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at 07/07/2007, 19:18:25

Dear Hans,

I've been looking at how beautiful your website is, and it has given me inspiration. I like the way you use different colors for the text. The content wouldn't have the same spiritual meaning if the writing were in black and white. Every color you use has a specific spiritual meaning and represents different aspects of love.

Also I like the hearts, especially the ones that repeat on the left hand side. I've written two beautiful pages for my website and I would also like to have hearts on these pages.

My question is, can I use your 2hearts.gif on a few of my pages? Are your hearts open source, or is the use of your hearts strictly prohibited?

The reason why I want to use them is that is sets the love standards of my website. It demonstrates love towards those that I write for. It also helps remind me that it's all about love. It also makes it easier for me to allow love to flow through me whilst I'm writing pages.

So please say Yes:)



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God is Love Love is always Open Source and Open Source always is proof of love - hearts as a symbol of love also should remain Open Source hans51 0 2007-07-07

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