Moving to Hawaii and I want to visit you in the Philippines

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God is Love
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Dear Hans,
I have accepted an apprenticeship on an organic farm in Hawaii. A yoga centered family owns the farm and there are 10 or so employees. The apprenticeship is a 3 week trial period with no pay (but free housing and food) then 3 month apprenticeship with stipend and possible employment afterward (with somewhere around half my current pay). A wide variety of crops are grown, some in beds and some in orchards. Even after a lot of experience I will be making far less money than I make now and Hawaii is a much more expensive place to live, but the work is far more in harmony with nature than my current work with treated lumber and creosote pilings creating an entirely toxic product and creating pollution in the ocean and sometimes air (and also my body).
I plan to leave here (Alaska) sometime the end of this month- (I have a friend coming to visit, otherwise I would have left a bit earlier) and then travel to visit you and from there go to Hawaii. So I have a few questions: Should I come for a visit at this time? When would be a good day to arrive? how long would be good to stay?
I feel this move is where my heart is leading me, but I have slipped into a lot of darkness the past couple of days after deciding to leave- fear about giving up lots of income and a feeling of guilt that I may be letting the people here down, as they will have to replace me with a new person.
I am forever grateful to you for what you do for me and all others and I am strongly desiring physical association with you again.
I love you

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God is Love Giving up money in young years also may mean giving up future opportunities that cost money - hence giving up a free future hans51 0 2007-06-04

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