Meeting Grand Parents and Needy

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at 03/13/2007, 23:37:18

Meeting Grand Parents and Needy.

Today I felt like meeting some people. It was afternoon I went out for some work. I walked around the way but I could not meet any one. I came home back. I could not sit at home. I went out once again and I could find an old age ashram. As soon as I entered, a very old grand mother was sitting at the entrance. She was talking to few school girls who were passing by. I hugged her and kissed her. She also kissed me. There were around 25 grand parents and almost all were more than 60 years. I sat next to them, talked to them, bowed to them. That was a tremendous moment. My eyes were filled with tears. One grandmother felt me as her relative. She said why you did not come from so many days.. I could not control myself. My whole body shivered for few seconds. She cried when I hugged her. One grand father was crawling. He had a very cute smile in him when I touched his face. I prepared tea for all of them and served them. I sat with them and had tea. They were very happy.

While I was walking home back, I saw a lady sitting under a tree and was eating something. When I went near her she did not see me. I gave her some money. She was crying. I was praying GOD and just looked at her eyes for some time. Once again my eyes were filled with tears. I felt that she was a real needy


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