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God is Love
at 12/18/2006, 04:42:48

Dear master and dear family,
I wanted to share a happy experience from last night.
The story begins weeks ago, however, when I decided to come to Missouri to visit some family and friends before Christmas.
To be honest, the trip had been a particularly painful one for me, as I was struggling to relate to the people I've known so long while trying to acheive proper loving behavior. And then I found myself finally in the middle of a drunken party with many old friends. I drank nothing, of course, but did feel drunk by association. I was beginning to feel like maybe I had made a mistake in even taking this trip. And then, people started asking me about meditation. First an old friend from high school days. She said something like she thought she would like to know how to meditate, so I offered to teach her Godyoga. There on a couch amidst the shrieks of drunken friends playing drinking games we sat for five or ten minutes doing Godyoga. Afterward, she was happy for me to send her the link to this website and she said she saw lights and felt a rotating sensation. While I taught her the techniques I became very nervous with my heart pounding, but practicing it began to calm my heart. I kept my awareness at kutashta, and as soon as my heart was again feeling normal, another old friend from college told me he was interested in spirituality but didn't really care for organizations. He said he'd like to learn to meditate, so I offered to teach Godyoga and he gratefully accepted. He too was very pleased with his experience and very happy to receive a link to this website in eMail and also a copy of gurudeva's cd. After I tried to briefly explain what I'd read about samadhi to him, he said "I want to be one with God!"
Then, in a matter of minutes I saw another old friend from high school who had just arrived. I felt so drawn to her, I walked right up to her and gave her a big hug. I soon found out she was becoming very interested in yoga and worked at a vedic salon doing makeup and skincare. A coworker there had been teaching her much about yoga. I gave her a copy of autobiography of a yogi and taught her Godyoga and gave her gurudeva's CD and emailed the link to Godyoga. She seemed very happy when she left the party and we again shared another big hug.
I felt so good because I had just recently been wondering how I could share Godyoga and how I could serve guruji (as I just finished reading "the Path" by Swami Kriyananda, and he is so devoted to serving his beloved guru). I felt that maybe contact with me was in a way not so uplifting for these people, since I became nervous, but that in this way Hans could help them with the power of his love. And then I felt that the whole trip was worthwhile even for these couple of hours. And then came the feeling that also all the 'painful' experiences of the trip were so beneficial for me by showing me some of what still needs dissolved. I love you all and Merry Christmas!

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