. God and love will be with you all the time.

Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

Got another lesson today. I wrote a reply all about my financial commitment and how it happened giving some sort of excuse for not taking the blame on to me. After typing pages my computer screen stopped moving and I just could not use any function forget about sending it.

I am writing again now. This time with more earnestness and love.

I have taken a decision with love to myself to love me and all others and my wife and not to incur any more financial liability. You are right when you said I care for career more than myself. I always longed to go after degrees and thought that I could be complete only with more sophisticated degrees. So ridiculous of me. Even at this age I am not mature enough and I feel bad for it.

About expenses and debt, while in Middle east I had some financial independence and as usual never thought about saving as there was always a scarcity in my life all through my childhood. I spend(though not for any unhealthy habits) and for coming over to Canada, I had to give to fees to a solicitor, traveling to New York for interview and finally left the job and ended up in a debt of 1.25 lakhs (borrowed from a friend of mine.)

Back home with out job, Dad's sickness and unexpected marriage(for which I was not ready, mentally and physically and materially.) I was afraid whether I would be able to love my partner as my wife,union with her in its reality. just before marriage Dad passed away and the following days came with more expenses and no income. To make the matter worse my ego, to satisfy it's needs as the son of a known person, marriage was held in a pompous way. (of no use)

My Mom and sister somehow raised funds and all money in my joint account with Dad was taken to establish a wedding hall (it was our factory earlier and work stopped after my brother's untimely death.)

To add to this I ventured a business trip to Singapore for establishing an educational consultancy. It was successful as far as my partner was concerned as his expenses were reduced because 3 of us could share the traveling expenses and he already had the established business. We could send students abroad for higher studies and never charged the students for it as the university provided commission. I could help 3 students in a short span of 2 months though did not get commission from my friend who said he got into some FERA problem and could not release my commission. during that time to make travel easier or for the stupidity of my sense of show in business I got a second hand car, not remembering the fact that I have already a debt and my Mom had kept all our jewelry on mortgage (not that which my wife had) for running the family' other expenses of running the business,(Dad's business), temple activities, cleaning and maintaining land etc, I had to borrow 50,000.00 rs from my cousin in Bahrain, who stayed with me when I was there and I have helped him on many occasions.

I got my visa in !997 and started here in July 1997. For ticket and other expense My sister and Brother in law helped to raise about 60,000.00 rs.

I came here only to know that I could not be officially landed since my marriage record was not in the visa and the moment I landed I told authorities that I am married and I want to bring my wife. They could not land me with out my wife's medical. I was allowed to stay in city, but not allowed to work or study or leave the city. I just had a contact number given to me by Swami Chetomayananda of Chinmaya Ashram Bombay. That Divine lady introduced me to a Divine couple from India who took me from hotel and let me stay with them for six months just for love.

Finally in Oct they asked me to file application of my wife and I had to borrow 2000.00 Can $ from my wife's brother who is in U.S. I was landed on the 4th of Dec 1997 and told me that they sent the visa to my wife who already had her medical on ordinary post on the 9 th of Dec 1997 and instructed her that she should be here by 17 th of Dec 1997 as my visa was expiring then. She got the papers only on the 31st and her request for extension was rejected.

I moved into a basement and was working for experience in a travel agency owned by friend with whom I have been staying now for more than 1 year. I did not get salary. My friend was interested in business though I realize now he was never successful for the last 20 years in Canada and his wife is a hard working person employed as nurse. My friend is very giving though all money is spent on business which is not the real kind of thing. He never could make a single dollar through his business but always lost.

I got an offer from a bank but was nervous to the core to accept this. I had that unknown fear within me to accept this and go for the training. Later on I never had a chance with any of the banks though I applied to many. May be another lesson here. The travel agency was in loss and to add to that a new staff was added with very high salary who swindled about 25000.00 Cad$ and disappeared from the scene. I felt frustrated and no job was on its way though I tried even door to door marketing, laborer's job. Probably I was not mentally prepared for a job as I used to spend so many hours after work at the travel agency in the library looking up for business ideas and prospects and received some kind of motivation from my friend. In despair I applied for middle east visa which I got but canceled 3 times the ticket due to the confusion prevailed with in me whether to go or not to. Money for this was given to me by my wife's brother. This time he gave about 2500.00Cad$. Back home the mortgage expense was about 2 lakhs with interest to the banks.

I aborted the trip to middle east on the date of journey and I was homeless and my friend was more than happy to accommodate me.(this friendship is also through temple here in Calgary.)

In Jan 1998 I took up a course on Life Skills coach training as the course contents were interesting and my ego was kind of satisfied with a title as a coach or motivator. I had enjoyed my teaching years at the university back home. I enjoyed counseling or better to say giving free advises.!!!

The six months course was experiential as some tears were shed though the atmosphere was not conducive enough to open up my sexuality which was hurting me often.

Even after graduating I could not get a job and resulted in a student loan of 3500.00 Can$

I was on medication for hypothyroidism which was detected due to my depression, lack of interest even in talking to people, loss of voice, suicidal tendencies. I was on anti-depressants too.

In sept 1999 I found this job as a worker, in a store which was being constructed and it is opened now. Now I work as a sales associate though there is no kind of pressure on me to sell. I love my work and love every customer who comes in. I find it interesting to help people buy what ever they want as per their wish and sometimes tears come in y eyes when an elated customer finds what she has been looking for. I do not know how this tear come in there. I get only 21 to 29 hours per week and my wages are 7.00 $ per hour.

