Sexuality on your way to God - Bramacharya and sin

Sexual behavior and development of a young soul incarnating in a male or female body on earth depends manly or entirely on the role mother or father played as a female or male handling each other as wife and husband, as female and male.

When one of the two parts of the parents displays a special behavior toward the other - fear may arise - fear to become as the one observed - fear to be equal. fear to be equally destructive or painful to others. this fear often results in denial of ones own sexual role in the present physical body. learn to recognize your childhoods triggering experiences and dissolve them in love by seeing the truth and asking for divine love from God to heal all. including a possible healing of your relationship with your mother or father as a female or male.

Sexuality on your way to God

Thessa Belcher

Can you please shed some light on my heart-skipping, breath stealing feelings about rape? I understand it is pretty normal to feel this way, but these feelings go beyond "Wow, that would suck". It's the same kind of heart-wrenching that I feel when I see Jesus on the cross. I know it must have to do with a past life, and I wouldn't even ask about it, except that I realize it has resulted in a big fear that I try to shoo away like a pesky fly. Every once in a while I am confronted with it, then think "I've never been raped, so there's no reason to get all worked up". Like tonight, I saw a movie about Joan of Arc, and there was a rape scene in this movie. I thought my guts were going to come up, and I felt them wrench inside me, then felt my spirit want to run from my body. This has happened several times, with this time being the most powerful.

What is going on?

Am I crazy?

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Beloved Thessa

You have been reading the chapter about the principle of samyama, hence you know when watching anything TV, movie, theater, or concentrating on anything mentally or in your phantasy, you always absorb the energy you are focusing on. and if watching a TV movie where people are being raped, or killed, etc you absorb these energies, because many artists identify themselves with the role they play - often it has to do with their own past, habits, lessons or karma. everything in Gods creation has a deep sense, most of the time even the role people play in movies. even in movies you only should play what you would do in real. or people killing in movies may still have the potential readiness to kill in physical freedom as well. many realize this potential by joining armed forces, police, etc. i.e. they search for a legal possibility to fulfill and realize their aggressive potential.

however there never can be any legalized killing - no matter how big the country is. whatever you do always causes the karma, whatever you do always is your very personal karma, never the karma of a country or government.

in your particular case, it also refreshes a memory of one of your past incarnations, causing these extreme emotional reaction. and such memories are very powerful particularly when the person was or still is identifying himself with his physical body. the more a person identifies himself with his physical body, the more painful a situation like rape may be, again and again whenever he remembers the situation or his memories are refreshed by watching a similar situation in TV, movie or in a real situation involving others. you always are confronted with your own karma, again and again until such karma is dissolved in love.

a positive example of detachment is the example of a car mechanic. he has his mechanic dress "blue collar" and goes beneath a car, getting full of dirt and oil. he knows, this is only his dress, may be a little of his skin. he does his job free of any worry about the dirt or even his dress being cut or otherwise damaged. when he finishes his job, he drops his dress, gets a shower and leaves. he knows he is the person inside the dress, separate from all the dirt.

the same attitude can be achieved when a soul uses a physical or astral body to learn a lesson or achieve goal on earth or beyond. free of any identification with the physical body. in such case the physical body only is "used" to learn, experience and live through a number of different experiences. dropping finally at the end of an incarnation his body and just taking along all the wisdom and experience collected while "on duty" here on earth and while preparing for real life in God.

however, the more a person identifies himself with his soul, the less painful any physical experience is. if he really and fully is soul-conscious "sometimes also called Christ-conscious", then that person / soul is free of any physical pain or emotional pain whatever happens to his body or soul or whatever he memorizes from his past incarnations, it all has been dissolved in love, hence there is but love left, love resulting in wisdom and leading to absolute God-consciousness.

this condition of Christ-consciousness is a natural state achieved through the practice of kriya yoga. your love toward God and all his creation can help you to speed up your spiritual progress and dissolving all karma.

