Ahimsa = "non-violence" - is the first step before learning to love

Diabetes as a result of refusing to absorb available love.

Love is all that matters !!!

Ahimsa - non-violence is a very substantial part of Yama and Niyama, a preparatory step toward the beginning of true love.

Ahimsa means refraining from active aggression, from attack or war. Ahimsa means remaining peaceful even when attacked by others.

However - we have to be very careful - passive resistance such as demonstrations in public streets, blocking streets or slowing down traffic also is a form of violence as it disturbs public peace and flow of public interests and work or leisure activities. Hence there are peaceful demonstrations that clearly violate or restrict the absolute freedom of the public and hence such "peaceful" activities still consist a form of aggression and impact UPON OTHERS resulting in some kind of karma proportional to what has been caused.

Mahatma Ghandi is one such example of peaceful demonstrations - in public on public property. Such is incorrectly called ahimsa !

War always needs 2 parties or more - if 2 parties exist and one only is ready to conduct war, then the warrior party may "kill" their enemies - but war never can start. We all drop our bodies when we return to God, for a God oriented person it never matters how he loses or drops his body !

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Maria Meidman wrote:

Dear Hans,

I started reading about Yama and Niyama and, particularly, Ahimsa (non-violence). I fully agree with what is said, but allow me to ask something. You write that if you radiate unconditional love and speak the truth, you'll get the same in return, since these are the basic rules of the Universe,of Karma - you get what you give. Theoretically, it sounds absolutely correct, but in practice we see something very different happening. I know true stories of loving, disinterested people, sort of saints, who were hated and killed by their peers because they were so different, so strange. People's nature is very violent in general, and some people particularly hate "saints" because they feel they are inferior and that drives them crazy. There is no end of stories of such good, kind-hearted, loving and helping people, being harassed by their neighbors and even killed eventually. Haven't you ever heard this? There is another point I'd like to make. You write that harmony of all levels of consciousness in man makes a healthy, mighty person with harmonious physical, as well as astral, mental and other bodies. Again, what about Vivekananda who died of diabetes, and Ramakrishna who died of cancer of the throat (suffering of it all his last years). And those were True Saints! How many saints who suffered from all kinds of illnesses, were hated and banished by their people (including Jesus Christ, by the way). I would much appreciate your comment on the above.

Thank you.


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ahimsa - non-violence is the beginning of love.

True Saints are envied by many because of their freedom and might

beloved soul

a true saint is always interested in the life, well-being and uplifting of others on earth and beyond. whether someone is truly loving or just appears loving to the outside world can only be seen by God.

True saints are strong because they have dissolved all fear of death

of course many people on earth are against saints, because many people fear the happiness and freedom of such souls, because the source and reason of this freedom and happiness is beyond their own perception and consciousness, beyond their control, beyond any price they ever could pay, beyond any goal they ever could achieve by means of army, weapons, war, violence, power, might.

Saints have lost all attraction by money, titles, positions, ..

saints cannot be purchased or bribed as most others can. they thus appear dangerous. anyone can be somehow controlled, bribed or forced to behave in a certain way, except true God-realized saints who have completely lost their fear of death because the realized the illusion of death, they realized the continuity of life for eternity, far beyond the physical plane of creation. a person who has lost any fear including fear of death appears dangerous to mankind, to governments, to authorities and to mighty persons as they lost any possibility to control them or force them to behave in a certain way. hence to these people the only way to solve the problem appears to be the killing of saints. as it happened to Jesus. Jesus may be killed again if he would reincarnate in present times in western countries, as there is little or no place for divine love in our society. saints are serving God and obeying God's Divine rules, even when risking "death penalty" by any means. earthly authorities of any kind however strive to create followers of their own rules even if these relative laws are contradictory to divine rules and contradictory to the first and great commandment of love, given by God to all mankind.

There have been potential betrayers then
- and there still are - some the very same souls - betrayers now among us !

Jesus knew that he is going to split the people in two groups - the followers and the enemies. such experiences happen to many other saints as well. but a true, God-realized saint knows of the cause of such behavior, hence he can but love all those hating him, because he knows ALL the fears and spiritual ignorance of his "enemies" and loves them even more.