Dear Hans I have tried to give a clear picture of my situation and I pray to all loving ones and God to forgive me for my mistakes, ignorance and help me clear my debts just for love.

I know Kriya Yoga is the truth for me to dissolve my problems in love and to have God union. I pray to you Hans and God himself to teach me Kriya Yoga so that I could be one with God. I love every being on this earth and please God help me see every one as you. I prostrate in front of all you Divines beings an seek your love and blessings. These words are coming from my heart of heart and forgive me for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Love and Prayers.


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beloved Ashok

there are many ways to clear debts. one is just to note them down and take a pencil and strike them out. well practice this exercise now and some of your debts are gone immediately. other debts however might have to be paid back in $ or Rs or so.

any debts left from your dads business may be clear by selling anything of value to those who want it, like selling any land left, or buildings including the house where your mother is living in. become all together modest in life.

you mentioned that you borrowed Rs 50000 from a cousin for temple activities, maintaining land, etc then sell any land and property involved to return this money.

never spend money for temples. as long as you have hungry children of the divine suffering from any cold or lack of food. their body is a holy temple. instead of wasting money for rocks and stones, spend them for the living temples on earth. instead of wasting money for funerals spend the money for people living on earth. God will take care of those who have lose their body.

any money that you owe someone and you have still some jewelry on mortgage - just forget the jewelry and the mortgage is covered by that jewelry. even if it may be family jewelry.

all the other money owned to a bank or family members needs somehow to be cleared. one way and this is the very first and most important one. some of the debts may also be family debts such as the wedding expense and other expenses. sell all property you have - all your won and all your part of family property.

your father has been a successful businessmen making profits on behalf of others, now it is time to return all and may be even more. now it may appear time to become one like they all have been all the time, a very modest and financially may be poor citizen in India, but rich in your soul and heart.

if you have been working in middle east and still would have the opportunity and contacts to go there and get a job that allows you to return ALL your debts within a year or a year and a half. then this may be a reasonable solution. but it must be possible to make this travel free of any new loans - only if you can finance ALL your expenses from what you have NOW.

after having cleared all, you may consider to return to India and settle down there with your wife. your mom may soon go home and the situation may change for you. it may be possible to somehow SERVE and help your own people - with love. in India there are many modest ways to earn sufficient money to live and sustain a family and be happy. think about it. because at your present location and in your present position it may be difficult to finance all the travel of your wife. it would mean another loan to be paid back some times later. and all the times while having loans you are a slave of those borrowing money to you.

as a general rule in life: if things go smooth even financially from the very beginning, you appear to have all the divine bliss to continue. however if you need to struggle and fight it is a sign to stop it immediately and change either all or at least your attitude.

just keep in mind when selecting any kind of business: salesperson are making profits on behalf of those actually producing. and usually they all make a greater profit than those working hard to produce the actual product. learn to produce a product or real service. it makes you more happy and frees you.

we all may pray for divine help and assistance for you and to help you to arrange all your life to clear your present situation, that sounds like a village looks after a hurricane past by :-)) but belief me after such hurricanes in life all are stronger and have learned to stay clear for the remainder of eternity !!

just stay clear of any new debts. keep in mind to limit any future expenses to the maximum amount of money that you PHYSICALLY HAVE IN YOUR POCKET IN EXCESS OF YOUR DAILY NEEDS AND FAMILY NEEDS !!

there is an old saying that those who got too big will first get very small before finding their way to God. if you raise yourself above others like your family in India has done you will first experience for a while the opposite before finding peace in God. you should have learned enough by now. getting diplomas, degrees and job promotion is just another way of trying to be different and BETTER than others. it is like a bouncing ball that you hit into the sky and coming back straight to the very bottom. such are all managers and other positions. before going to God they all may lose their job and become very modest for a while of even many incarnations. whatever it may take to learn.

your situation may appear complicated but it actually is quite simple. you may need to find your own way. but make sure you find and accept a solution that keeps you free of any new karma or complications. on your way to freedom some others may also accept some financial loss as well and just give you the money they loaned to you. never loan any money to anyone. if at any time you have excess money and someone asks for help GIVE it away - just for love rather than loaning ! if anyone ever wants to help you, only accept it if he gives it - just for love. just like God does.

be Gods divine bliss and love with you and your family.

I love you



please tell the world how much a lakh is, as many people around the world have never heard of such a sum or quantity. I have even myself forgotten it ;-)))

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Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

I wish to make one correction here about Dad's Business. I have never seen him making money through the business as there was always a scarcity and my Dad was very much quality conscious and we always had difficulty.

About selling property my Mom is trying to do that and hope something will work out.

I still do not understand why did I come here.? How do I plan to go back even if I want to and so many questions prop up in my mind when I think of going.

I love to do something by myself which would be purely a service or some product which could be of use to someone. But I do not have a clue about it.

I will pray constantly and somehow God will show me a way to deal with the situation.

One lakh is about 4000.00 Can$ approximately.

Thank you Hans for being so lovable.

Love and prayers.