the situation with you seeing Jesus on the cross is similar in his cause, you missed to follow his teaching, you missed to follow his sample, again and again. you have been physically present when he was nailed to the cross and then again, since you were identifying yourself with your physical body, you thought he needed to feel pain, however Jesus never died on the cross, God was nailed to the cross. as Jesus was so one with God, God was feeling all the pain done to Jesus and God protected Jesus from suffering any pain at all. he never felt anything else but divine bliss and love from God, as he still does nowadays.

no one ever dying in the name of God ever could suffer a single second as long as he has full faith in the divine love and omnipotent power of God. he will be relieved immediately from his body before even the start of any pain causing action begins.

remember the sequence of physical senses - how they are cut off during initiation of samadhi. the last is hearing and voice. that means Jesus on the cross was of course still capable to speak to his neighbors and visitors and listening / hearing to their talk while being freed of any feeling from his physical body.

if you ever gain true faith in the divine love of God, you will experience such tremendous protection through the divine love flowing from God through you and you will know it is true.

learn to detach from any physical attachment, such as ricci, or anything else physical. concentrate more on the divine love beyond the physical, concentrate fully on God, more and more, whatever you do, even while working on your job.

it helps you to dissolve your attachment to anything physical and it helps you to become a visitor on earth watching this divine "movie" created by God for learning.

next time you encounter any or both of above situations, fully open your heart, absorb ALL that tormenting energy and fully open toward God by opening your Sahasrara chakra "on top of your head" and let all that fear and turmoil flow to God. offer it to him. ask him to dissolve it, to remove it from you and free you of anything related to it. ask him to heal you from any trauma left in this regard. if done properly it can instantly be dissolved. else you missed to do it properly, by blocking the situation off. You may repeat it again and again - but remember you need to

open fully for the situation that causes any problem to you, and fully open at the same time to God through the Sahasrara chakra


this means dissolve in love.

however remember, it always first requires your 100% readiness to fully forgive to ANYONE whatever they do or have done, to LOVE divinely everyone and anyone, whatever they have done are still are doing. it requires you to be ready and willing to just LOVE all mankind and all creatures in Gods entire creation.

how could God dissolve in love what you have done, if you failed to dissolve what others have done to you. first forgive and dissolve all others have done to you, then ask God to dissolve all you have done to anyone. that how the divine law of mercy and grace works when you face all your deeds after leaving your physical body.

sometimes in the near future I may draw a picture showing the metaphysical physiology of this procedure of dissolving in love. I just need the drawing pad Intuos A4 or A5 from Wacom to do such jobs here on my computer. it eventually will be posted as part of "on your wings of Love - on your way to God".

God bless you


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Thessa Belcher

Hi Hans

I have read that the reason that Buddha and Mahavira did not initiate women is because during menstruation, a woman's aura gets clouded with aggression and violence. I guess they felt as if all of the lessons learned up to that point would have been washed away in the change of aura. So they taught that the only thing a woman could do is work to reincarnate as a man.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks ;o)) love love love love love love


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Beloved Thessa

Here we face a problem that we encounter again and again people discuss what supposedly has been said rather than what they directly have learned from God or from a divine soul being sent by God to them.

now to your did Buddha or Mahavira tell it to you personally ?? or did you hear it being said, from someone else who heard it from another source ..... ?? how many persons and egos have been involved from that possible original saying until your present person.

you all should learn to listen more carefully to living saints that have been sent by God to this planet again and again. during each important period of time a true free soul was present to refresh the divine message of love and provide solutions and help to mankind.

mankind's perception has been far too much clouded in the past to forward all truth perfectly. but even the slightest misunderstanding could be disastrous for the straight and loving spiritual progress.

any soul, completely free of its present gender "sex" has the opportunity to find a direct way of love to God - any time any soul wants to return, it can !!!!!!!

