Effects of Kriyayoga... Enjoying Pregnancy

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at 10/25/2007, 14:56:14

Effects of Kriyayoga... Enjoying Pregnancy

Its now 5+ months for me. We are enjoying pregnancy days. My work is as usual. Our love life has become more loving. Sometimes I get lower back pain but as soon as my husband touches with his loving hands all the pain will be dissolved.
When we do Kriyayoga, I feel very good in doing Mahamudra and specially Nabhi Kriya. I do not know why do I feel so... Yesterday my back pain was more. Afternoon only my husband did massage and I slept for some time. Then also I was not comfortable. By evening we sat for Kriyayoga, I had some pain... While I was doing GOD Yoga, I felt very light I started getting tears. When I say GOD IS LOVE my whole body shivers. I continued... I could comfortably do Mahamudra and Nabhi Kriya. KriyaPranayama was sooo good that something was happening in me for every OM. Something was flowing inside me while I said OM at each chakra. Some light at Kutastha. It was a beautiful experience for me yesterday.
After I finished, I had no pain. I could easily and comfortably do all the work. Then we went for a walk. Today I am very fresh as if every thing is new to me. My inner happiness is more. Day by day our love towards each other is increasing. We feel our baby is also happy.


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