OM sound

Riccardo and Thessa from USA wrote:

Dear Hans,

about the OOOOMMMM sound, am I correct if I meditate on a continuous sound , like a propeller ; ^D bomber of the II W.W. ? It feel just good to me!

How to use OM sound in meditation.

OM sound in meditation

Yes its sounds like a bomber in WW II :-)

In the chapter about meditation techniques you may find some additional information. once you hear the OM sound, obviously it is more powerful to concentrate on OM sound

rather than think about it. the more you open yourself for this OM sound the more you allow God to free yourself. it might be your goal to continuously hear this sound even outside meditation time.

let this sound expand throughout your entire aura into very cell of your light body and physical body. dissolve in divine love all possible karma and blockings.

love and bliss


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