such misunderstandings and wrong teachings as the one you mentioned, have been spread over and over again by many persons during the past millenaries. partially due to the fact of the story of creation that still exists in some peoples mind. I mean the story of Adam and Eve. the creation of mankind as well as all other souls and beings is far more complex. it all has to do with infinite love, love from God to all mankind, to all beings, creatures of any kind ever created, on earth as well beyond. the manifold teachings of women being impure during menstruation or as a women at all is completely wrong. all beings at any time are my beloved children. ALL - anytime - for ever - eternally !!!

sexuality is surely something divine, as it has been created by God, for the sole purpose to allow mankind to learn and practice love in a pleasurable way. but it also shows how complicated mankind can make the simple action of LOVE while having an ego. actually to love is so simple, so absolute divine and easy, that anyone can love, just love. anyone can practice a large variety of actions while just loving. basically the difference is most of the time the inner attitude of a person engaged in an social relationship with others.

but sexuality on earth - with its present ego still being far developed - can be quite frustrating for all parties involved. hence the wise advise of many previous saints and spiritual teachers - to drop it and fully concentrate on spiritual development instead to prepare for a much higher manifestation of love between souls.

please note that any person at any time can have and has the sole control over his aura, whether during menstruation or after, whether male or female. everyone always has the power to control all his mind, emotions and actions. all help to accomplish this has been known since many thousands of years. particularly in countries with a highly developed yoga tradition like India, but also also Inca and other previous cultures have known how to develop control of mind and hence control of aura.

any aura can be purified any time by anyone. God union can be achieved by absolutely anyone who really wants it, during any given incarnation. anything still left to learn can be learned through God-union. all you need is the true and positive readiness to live and be in love with all. nothing more and nothing less !! love is the key to God and all mankind has the divine potential of love within.

beloved one, what would be the sense of great souls coming to this planet again and again, if you still listen to sayings rather than to living teachings. ?? instead of discussing old scriptures, that might have been translated and adapted again and again, just look at present books and learn to read them with your intuition by listening to your heart when reading them. pray for divine assistance to find the truly important phrases you really need, but most important of all - practice what you have learned.

great female saints have blessed this planet during the past several hundreds of years and their divinity has been brought to mankind's attention. re-read for example the "autobiography of a yogi", and you find a few examples therein. go ahead with your Kriya Yoga practice and applied love and proof to the world how saint a female can be. just remember:

someone who can walk from Bavaria to Assisi - can walk any distance, any path - obviously also the path to God. NOW !!

many angel like souls are presently incarnated in a female body. even if some of them may still be " sleeping angels" :-)) it is time to focus on the real important goals in life and this is to LOVE in all situations and to support spiritual growth anywhere and everywhere. show the world how loving an angel you can be in your female body !! because divine love and bliss will carry you and support any efforts you make to love and find your way home.

with infinite divine love and bliss for all female "embodied" divine souls as well as all the male ones.

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Navin Natarajan

Dear Hans,

I have been attempting ...:-" practicing "Bramacharya" "perfect celibacy" for some time. Only God knows how difficult that has been! I try to increase my "ojas" and not deplete my energy. I am having an interesting experience that creates a problem for me.

I meditate every morning. After meditation I lye down and relax. Once in a while as I rest I get a strange sensation of lifting off from my body. I feel like a low voltage of electricity is passing through me. I feel myself being pulled or lifted and I "levitate". I am fully 100% aware of whats going on and I feel something so I know its not a dream. As I ascend I try to turn around to look at my body but I cant. So I lift off higher and higher and the room is the same but sometimes it changes into another room with complete different design. As I am up there enjoying myself I suddenly feel a sensation in my groin. And before I can physically stop I have spontaneous discharge. There is nothing sexual about the experience. It occurs spontaneously when I am up there. My concern is not about the actual experience. What I would like to know is why I get this discharge and how I can prevent it so that I can conserve on my energy. Every time I get it I feel a bit tired and down on that day and also it take a few days for me to get cheerful again. Maybe its all in my head but I would like a second opinion!:-"

Thank you for Your Love.