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beloved Ashok

most businessmen are extremely active in spending and making money and finally all is gone. so with your father. but there is still family property left and this should seriously be taken into consideration when clearing all debts.

as long as you have property you never can honestly say that you have debts. so first get all the family property sold and cleared to pay all family debts. as long as there is one single peace of gold or other jewelry you never can say how much debts you have. as long as there is property of any kind you never know.

you will be able to sell all family property as soon as you all are ready to give it "for a honest offer" to anyone who needs it personally for himself. never sell to a dealer or businessmen but only to a private person who needs it directly for himself. and be ready to give it away for a "honest offer" made by the potential new owner. then give it or leave it but avoid any discussion as honesty is absolute and only your greed may be dissatisfied with a honest offer received.

this is one solution to solve the problem and change your family's situation. you may prefer another one. it finally is up to you.

debts you have presently are manifold:

- debts incurred directly and only by yourself meaning debts that you as a single person have created or accepted as a single person. these may be your very personal debts ! work to pay them back and pray for help to find suitable work to pay them back within reasonable time while doing something spiritually useful for this planet and the entire creation.

- debts that you have created in direct agreement with one or more other persons, but but finally you have accepted these debts or expenses leading to these debts. this is split karma and ALL PARTIES INVOLVED MAY LEARN FROM AND RETURN THEIR SHARE. for example the marriage arranged by your family may be called family karma and any debts occurring resulting from that marriage should be paid in common for example from the money received from the family jewelry or from selling family property. on this planet as well as beyond no property of any kind can ever be legally "owned", bought or sold except the few thing that any person really need for daily life. because all - absolutely all has been given from God to mankind. at no time in the past or in the future can any single person on this planet proof a receipt from God the almighty creator to have legally paid the property he owns. hence all property in excess of what a person really needs for his physical body has been stolen from God. taken away from others. now it is time to return. return to all the others in India and elsewhere. also for your family. getting any money at all is of least importance. giving away what may have been a burden or may become a burden in the future, but give it with love.

- debts that others have incurred and imposed on you against your free will or despite your "no". these are debts that are the sole and full responsibility of the person having made the decision.

but after all always remember that you have been involved in any kind of decisions and actions as well. because at any time you may have said no or you may have set up your very personal and own decision and told everybody that this - your decision is your will and you will do it exactly that way because it is your way and you feel well with this decision of yours.

first pay back any debts that are your very personal debts. just the money you really got. interest rates are but a result of greed from others. when all debts are paid either directly by supplying money or any other services or material goods or by agreeing with the other party that all is cleared for love and mercy, then you may consider paying any interest rate if the person still insists in his money.

whatever happens to you. free of any amount of debts you or anyone else has - YOU and your family have a divine right to live like children of the divine. live in comfortable and suitable shelter and have food and all the real needs for life on earth. day after day. however all others have the same right as well. that means YOU need to make sure that all those you gave you money when you where in need have all they really need to live like children of the divine on earth. all are children of the divine - ALL are equal. ALL

you are a man - a male in this incarnation. that means that the spiritual lesson from your soul in this incarnation is to learn giving. give to females, give to all. that means it is a multi-level lesson for you. a lesson that automatically leads to dissolving your attraction to males and creates real inspiration to females - including physical love to your wife or any other female partner if she is open to receive. skipping a basic lesson in this incarnation requires that the same lesson is fully learned and mastered either in any previous incarnation or replaced by proper spiritual progress. spiritual love from God may do the same but requires fully opening to the high vibration of his love beyond male or female.

since most on earth may be too closed for such divine love. a basic healing and helpful lesson may be physical love including tender loving sex with a beloved partner.

giving is the opposite of greed and stinginess. I will explain:

greed is if someone collects more and more, money, property, recognition, titles, employees, children, family-members, devotees, loans, jewelry, valuables of any kind, collectible and more.

stinginess is someone who has a lot of one or many things or at least more than others, while others have less and he still wants to keep most for himself and misses to sharing.

before anyone can give anything material he has to work to receive. it means he needs to be open to receive anything people want to offer him for whatever reason, including all the divine bliss and love offered from God. then while receiving he needs to learn to continuously share with all in need, with all asking for anything, with all having less or nothing at all.

you can give a product by making one yourself, or by making a service like consulting, medical services, spiritual services or anything similar.

a manager or salesperson is a person receiving. receiving all the benefits others are creating by working for. hence any managerial position would further increase your opening to receive even more and delay the learning of giving.

giving is also reflected in the sexual role of men. he is giving the semen to his wife. semen is nothing but pure materialized love if he is having sex just for love, just to please his wife, make her happy and love her even in her present physical body.

by receiving from you you are replenished from God. whatever you give to your wife will come from God to make sure you can continue to give. you will also receive from your wife and all your surrounding while you continue to give, to give and at the same time remaining open for all love and bliss coming from God - the source of all sources.

most of what you have been doing so far was just for yourself. like the titles and positions you were working for or making travels to get other positions, money or titles. it all was just for you. that means most of your past part or this incarnation was receiving from others. even the many loans you wanted were just receiving.

now it is time to return. on the material level as well as on all levels. women are made to receive because that is their primary lesson during a female incarnation. so learn to give to women and see how much difficulties they may experience to be open or remain open. so in order to be able to give to them or anyone else you as a man also need to learn to give with love. give with love means give free of any expectations. just give. free of tricks, free of plans, free of obligations, free of expectations - just give and consider it as being given to God. and receive from God whatever he offers you.

one day a soul has reached a level of spiritual healing when both parts are permanently manifest - the male and the female aspects. giving and receiving, to love and opening for the love from all others and God as well. God is the source of all, God is the creator of all. so all are learning to love and give to God and to receive from God. free of any expectation - just for love. this is called karma yoga and may be practiced beside the development of divine love and beside the practice of Kriya Yoga.

