Increase in my Inner Happiness

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at 01/02/2007, 20:40:36

Increase in my Inner Happiness

It was on Saturday of last week, I had some different kind of feeling with in myself. It started from the time I got up from the bed. I was totally lost some where. I could not get what was happening with in me. I could not speak to any one I just kept my eyes closed when I was traveling in the bus which I usually do not do. I came to my office and did all the work which I was supposed to do. I was still in the same feeling. I started reading the diksha for kriyayoga. I do not know what happened to me. I started crying. I have cried so much that I had never cried till now. I further went on reading. I had a tremendous effect in me. My whole body got vibrated. I could not sit in my place. I walked whole library. Each step I stepped in I felt that I was gaining energy. My inner happiness started increasing. Then my whole day was very good.

The same feeling I had yesterday also when me and my husband sat together to do God yoga. Some feeling from my stomach. He consoled me. I cried a lot. The happiness within me is increasing each moment. My husband was very happy. Both of us did Godyoga together. We prayed God to make all husband and wife loving. Before I used to feel that I miss my husband when he not around me. But I never miss him now.


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