With Love


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Bramacharya - celibacy - has caused hundreds millions of males and females getting seriously ill

Anything causing illness and emotional distress never can be from God !

Beloved Navin

Bramacharya is certainly wise in many cases, but it also may appear to be a denial of a God given - God made - opportunity to learn to love and to learn to open for love.

Bramacharya has caused hundreds millions to get ill, seriously ill during thousands of years until now. hence dissolving in love is infinitely better than simply suppressing as understood by most from blindly obeying Bramacharya. love is healing. Love comes from God, God always heals and frees. anything causing troubles or illness is ego-made.

on this very planet the ego is of such power that part of the population is fighting with their present partners rather than loving, even among active God-seekers many are fighting, holding onto their partner, limiting his freedom and hence his possible spiritual growth.

so many gurus of ancient time recognized this potential and Bramacharya - refraining from any sexual activity with any partner - and many made it even as a mandatory rule.

mankind attempts to clone animals and one day even humans. but as for now all humans are still made in its original and are created by God. hence if God made men and women, he must have had a true reason to do so. the reason has been explained in other chapters or posts of this web site and may be further elaborated later on in a different chapter about sexuality on your way to God.

by refraining from something you still keep the object in mind that you refrain from ! see also the chapter about principle of samyama. by rejecting anything you always attract what you reject.

its all about love on this planet as well as in Gods entire creation. sexuality is but a manifestation of practicing love on the physical level. when the ego or spiritual blockages of one or both of a partnership is too powerful, sexuality results in more energy loss as in any gain of healing or spiritual uplifting.

the innermost being of any soul knows that all is about love. but how can they learn and practice what love is, if even the most basic means of learning to love on the level of true loving partnership between a women and a man has been said to be a sin for thousands of years in certain certain cultures - particularly in Christianity.

what causes the loss of energy when having sex ? there are many reasons. one is people are having physical sex and the way they have and sometimes even enjoy it, it often is combined with physical labor !! it often is real hard work for them to get his partner or self an orgasm. an orgasm however is the first and only true proof that a partner is open for the love of the other part. as an orgasm is the temporary merging of the two astral bodies resulting in this feeling of joy that an orgasm creates.

to achieve such a situation of an orgasm both partners involved MUST at least temporary dissolve any blockages toward their present partner and create an opening. this causes a great consumption of energy and sometimes self-denial or lack of honesty. some partners never do what they really love to do. many are too much afraid of telling or doing what they really would love to do and what they often do in their fantasy.

this is a sort of dying and causes a kind of self-violation, injury to the self, karma, as any denial of the innermost truth causes new karma and hence energy loss as well. what causes the down and sad feeling in you is the fact that you belief that you have cheated God or done anything against any rule he set up.

the only rule from God is to love all and allow all to love you. anything involving true love at any moment is always blessed and directly supported by God. at that very moment your feeling of guilt however is greater within yourself as his divine love. hence he sends you to this forum to receive help and realize it in your life.

if merging with God, you see that it basically is the same as with merging with any other soul on any level, except that the vibration is infinitely higher and more blissful and loving. and more important it never causes any energy loss but always an energy gain. since merging with God always implies that you dissolve anything that ever has been between God and you.

since God always loves you, you may approach God the way you love to do. it always is love that you feel and experience. absolute love within and around you. such experiences could also be made with any soul, if the souls present ego has been completely dissolved in love.

rather than wasting time with Bramacharya just focus on love. develop love and pray to God to show you all the lessons to be learned to completely dissolve anything in his divine love and finally merge with God.

