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at 05/14/2007, 15:10:35

Yesterday we had been to few places. Uncle and aunty were calling us to spend some time with them. It was really a very good time with all of them. Enjoying with them by playing, singing, eating and more loving by hugging and bowing to them. Usually many here give gifts to their guests. Yesterday when they gifted us I felt why to take and once I said that I will take only fruits which was with the gift. But right next moment I felt, that is the way they love us and accepted it.

While we were sitting and talking, I felt one person was not interested in talking to us but still was present there. I felt for a second why is this man so egoistic...
For a moment my whole body shivered... I felt I do not love that person. I am expecting him to be the way I want. That was actually my ego which was expecting. I started loving him the way he is. I felt so light hearted. Then it was very good when he was sitting with us while we were playing.

Loving all the way they are is very loving. Loving with out any expectation is further Loving.


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God is Love Accepting gifts means accepting love - rejecting gifts means rejecting love hans51 0 2007-05-15

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