a spiritual life consists of 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year -part of it is devoted to the development of divine love, part of it to receiving bliss and love from God, part of it to love and disperse all love and bliss received from God and another part is spent in practicing in a variety of activities all the before mentioned in the physical life - whether it be called business, profession, career, recreation, family life - it all is but one and the same - it is a play ground of applied spiritual science. a playground for applying all spiritual lessons currently learning and improving to reach God-union and spiritual healing on the way back to our divine home in God.

you may need to find out all the remainder yourself, as you and only you are fully responsible for all of the results, you need to learn to take full responsibility for all results from any action or non-action, from any decision or non-decision, from any thoughts or silence,l from any emotion or frigidity. it is the basic lesson of all mankind on earth to affirm, to positively accept the freedom given to you by God and to learn to make wise use of it in all and any situation from eternity to eternity. it always is and will be your own choice. accept such a divine gift with love and handle it with love.

God helps all if you are open to all his bliss, love and guidance. pray directly to God, learn to accept all guidance directly from God. he will make you aware how he is loving and guiding you, even if he may be guiding you temporary through a human being on earth, he is guiding you and loving you through all mankind on earth, through all angels and saints on earth and beyond.

learn to be active, learn to give, learn to create anything that you can give rather than giving what others made for you. businessmen and dealers never create they always receive from creators and give to others by making profits. this contains little spiritual value at all. create and give directly to the ones in need. directly.

keep going - step by step - skipping a single step may cause discomfort or confusion and turmoil. so learn all steps and apply all steps day after day. by positively affirming these lessons to be learned by positively affirming the principle of giving as being part of the male men's lesson you will dissolve any attraction to other men. as other men are giving and you start to begin giving you will start to attract all those practicing and learning the receiving part or a souls healing lessons. right now it may seem easier for you to just receive but it is infinitely more enjoyable to learn and practice giving. the receiving has been learned to a sufficient degree by your soul. any further improvement can be accomplished later on after having learned and practiced the giving part or your lessons.

a last picture to explain the physiology of divine love:

when you look a a electrical light it is the current that is flowing rather freely through the wires of the bulb that creates light. when you look at an electric heater it is the relatively free flowing current that creates heat.

bliss and divine love coming from God and allowed freely to flow - that means flow in and out of a soul through all manifested levels of any soul creates the continuous eternal joy perceived by all saints being one in God. a soul in God can be compared to an open end water pipeline being fully open on both ends. receiving full love and giving full love at any time.

;-))) now you know pretty well how we all should "function" - like an open end pipe to give love and receive love - all at the same time. it is very easy. just remove the one plug on your giving side and love starts to flow. by saying YES I want to give all I receive to all who are in need here it all will happen - God helps you for any fine tuning needed at the right time.

just keep in mind that some of your current problems may be part of your actual spiritual lessons and karma, others however may just have occurred in your life because you have adapted some of your parents or surroundings energies while growing up. learn from all the good things India has given you and learn all the good things the rest of this planet can offer you and forget all the other things. by focusing entirely on all the good aspects you want to achieve everything else vanishes in the divine fire of Gods love and bliss.

I love you


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Ashok Vellappallil

Dear Hans,

I could grasp much of what you have mentioned though have some doubt about giving to women. What can I give.? I do love but how do I give.? I could send letters to my wife. What could I give to all women.? At this time materially I may not be able to give to many. Somehow I am not clear how can I and what can I give unconditionally as a man and there by become a real man naturally getting attracted(physically ) to opposite sex.?

Please throw more light on my ignorance.

Secondly, creating a service of my own. I always wished to do that but how can one charge for a spiritual service. I see you do not charge anyone.? Is there any rules for charging for a service.? I am not for any managerial position and I realize now the reason I do not get any interview call also for such positions as internally I do not feel at ease with sales position, or managerial position. I feel tensed and I do not want to be tensed causing more karmic debt.

I love giving spiritual service though I do not feel confident about my own disposition.?

I surfed through Ananda's home page and realized there is a charge for home study of Kriya Yoga. What could be the limiting factor for setting up any fee for spiritual service.

I like to tell people about love and truth which is nothing but God taking incidents of my own life.

I have had the chance to learn REIKI. What is your opinion about healing practices. Some people charge for REIKI sessions. some people do not. My teacher had told me to charge but it was the most difficult thing for me to do. Please give me some of your thought about it. Now I started believing that REIKI or any other system for that matter is based on love and one's faith in God and that is faith in oneself.

Is it not advisable to send healing energy to someone who is in need but has not asked for it.? Does it mean that I am taking that person's Karma.?

I want to improve Hans, day by day minute by minute and at times I am becoming so much impatient. I truly want to go back to India once I am in state to buy my tickets.

Trying for job, which might pay little more, how should I try.? How can I really start something from nothing.? Do I need to submit my wish to God to create an environment where in I could have little more of financial freedom.? how should I try from my part. Will it be greed if I ask for more. ? God knows that I might need more right.? So why should I struggle in applying to every post and wait for the interview call. etc.?

I get confused now.

I love my wife and I love all the females. I wish to know my wife more and more and I wish to give her myself in the most tender way so as to attain liberation.

I pray to God for that .

