I want to seek a change of job to organic agriculture and location to a warmer place

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God is Love
at 01/12/2007, 11:50:26

Dear Gurudeva,
I have lately been seized with a desire to seek an apprenticeship on an organic farm. Pay is generally very low(usually room and board and a small stipend) but very much to learn, and horticulture often occupies my thoughts, anyway. Top in my mind are many opportunities in Hawai'i, then an organic date farm in the desert in California (150 miles from L.A.), then an organic vegetable farm in Virginia.
I wish to make this change ASAP, very shortly after my current horsesitting/ dogsitting/ housesitting duties are over (they end midmarch). I would love your blessing for this move, if it is wise, and any advice you may be willing to offer.

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