Happiest Moment

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at 02/23/2007, 17:13:22

We got up yesterday morning and my husband was about to leave to his office. We thought of going out in the evening and meet some people. When ever we go out, we usually take some fruits and give. This time my husband asked me so lovingly that if I can prepare some food at home. I was very happy and said YES to him. He came home in the evening. I had cooked some food with LOVE and happiness. We made some packets of it. We went out and met few people. We gave food packet to them. It was such a loving experience with the physical touch of a grandmother. That was the happiest moment for us. Preparing something on our own and giving that with love to some one whom we may never meet once again in our life was a wonderful experience for us. Both of us were silent for some time and our eyes were filled.



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