Love and prayers


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beloved Ashok

to give means to give all you have and ever had


it also means for your family to give all property ALL before even talking about having debts to any single person on earth or beyond.

first give ALL PROPERTY then clear any debts with what you have received from giving all, then make a balance and sum up what really is left to be paid.

in addition give all your labor . WORK physically. work hard and even harder work is also giving. physically work yourself. that means no businessmen - doing yourself all the actual work starting from the very basic production up to the end of line where you give to customers receiving it.

work to earn money - because working is giving.

as long as anyone in the family has a single personal property or belonging of any kind no one can ever talk about debts or needing money !!!!!!!!!! no one !

what can you give to women - your self - your body - all. start with one woman - start with your wife. but since getting her to you costs money - the same amount as getting you to her. going to her place is giving. having her coming to your place is receiving !

what can you give to other women,
a real and tender hug,
a rose or any flower

.... ahhh I have no money ?? - work to get it - work to have something to give away - earn something on your own to have something to give away !!

or give them something you make on your own,
clothing that you design and tailor on your very own
food that you grow, care for, collect and cook on your very own
give them anything YOU make on your own

if you still thing you have nothing at all to give - open your eyes - to into the wild fields and collect flowers (during appropriate season) collect them and give these free flowers to other women to make them feel like beloved angels on earth in a female body. Because Most of them have difficulties in feeling like an angel, because we men have failed to MAKE them experience to feel like beloved angels of the divine. Hence they started to work on their own to earn all they need instead of receiving from us men. Of course many of them have difficulties in opening themselves to receive. So if we want to help them to learn receiving we men need to learn to offer to them - all we have - our love - our labor - our body - all - because God is living within all of them - whatever we give them we give to God. How beautiful this idea can be if all really understands that anyone is God in disguise, just to help us to learn and become grown up children of the divine lover of us all.

.... if you have nothing right now

then it is time to make anything you can give away
to women as well as to anyone else
make to give
the more you make yourself
the more you can give
you receive all you need from God
all this planet with any material this planet still offers to you for free in nature - but YOU may have to go and collect it
that's all you need

you know that in India (for example mountain area of (Tamil Nadu) wood is needed because of the cold they have in winter time and also for cooking, because wood is cheaper for cooking than kerosene, because it is FREE if you collect it. but I have seen only women collecting and selling wood. making Rs 30 - 50 per bundle of approx. 30 kg they carry for many miles

from the wood into the cities or villages. the do and give, because their husbands may have forgotten how to do and how to give.

hence go out and do - since you have a male body you can carry more and faster making more money than a female body and having more to give than a female body has in this way.

this is but one sample but a real one.

just learn to do ALL work from scratch - right now and until now you are mainly focusing in doing the nice work like office or sales jobs, leaving the REAL work to others - to females eventually. change that position and become a real doer !

become creative.

you become attractive to your wife and the opposite sex in general by really becoming a giver. start as with first line on top. and continue step by step - year after year - before you can attract your own wife it may take a few years - but finally you may succeed and be able to make her happy if you really want to.

spiritual services first require some far above average spiritual progress on yourself, then it always is free, that means you just give, stop thinking of receiving or charging, charging is wanting, is wanting to receive, stop thinking about any kind of receiving. receiving is what you have done EXCESSIVELY too long.

now it is time doing, giving - just for a honest and free contribution - leave it absolutely and totally up to the person receiving from you to give you any free contribution or nothing at all. for you it is important to focus on giving only for the next SEVERAL years possibly. God will take care of what you need. be honest and be modest. be absolutely satisfied whatever you get ( this is a basic lesson from yama and niyama - hence just go back to step one - yama and niyama and practice it all for years and years .... !!! )

in India for example you have
they first where shoe cleaners / polishers
working for years and years
learning while working on their own
improving their own skills
and learning to repair more and more different shoes
by being creative
by talking waste material from the industry like car tires for sole-material, etc....
and learned finally to repair almost any shoe
then some even started to make simple Indian leather sandals for the ladies
and they are busy in doing, creating, giving
and they all appear FAR above average happy
as they are giving

they have become free of any dependency, because they all are self-employed and hence free, can start and stop their work any time, because they are free, and willing to make others happy

BUT the most important:

I have never seen anyone charging any fixed amount - all I have seen and all whose services I have used many times with great pleasure and love have just held her hand up and accepted any honest amount given to them, from me as well as from all other Indian citizens !

there might be exceptions - but that is the way ALL have done their work that I have met or seen.

a real good sample of giving free of thought about receiving,
just one other sample but a real good one
it also could be copied anywhere else on this planet
and the system of doing, of creating, of giving to others just for a free and honest offer from others can be practiced by anyone in ABSOLUTELY ANY business.
but the lesson following then may be:
those providing a real good services that really is meeting a natural demand of mankind is considered valuable and plentiful may be received by the giver
and services or products outside the real and natural demand of mankind may be considered free of any value and nothing or very little may be given to the creator of such services or products.

a sample for this last is:

in India you see often people having a small balance to weight the people passing by
they accept free donations and receive little
because they are not doing anything on their own at all, the technique does all for them,
furthermore it never makes people happy to know their weight, either it is what they expected or knew anyway, or it is more than they liked and they received frustration instead of happiness but finally it never meets a natural demand of anyone.
anyone on earth can live for hundreds of incarnations free of the knowledge of his or her weight,
everyone can achieve oneness in God free of such knowledge of his or her weight. hence the service is useless and all that give do so because of pity for the one too lazy to offer any real product or service. I have so far never seen any such person being happy or smiling in India.
but I have seen many shoe-polishers smiling and being happy in India. because there is an absolute difference in their service.

with this very two examples you and anyone else among the readers can and will find out what kind of service is useful and beneficial and to what degree.