In illness occurring during absorption of karma from disciples or events like the cross - God is inside that body on behalf of his children.

When focusing on God and Love all the time then there is but love inside a person - even on the cross ..

a saint never can feel any pain, as pain is directly absorbed by God. a saint never can die, he only can leave his body and turn his physical body over to mankind on earth, leaving it to God, what may happen to the body. even God may enter directly the physical body of a saint while the body may be tortured. as it happened to Jesus when he got crucified. Jesus never suffered from being crucified as at that time God was living in his body and he himself was in union with God.

this may sound complicated to you but you may certainly fully understand the meaning of above.

Gurus absorb karma from their disciples
- and even if they absorb severe karma and illness - they always are free of pain

remember that nothing can happen to anyone without having such karma. however an illness of a true saint often serves to dissolve the karma of his disciples, friends, family and others. karma must be dissolved somehow. it can be done with the help and bliss from God, however a physical body is often needed to do it. even if a true saint gets a tumor or cancer, he never can suffer. suffering is only possible by people being separated in their mind and consciousness from God. suffering exist only in the mind of purely physically oriented mankind that identify themselves with their physical body. my gurudeva got for a few weeks a tumor then it healed quickly and he was healthy again. with his short illness he dissolved most of the karma of hundreds of his disciples, making it much easier to them to achieve Godunion. it is but divine love that caused him to dissolve the karma of others and many other saints are doing the same sometimes before leaving their physical body and returning to their divine home in God.

A sudden death like Mahatma Ghandi always is free of pain - so what ? We return to God anyway through the door of death !

being killed - like mahatma Ghandi - is nothing bad or painful for a saint. life begins after Godunion. the nearer "death" comes, the more joy, bliss and love flows through any saint. the more joy, bliss and love is felt, experienced and radiated by a saint. he knows that after "death" he will surely merge with his cosmic lover, hence he is fully absorbed in this idea. to be on earth is like being in a prison for mankind. losing a body is like being freed from prison.

The outcome and all major details of an incarnation is well known in advance and part of the deal to do what they wanted to do.

saints and spiritual teachers always know before reincarnating what they may expect on this planet, it is part of their free decision to serve God on this very planet and to help all those who accept help. while knowing at the same time that there might be many persons hating them for above reasons, still it is their decision to help all those - even if there are only a few ones- who can accept their teaching and follow their shown path to freedom in God.

Diabetes is the result of rejecting love or refusing to absorb available love from others including form God !!!

Diabetes means the person refused to open himself to accept and absorb love - to refuse to enjoy life and love - like some monks or nuns who sometimes totally fail to enjoy life, to have fun or laugh.

diabetes is suffered by those persons loving others but rejecting other peoples love toward self or disregarding their own well-being. this sometimes happens to saints. they fully spend all their life to love and serve all mankind and God while forgetting their own well-being. typically in Indian philosophy or in Christian tradition we encounter such behavior. loving all mankind is certainly important - but allowing all mankind to love yourself is as important as well, because everybody is a child of God, including yourself. any lack of loving care toward any single person including self is a violation of the first and great commandment and finally may result in a health disorder.

Ahimsa is possible and practicable - even nowadays and in all future - eternally !!!

ahimsa is possible and leads to the results as described in yama but of course it is absolutely necessary to practice ahimsa in ALL thoughts and emotions as well. their is no difference between physical violence and metaphysical violence except the fact that mental / emotional violence is infinitely more powerful, hence leads to more serious karma than physical violence. this karma may be suffered here in a physical body or later. it somehow and some when needs to be dissolved and the person / soul concerned needs to learn the appropriate lessons - to love ALL the time, anyone, everywhere !! it is but God who can see it all, inside your physical body as well as inside your mind and emotion. most people on earth forget about mental / emotional ahimsa. and it is a good idea to focus more on this point as well. as continuous loving ideas and emotions are the safest source of continuous loving action toward all.

Diabetes as a result of refusing to absorb available love.

with love and divine bliss


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