I'm a beginner at Kriya Yoga and find inspiration

April 30th 1999, Fred from USA wrote:

..... I'm a beginner at Kriya Yoga and find inspiration in your words. If I may ask... have you, yourself, reached nirvikalpa samadhi?

I'm not challenging you by asking this. Even if you're just sharing what you believe in and have tasted of to some degree... even this is a help to people like me.

Tell me, I don't yet see the classic gold ring, blue sphere, white star described by Yogananda and others. Mostly I see a blue smudge. Do you consider it necessary to see that matrix with clarity is it more a matter of

feeling the energy flow toward it?

Also, I have some experiences that carry over from another mediation technique I practiced previously and wonder what you might make of them.

One is spontaneous bodily movements, mudras, vocalizations, etc. that this previous school called "kriyas." I read one Kriya Yoga teacher who witnessed this sort of thing and said it meant that the energy was being thrown outward rather than being interiorized, but he didn't say what might be done to redirect it. I experience these less than I used to, but they still happen many years later.

The other is the perception of a tiny blue light, like a pinhead size blue sun that appears for a second or two and vanishes. This sometimes happens inside or outside of meditation and is seen as external to the body. My old school placed great importance on this, but I never see it referenced in writings on Kriya Yoga.

Any insight you can offer would be appreciated. And if you have any power of blessing, please help me to come to know the infinite within this short lifetime.

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All my life was preparation for Kriya Yoga

beloved soul

the answer to your first question is YES.

I haven't seen this "classic" pattern, because there was no place for it in my mind, the only I ever had in mind was God and love, hence I realized nirbikalpa samadhi including complete God-union after 5 years of intense practicing of Kriya Yoga. intense meaning many many hours a day and by the end - i.e. before achieving nirbikalpa samadhi - for 12 - 14 hours a day of kriya pranayama and more per day !! day and night I was but thinking and practicing about development of divine love and achieving God-union. the years before achieving nirbikalpa samadhi were entirely devoted to God, as well as the time since then. entirely means the single and only priority in life at all. making money only part-time a few hours a week, just to get enough for all the bills of current simple life.

most western people have difficulties to make spirituality the only priority in life. however it is well worth it, finally it results in freedom - freedom in any sense, including freedom of any karma, freedom from the cycle of reincarnation for the remainder of eternity.

about the "classic" picture to be seen in kutashta is simple. the truly single most important is God-realization, God-union. this is achieved far beyond any vision. visions of symbols are of the astral worlds and may be a help for many, however may be skipped by many others striving intensely for love and God-union.

strive for God, for perfect divine love in any situations and toward all beings. work on fulfilling the first and great commandment of love, by first applying yama and niyama in all situations of life. then improve and learn to truly love with the divine power of your soul.

the word kriya in a general sense is used often in yoga to describe exercises of purification. purification of physical and metaphysical body.

hence it has little to do with the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga as meant by mahavatar babaji and his divine disciples thereafter.

some of my younger (by years of practicing Kriya Yoga) disciples also "suffer" from strong body movement or excessive body vibration during Kriya Yoga or sometimes during meditation. this simply means there are still too many blocking in the physical and metaphysical body. the flow of energy and the awareness / concentration needs to be better focused on the absolute, the divine beyond anything else.

never practice Kriya Yoga and combine it with any other exercises or mudras what so ever. Kriya Yoga is so powerfully and "opens all doors to heaven" that anything else but the purest divine power of God could be detrimental. however if you keep God as the only focus, there can only be love and divine healing power dissolving any karma, any obstacle in your body, physical and beyond.

if you use 24 hours a day for the remainder of this lifetime, what ever it may be, then you certainly may experience the divine union and find your eternal freedom in God.


Daily several hours of actual Kriya Yoga, the main focus on Kriya Pranayama

and all the remaining hours per day in practicing karma yoga, and loving all beings with the full divine power of a soul made to the image of God !!

that means 24 hrs of real Kriya Yoga per day. if you practice seriously and God-union is the only priority in your life, then you may achieve God-union after a few then thousand hours of Kriya Yoga.

Yoganandaji mentioned once in one of his scriptures the period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 years before reaching nirbikalpa samadhi. any rule can be changed with the power of divine love. God makes miracles because love is the power to create miracles and God is love.

may all your spiritual wishes come true.

with love and divine bliss


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