Google Site Maps for Beginners

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at 08/11/2007, 22:43:47


everybody, I have a few questions about google site maps...

  • Who needs a google site map? If you have a small website, less than 10-15 pages, is a google site map still necessary?
  • What program did you use to access your web server to run the python generator script (with a host such as What about, openssh? The website seems to have been written for programing experts only. It doesn't seem to be very friendly for beginners.
  • How do I create a command line connection to my websever to run the generator script? Is this anything to do with my FTP access? Currently I am using GFTP. Should I run the script using SFTP? If so how do I log in, what commands do I use?
  • What's your preferred style and method of using/dealing with google site maps?


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