Can a girl have breast milk before having a child ?

Can a girl have breast milk without pregnancy, can an adult man drink breast milk, how does breast milk taste, why do some girls have breast milk and others nothing at all even during pregnancy, what is the meaning of breast milk, what is the effect of breast milk on an adult man - several questions I received are all answered below.

Yes of course a girl or woman have breast milk any time !

Flowing breast milk is the physical equivalent of flowing true love - the physical body is a direct reflection of the spiritual body.

While for the traditional medicine it may occur unusual physiology to have milk without pregnancy - from the spiritual point of view it is normal to always have breast milk totally independent from having a baby, independent from being pregnant at any age.

Why ?

Breastmilk is physical love - the bosom a physical manifestation of the 2 secondary chakras of anahata chakra - to give female love - eternally.

Giving love is normal for all human beings. For male as much as for female.

Giving or having milk simply proofs having love for partner ! Having NO milk proofs having NO true love for partner. A closed chakra also implies having no milk. Having no milk is a spiritually serious condition - it is proof of closed heart, of withholding love or denial of love toward partner as a spiritual result of the past - including past incarnations.

The fact that many or most women or girls have NO breast milk unless they are pregnant is simply cause by EGO and nothing else but ego. Any true and sincere desire to GIVE love - to another baby OR to her own partner will automatically activate the milk production.

A girl or woman with open heart always has breast milk

Of course it requires the anatomy being fully developed - that is the case some time during mid teenage years at approximately 14-16 years of age, when the newborn physical body has adapted to the old and well developed spiritual body.

When a woman is truly connected - open heart for her partner and God - then milk flows because love flows.

divine relationship God - husband - wife

A spiritual being - such as humans - are made to love and are made to live from love - a male man is living from female love and vice versa. Hence to do so both need to be connected to God - the source of all love as well as being truly connected to each other.

So I open my heart and milk flows ?

Yes ! But you have to really and truly WANT to make happy, to GIVE love !

Most women have at least SOME milk when they have a baby of their own. Some women have no milk at all or only for a few months. Having NO milk even for a personal baby is proof of EXTREME female stinginess. Normally at least toward a small baby the chakras of love open temporarily toward the baby. The very same attitude as a breast feeding girl has toward her baby needs to be re-established to have milk whenever her partner needs or enjoys her love.

What to do to open the heart and free the flow of love and hence milk ?

Spiritual lessons - step by step - as given here in the Cyberspace Ashram will open your heart more and more and reduce ego as well as karma and gets love flowing again. Kriya Yoga with all pertaining teachings of love will free you from all spiritual blockages and free the flow of love. Remember that we all are learning to love here on earth and the benefits of these lessons last forever.

Breast milk from a girl is sweet and delicious for every male man - however there are men on earth with so much ego and spiritual that they will reject female love in any way offered to them. If love is rejected from partner - then production stops in the other partner. A condition that would require serious re-consideration of the current partnership and eventually a divorce to find a truly loving partner. Loving always implies the readiness to always and fully absorb all love from partner ! Eternally.

Can an adult man drink breast milk from his partner or wife ?

Yes of course - this is the most normal source of sweet love for him - to receive and absorb female love in form of breast milk. However IF the partner has a baby and is breast feeding - then it is always baby first ! Obviously. But specially in early weeks or month - the mother may produce far too much milk IF she has an abundance of love equaling an abundance of milk for baby and all - and without her partner drinking milk from her she may even suffer pain from inflammation of her breast without the relief resulting from emptying the breast by her partner.

If an adult man rejects or refuses milk from his wife - then he is rejecting her love - rejection of love is a punishment by ego of same serious king like denial to love. A reason to divorce. Every person - male AND female has a divine birthright to have a loving partner who enjoys love and enjoys absorbing all love offered by the partner !!! After our return to God we all will have learned to fully give and absorb love and to live on love - nothing but love - Love from God as much as love from our eternal partner.

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