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at 07/09/2007, 10:20:06

Dear Hans and my cyberspace ashram friends,

It has been some 'time' since I have been in contact on the site. I have had a marvelous year of learning and love. Traveling, working and learning in all different parts of my beautiful country Australia.

I come here today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that I learned/remembered from this site. It truly inspired me to continue on my path of love.

Kriya Yoga has turned out not to be the chosen path of my heart this life however as is known all paths will eventually lead to the truth.

I am now an angel in waking and I have a lot of gratitude and thanks to give to this site.

May everyone know the love, truth and God in their being.

Before I 'go' I would like to share in love the affirmations created through my heart that I repeat at least once each day as I grow.

I am happily creating this moment and the rest of the week in confidence, fun, love and joy!
I am aware of my thoughts and words and use them, or if need be change them, appropriately!
I am full of energy, life and love!
I am sharing this energy life and love with all I come in contact with!
I command to succeed and be truth, because I am love and I choose to live by it!
I command to be around special people to share and grow in love with, because I know we are all one!
I am love! I am truth! I am God!!
Good bye fear, doubt, guilt and judgment!!
All will be love each step from this moment on!
I am being!!
I am dropping past thoughts that don't serve my new reality!
I am!

In lots of love and peace

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love