then by selecting a useful and helpful service or product just focus on doing and giving and accept anything people are giving you, anything ... a smile for your several hours of work, or just love for the same work, or 10 Rupees for an hours or two of work. or any other amount, some people may give thousand fold of what you ever could have expected as soon as you are free of any expectation !!

since many many years I have stopped to charge anyone at all. for anything I do what so ever. I did so even the last several months an antique dealer just giving for a honest amount ant the customers decided what amount they considered honest. because honesty is absolute and divine it is God who takes care of all if you start to serve God instead of serving your ego or other egos.


this is absolute as you do all for God, any spiritual service is done for God, anything done for a fixed fee is done for ones ego.

it is up to all to decide whether they want to serve their ego or God. if charging a fee, the amount of love and bliss able to receive from God is reduced by the ego that CHARGES FEES.

anyone offering a real God-related service to mankind gets all the donations in material and / or money needed to proceed with all of his spiritual work successfully. all is always received for free from to by anyone, absolutely all by anyone ! from eternity to eternity.

if you charge for anything you prevent people from learning and practicing their needed lesson of giving on their own.

a millionaire giving hundred thousand dollar for an initiation to reach God is giving nothing at all. but a millionaire giving all is reaching God for sure. all he needs is to give it to God, this may mean to any or many of God's children on earth or to a Guru or a wise mixture of these combinations.

finally all mankind on earth WILL FOR SURE give all they have to God on their own and with love before they can ever reach God or even getting close to God it is all the property that's separates all from the divine home in God's.

anyone really serving God always gets all from God - directly or through all his children on earth - God takes care of that because God would like all his children to be happy hence God supports all that makes others happy. that includes all to teach and practice to love and to spiritually proceed on their path home.

the only limiting factor to set up any fee for any service - spiritual or commercial - is your ego. the greater your ego the more you charge - the smaller your ego the less you charge because God is allowed to take care of anyone free of any ego !!! because free of any ego means you are hosting God even in your present physical body. all people then are doing to this very physical body is done to God. and only to God. but God only loves. so should anyone really seeking God - only love. thinking of money and charging fees stops the flow of love or at least causes a more or less dramatic reduction of flow of love.

before you can tell people about love you need to love - in your case you need to tell them how to give love - and therefore YOU first need to learn it yourself - to give - step by step - first give physically - may be the absolute only way is to first start to learn and practice for some extended time to give physical labor, to physically work to get a feeling of how it feels to have created something on your own. after successfully completed this first step and having given all to make sure all your debts are cleared - then you may proceed to step number two. God will tell you when and how to proceed from that point on. after finishing successfully step nr. 1 !! just re-read the top of this text again, and all previous texts. there is plentiful to complete before proceeding any further. first a good basement then a strong building !

REIKI is a brand name of a technique - God has no brand name on any of his truly divine healing techniques offered for free !! all the rest is said above! ALL !! it applies to absolutely ALL in absolutely any situation under any circumstances !!

all the real things are so absolute that it only is necessary to tel them ONCE and the way it is said it is and shall remain clear that it applies to all situations at all! all you do with your questions is what mankind has done to the teaching of Jesus, they discussed the teaching instead of applying them to the point. they search for side doors instead of applying all to all of their life in all situations. they attempt to bend the rules to make their ego fit through it instead of reducing their ego to make the ego fit through all the rules in all and any situation. how many thousand years do you Ashok plan to proceed with such questions before starting to believe and apply absolute rules to all of you and to all of your life in all situations ! ALL !

this applies to all - to absolutely all. love is the only direct solution - just love - for love - in love - with love.

when other people are ill, they are so because they forgot to behave like children of mine. hence they all need all your love. just love. and they all need to learn again to behave in love. all receive all they ever asked or ask for - all. but they all can only receive what they ask for - all.

understand this on your own. and apply it.

you and all may pray and send your love, ask for mercy and grace for all needing help. all the rest is up to them to ask and accept as all are free to refuse as well - it is part of being free children of mine. some may need to bow in front of their sisters, divine children of mine - to receive what is waiting on them. love, bliss and the fulfillment of all their needs in any way.

how many tickets you need to go back to India ? my body would need but one ? your wife is in India hence you have but one body to transport.

just work and pay that single one ticket. accept any work, any labor day and night to pay for that one ticket if that is what you really want. any work offered by God and pleasing God. for the rest - see above and all other posts and all chapters of this domain ! all !

any job. kuli, labor, loading and unloading trucks, road construction, anything offered by God ! see above.

accept it to be anywhere and anything - see above !! here right here where you are, or if someone wants and needs your labor or help in Alaska and pays for the ticket then go to Alaska or any other place. anyone really needing your help will pay for ANY AND ALL expenses occurring from any necessary travel AND / OR additional training ! ANYONE CHARGING REALLY JUST WANTS YOUR MONEY AND NEVER YOUR HELP !!

you have all you need to give - a physical body with two legs, two feet, two arms, two hands and a head with a brain. make combined use of all. it is your working machine to create anything you then can give. step by step. the first step is the physical step. give first physically. and you have all to do that. all. now learn to use it and give all results to God whatever your body creates and gives - devote it to God. God takes care of your body and you are free to make choices of what to create and what and how to give and to whom. you will learn by actually doing. the more you do the more you learn.

instead of struggling to search any post you also may look for real jobs. labor jobs, real work. heavy work allows your body to become a giver-body, a strong male body, with strong muscles. it creates creative energy-potential and will power. then after that you may proceed.