God never asked you to stop loving anyone. if physical love is what a person needs or better: if physical love is all a person can perceive - that person should get any form of love to get healed and opened more and more until that person has reached a state of consciously receiving spiritual love beyond any physical contact at all. this may take a while depending on the present state of an ego, depending on how open a soul is to receive and send love at the same time to all mankind and to all creation.

what you experience after meditation is but a simple out-of-body experience. something very normal to all mankind. most mankind at present are way too much identifying themselves with their physical body and binding them into their physical body. a soul however uses a physical body just as a vehicle to learn particular lessons to find its way back to God. getting back to God is the only true desire of any soul.

when you meditate divine energy releases you of most God-separating energy within your aura and hence lifting off from your physical body with your astral body results just automatically. even further there are many higher astral spheres where you start to see everything differently. later on you may even experience causal universes


when this happens again, learn to use it for your spiritual benefit. this is done by praying to God and ask him to help you to learn even faster when out of your physical imprisonment. if you know what that means and if you really are open for real spiritual progress and ask for divine help on your way to God, you may then receive some help and guidance while being out-o-body. remember that YOU have to sincerely request it and of course you can do it just while you experience any out-of-body journey. as you always remain fully conscious - even more conscious than in your physical body.

if however you just use such experiences for astral traveling and astral tourism, it may cause the same effects as physical traveling. out-of-body experiences can be used however to speed up your spiritual progress dramatically, as it allows you to receive individual counseling and teaching in a much different and more efficient way than while being in a physical body.

now you may ask why this never is being taught in most spiritual traditions ? it may cause more distraction than life on earth and life on earth causes already plentiful distraction - so much that most mankind has completely lost their spiritual orientation and forgotten some of the most powerful and most important spiritual truth about their divine origin in God.

to make wise and powerful use may require that you have but spiritual progress on your direct path to God in mind. nothing but God on a path of love.anything else could result in more distraction than it would create benefits. and keep in mind that the same rules and laws apply in astral worlds as here. that means you could create karma, get injured - and more the very same way as here on earth - your potential or divinity is still the same. whatever you could cause here - you also could cause out of body. that's why we all need to learn first here and then further. but we can use such experiences to speed up our learning if spiritual growth and development is all we have in mind - in direct relation to God - to God-union.

most God-related spiritual traditions therefore avoid teaching such techniques and during the course of any spiritual practice that brings you nearer to God many will automatically experience out-of-body situations.

since more love is flowing into you and through you, this usually results in sensations similar to spontaneous orgasm. with the difference that it usually last much longer. it can be felt together with any other astral being "person our of body or person free of a body" just as a result of love flowing from one to the other.

what causes you to feel tired, down and even sad is:

YOU FEEL GUILTY because of some really wrong teachings you ever received in your past. dissolve this guilt by asking God to do so, to remove any blockage you have that ever could prevent from freely enjoying any divine manifestation of love on any level.

it is the temporary freedom and joy of freedom that your soul experiences that causes this discharge as in your physical body you suppress all physical needs, emotions and desires.

suppressing anything is totally different from dissolving in love. dissolving in love simply means you drop one experience to be free for a higher one. you do this by striving for God-union, nothing but God and love in your mind. and the more intense and successful you do it, the more you will open for higher manifestations of love, hence the attraction of physical love vanishes in the fire of divine love.

as you said its all in your head, so just give it to God. and also give the equivalent blockage you may have in your aura to God. just allow him to flush your entire aura and body with his divine bliss and healing love.

God is much, much different than all mankind on earth expects. there is but love - just love - you can do whatever you want if you want to experience anything and God always helps you to experience what you want and he always helps you to heal anything that might result from a wrong experienced having caused some turmoil within you.

whatever you want to experience you always find a partner or someone else who wants to experience the same if a partner is needed. all experiences lead to more wisdom, better understanding of all creation, a better understanding of how much love flows from God through all creation and all creatures and it also results in more love to flow through you. in all directions and dimensions !

God made love - all is made in love - of love - with love. all and any experiences are made free this divine potential of love within all his divine children on earth and beyond.

I love you


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