Some question on fasting

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God is Love
at 11/28/2007, 22:34:41

Dear Hans
I am reading your spiritual paper "On your wings of love", and I have a few questions I think I should ask you. Your answer will be for my benefit and others' as well I hope. Therefore, here are they:

First, what is the spiritual meaning of hymen of women? Why did God create that? Is there an equivalent in men?

Second, in the article "Fasting on your spiritual path to God", I read that in the process of digestive (2-3 hours after eating), we shouldn't drink any water, so does that include kinds of food that contain a high amount of water like soup (water morning-glory soup) and gruel? Are they good for our health? Should we "eat" or not eat them at all in our meal?

And is eggs consider vegetarian food?

And third, in the article "Growing into freedom", in this paragraph, I have a few question: "Parents consist of a woman and a man and neither of the two ever can say they were forced to have sex, because they always had the opportunity to leave their partner anytime before they had sex for the first time". So what about women that are raped by men, do they have choice? I know that there are karma between the victim and the rapist, but are there always? In the complicated web of karma, I think that there must be someone who causes karma to another first, just because he have the freedom to do so and not by any previous karma link between them. Would you tell me if my thinking is correct? If it is not, please correct me!

With love and curious.
Humble soul

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