you also may offer your services of any kind to anyone needing help. make a post somewhere where allowed (here in Europe this is sometimes allowed in super markets for free) also there are magazines that offer private classifieds for free, also you have such free services on this domain with a topic for job opportunities. did you place search for any job there already. it is offered to all and since you have read all of this domain you should know this service - it is for you all to be used. YOU are looking for help, hence YOU NEED TO ASK for a job. do so at all necessary places. it always is free at the right places. there are many free places. in the www and in free classified printed ads in many different countries on different continents. just offer your labor of any kind. as a kuli, as a worker, inside - outside, any job that helps anyone else on this planet. God will guide you. serve and learn to help by serving others and you will know when to proceed to a different job at the right time.

before you can know your wife more, you need to learn to know yourself. you are a man. but before you can know this man within yourself you need to become a man. how ? see above. just do it all - step by step. all. it is your life - your own happiness and joy you are working toward - it is your own freedom and health you are working to achieve. hence all is your sole responsibility and your own work to achieve successfully. at any time you may make your very own and free choice and decision. you are a free child of the divine - free to make whatever you want - all help for any decision is given to you. it is up to you to practice during the next decades until you reach your goal - whatever goal you are heading to. God will always help you to achieve any goal you set up and pray for his bliss and assistance to accomplish it successfully. in love - with love.

before you meet your wife you have several steps to do. it all has been explained to you. your wife never CAN MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU - because it is your sole and only job and responsibility, because it is a lesson of your soul. but one day she may be able to help you to further proceed on your path to God. but you may need to be a realized male man before you may be a husband-partner for her, she too may need to learn her very own lessons of being a female wife to you OR TO ANY OTHER MAN READY TO OFFER HER THIS CHANCE NOW ! Your wife's soul has something to learn too and may need a male husband partner to learn just that's. Else she would be in God rather than spending her time here on earth. She needs all the best situations to learn as fast and lovingly as possible. With whom ever, because all men on earth are children of the divine, you may be her husband or anyone else, whoever wants to make her happy and to actively love her and give her all she needs to successfully find her happiness in love or whatever she wants and desires, whatever she prays for shall be given to her and whatever she prays for is her divine right to be received by her. From any source because it always is God that's gives to her what she prays for and asks for.

One day your soul has realized this lesson and will proceed, God will show you when and how. A divine soul is neither male nor female by the means of sex. One day both aspects - your female that's is highly developed and your male that's is completely suppressed at this very moment, will be in divine balance and as of then your way back home continuous much faster. Just keep in mind how a baby learns walking, by attempting again and again, after each fall again until it succeeds. And it always does learning to walk step by step, in tiny small baby steps until it gets stronger and the steps also may safely get stronger. So will your spiritual steps get stronger as you proceed often and successful with thousands of small baby steps. !! ;-))) keep loving and keep smiling. It all is but a learning game on earth. But we all are winners - we all get the first price - if we really want so - the first price is eternal bliss and love in God. Anyone ever attempting to skip any of the basic steps may one day realize that's these very lessons are missing and may be the only reason for missing further success.

Hence they may go through many incarnation just to find out that they need to repeat and go through these very basic steps anyway. It all makes a spiritual sense at the end and by that time we all realize that's every single incarnation and every part of any given incarnation had a divine and healing sense. Necessary because sometimes earlier we failed to take the straight and direct path of love.

always keep in mind that your wife never can be YOUR wife. she always will remain free to give herself to anyone SHE wants. that means she never can be property of anyone. She has a divine right to receive you and all of you. Learn to accomplish this task - it is a basic lesson of any soul during the basic steps toward God. To give, to love, to care for someone, to maintain him physically, to do for him, to serve him and more.

she has a divine right:


that means she is free to change her husband if you are too slow in making your changes of your inner attitude of giving and practicing to give. she has a right, an absolute and divine right to have a husband - a male man - husband NOW if she wants so. that also implies her divine right to get divorce for free any time she wants so. any time SHE wants so.

it is up to you to learn to GIVE so much of anything and particularly of true love flowing through your male body, that she feels really happy with you. near you or wherever you are. but the single most important shall always be the true love flowing through your two bodies - from soul to soul, from heart to heart, from body to body. all material parts of life shall be third priority. the first is God, the second your love for each other, the 3rd priority all the rest. this and only this can lead to true happiness between any two persons on this planet.

Beloved Ashok - now it really is time for an extensive break with all your questions. It NOW is time for you to practice all that ever has been said to you and all that is written here on this domain as well as in other holy scriptures. Now it is your turn to practice for weeks, for months, for years. You have asked for initiation to Kriya Yoga earlier - you will receive it at the right time soon. You can either come here to my place but free of any debts !!! or God finds another way to do so. Free of any additional expenses.

now beloved Ashok it really is time for you to start practicing and to immediately stop asking. you have got so much to learn and to practice. anything else would be to much. because you have got all steps without even having done step nr 1.

learn all again, read all again, practice all, again and again, for weeks, months and years. you have asked for Kriya Yoga initiation. you will get it at the right time, be sure. first get prepared by doing step by step what needs to be done. it all is written here on this domain as well as in all holy scriptures that are still available in its original. if you are in a hurry to receive initiation to Kriya Yoga now, then come here to my place but come here as a free person - free of any debts and with your own money that YOU earned with your body, with your creativity.

with love for all of you



all the above is valid for all persons concerned and there are billions now and later on this planet! some steps of learning need to be learned now or later. The sooner the better because the sooner accomplish successfully all the basic steps of learning to love all and allowing all others to love you - the sooner you find real happiness and health whatever you do and wherever you do it.

this and only this can lead to true happiness between any two persons on this planet.

