We at old age ashram

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at 12/02/2006, 18:48:54

We at old age ashram

Few days back we had been to an Old age ashram. There were 43 grandfathers and grandmothers. Almost all of them were 60+ in their age. We went there with some fruits. We gave fruits to all of them and bowed to them and hugged them. Our tears were flowing. The fell of LOVE from every one of them was extremely good.

Few of them expressed their feelings in words. Few of them did not express anything in words but we could feel the LOVE. Many of them had tears in their eyes. One grandfather did not have his leg. One grandmother was simply sleeping who didn't have muscles. Few of them were suffering from some health problem. We prayed GOD for his LOVE to all of them.

One grandmother placed a coin in my hand and said do not say no, please accept this. I accepted her LOVE. One grandmother gave me kumkum. One of the oldest grandmothers was very happy when we hugged her. We could see and feel it in her eyes.

Many a times when I do GOD YOGA, few of them comes in front of me with smiling faces.


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