Tremendous Vibration

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at 05/08/2007, 03:03:04

Today, I was very happy from morning. Some kind of happiness which was not usual. In the evening myself and my husband sat for Kriyayoga. As I went on, I had some vibration while I was doing Nabhi Kriya. It flowed throughout my body. I continued further. While I was doing Kriyapranayama, the vibration was tremendous. I could not sit, I rested my body on the floor and continued. The viration was further more all through my body up to the finger tips of my legs. Tears started flowing, and it was too much. I could feel some light flowing through my body. After some time my husband made me to rest on his laps. He was making me comfortable. Feeling was fantastic. Few minutes later, my whole body was very light, calm. Tears then stopped. GOD's LOVE is very beautiful. The feeling of GOD's LOVE is Wonderful.




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God is Love May your shared experiences of love inspire others to do more loving and above all more Kriya Yoga hans51 0 2007-05-08

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