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beloved Ashok

the last message almost crashed the system.

it contains all you need for the rest of this incarnation to get prepared. now it is your turn to do. doing requires stopping to ask and learn by practicing. practicing is more fun than talking about. and it is more efficient.

now others are waiting for help. more to be done for all mankind on earth. have fun and enjoy your practicing and loving by doing and giving.

and allow others to receive - from God and through me. if you keep me busy with repetition of answers to questions that all have somehow been answered directly or indirectly in any of the many chapters or posts to others including any books or links mentioned. then it means you want again to have all just for yourself and want to prevent others from receiving as well. greed ! dissolve it by giving, giving in this very case means practicing and learning while loving quietly.

with love and bliss


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Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

Thanks and love from my heart.

My practice begins.

On this Christmas day, on this millennium, a new life awaits me as a man and I am going.

Love and blessings to all.


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Ashok Vellappallil

Beloved Hans,

This message is not intended to take away your time. As per your suggestion and my own guidance through God I could leave aside my thoughts for a career. Now I am trying to offer some service, work literally using hands, legs and little brain to earn a living. I started feeling uncomfortable in the retail sale ( though there is absolutely no pressure at all for selling. ) Sometimes I feel sorry and upset for some people who come and lovingly buy certain material(say gifts, decorative items, toys) with such love, paying such large amount of money, I feel for them. I wish if they could get it free, how happy they could be. when the sign says it is 50% off they are so much delighted. Then too I feel sorry for them. Some other times when the owner go through the materials observing the sales, talking to the staff, I feel for him too. Because he has invested so much and being a new Canadian Tire store, it has not made much ""profit"" as per my manager and many people were laid off as they are unable to pay salary. I pray for him too. It is rather difficult to be on two boats. Some days there is absolutely no work and just arrange the shelves etc. I am trying for all types of work, anything which could give me 40 hours of work on a continuous basis.

In the mean time immigration has accepted my sponsorship application of my wife and today I am forwarding the material to my wife who could do the rest. The application fee I paid from my wages. Now with in 2 or 3 months she might get her visa.

I am trying if I could go and meet her before she comes over. I searched through the Internet and realized that there are several positions in Ontario and spoke to one company, who is looking for machinist operator trainee. He said he cannot guarantee the job on the phone though he needs 5 people. He is ready to talk to me if I could go over to Ontario. He is willing to give training.

I remember what you said earlier, if somebody wants my service they will be able to provide me with the expenses for relocation. ?

I have seen couple of more ads also in that area. Here with this loving family I have been receiving and since they are not taking money from me even now, I try to buy some groceries, fruits and house hold things, in a way which is possible by me. I do not know how can I repay them.? isn't it karma to keep on receiving.?

Yesterday one person called me, saying he wants to know about REIKI and got my reference from Toronto. I explained what ever I knew with love and sincerity and on being asked about my fee, I was delighted to tell him it is free though he could not believe it. He said he wants to meet me.

Leaving this place is definitely a discomfort for me, but I have looked at your teachings and realized that I would not have to think at all if I need to move to another city without any plans. I do not have any belongings at all apart from the basic clothes and certificates and few books which I read on a continuous basis.

Is it going away from God to be in a place which could be comfortable as per the climate ?

I like the weather of Vancouver as it is not as cold as Calgary, and it is quite green too with ocean. Watching ocean had been a hobby for me and for the last 3 years I have not been to a sea shore and sometimes I think of being near to the waves. I feel tranquil then.

I also correct myself that I can be happy in any situation, but it is also important to work a make a living and support oneself. I talked to one company in Vancouver who are looking fro lab technician with Chemistry background and lab experience. I have a Masters in Chemistry though I had it in 1984 and also worked in College and some labs. I have lost touch but can try to catch up. They said they might get back to me in case if they find my credentials suitable.

Dear Hans, this too, I was not trying for career, as I have never applied here in the field of my subject as everywhere they want me to update or upgrade which I would like to do now as my basic need is to clear the debts and support myself, my wife and Mother.

What do you think about my predicament. Am I still going away from God. you are God and I am God's child so please tell me if I am trying to be tricky, or covering myself in any way which I myself may not be aware.?

If by any chance you think I am trying to be selfish in getting your attention, please do not try to reply. I will understand and I will love you and God and all others more. I trust you and I trust God, so I will get an answer which will be the right one


Love and prayers


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Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the secret teachings of Jesus - online yoga teachings about Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama.

beloved Ashok

one day is the day you just start to make your own decision by using all your have read. now may be that day.


God will assist you in all. just use common sense where intuition is missing.

work wherever you find work learn to be a creative giver. step by step. it may take a few years but you will succeed. the more you actually create the better it is for your wellbeing and spiritual progress at the same time.

you may expect training being paid by an employer but of course traveling is your part !! any traveling unless the employer offers it for free - that means just for love and free of any conditions or terms.

limit all spending to less than you earn and increase your earning to a level where you can return to society what society has paid for you in the past.

the climate and everything else always may be as comfortable as possible. but even in cold climate people may need help. someone has the karma to even work under far less than ideal conditions. below freezing temperatures outside - just for construction or food of all mankind. sometimes it may as well be YOU who does such jobs. I have done it all as well for years and am still alive and healthy ;-))

with love and divine bliss


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