Advice on healing required for a drug addict

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at 04/03/2007, 19:04:52

Dear our divine father,
Our lives have improved (still deepening on every passing day) by leaps and bounds after we made our first love. We moved to a totally different area near my working office. It is just 5-10 minutes drive by motorbike from my home to workplace. The on-going honey moon and sharing of love is creating and healing our hearts, body and mind.

This has also brought new challenges in our lives like the situation described in the below paragraph. May be God wants us to be healing
to all in our neighbourhood and we would be very happy to do that.

My brother's name is Pradeepa, 21 years youngs, very very weak physically, stubborn, aggressive, repetedly failed in all the exams - who is currently undergoing as a student in Industrial training.

Yesterday, I came to know about the current tormoil Pradeepa is undergoing. As far as I can make out he is addicted to smoking. Yesterday he was beaten up by a person in his local place. And according to that person, Pradeepa is talking with a "stuffer" - the one who uses/sells opium (narcotic drug, i'm really not sure). And also that person had complained to the parents that Pradeepa is a drug addict. As soon as I came to know about these, I asked him to leave that place immediately with few clothes and books needed to study for the exams and came to our place. I picked him up from the bus stand in the night at 12:30 and came to my home. I felt like a father and lovingly, asked him what happened. He gave his own version and he is telling me that he has never taken any drugs. I do not know the absolutely truth. But I can feel, he is struggling physically, emotionally. He doesn't have any appetite. I requested him to be away from the bad company and live with us for few days till he feels ok and becomes healthy again. My wife is also ready to take care like a mother till he becomes normal. She offered him today morning to do God yoga with her - He declined. Yesterday, both of us did GOD yoga asking our divine heavenly father to help us out to help him. We were full of tears and didn't know what to do. Today also after my lunch, great pain filled our heart by feeling his situation and didn't know what to do
next. I know very well that he is currently very weak and his bad habits are pulling him towards the dead-end road. He wants to escape and go back to his place. If we listen to him and leave him back to his native place then he probaly would suffer later.
So,we want him to stay with us for few days till he reasonably recovers and gains his health and confidence. Today I was searching in the net what help is required for a drug addict and how to bring him back to normal health and well being but didn't find any help which can be applied immediately. Any suggestions and help on this topic would be very very useful.

With love,

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